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You say Fallaci lies and "millions and millions" of Muslims did not march in support of Bin Laden throughout the Muslim world as she says. Maybe you are right. But didnít millions and millions of Muslims approve of him? Even those who with their lips condemned the 9/11 attack, found America guilty and deserving for what befell her? If Muslims are asked to decide who is worse, Bin Laden or Bush, who they will choose? Over 90% of them will say Bush is worse than Bin Laden. Don't you agree? 

Yes sure, thousands of young men and women held candle-lit vigil and prayed for the American dead, especially in Iran and in some other Islamic countries. But remember that these spontaneous outbursts of commiseration had nothing to do with Islam. These people were moved by their own humanity. Islam does not allow Muslims to pray for non-Muslims. Muhammad did not even pray for his own uncle Abu Talib, the man who raised him like his own son, because he refused to submit to his call on his deathbed. He walked out of the room muttering, "I wanted to pray for him but Allah forbade it". Oh Really? Is Allah also a psychopath? You canít credit Islam for the inherent goodness of nominal Muslims who through their ignorance of Islam still love all mankind and are capable of crying and praying for non-Muslims. The majority of Iranians are no longer Muslims. Those who are Muslims were just as jubilant for the death of the Americans in 9/11 as were the Palestinians and other Muslims all over the world. In fact those who held the candle-lit vigil were beaten by the Islamic thugs. Islam robs mankind from its humanity.  

You wrote that Fallaci is wrong in condemning Muslim immigration and pointed out that according to Italian government studies, unless there is a mass injection of immigrants into Italy, the Italian nation will simply disappear within the next four decades. This might be true not just in the case of Italy but for all the European countries. But is Muslim immigration the solution? The problem is that Muslims do not integrate in the fabric of the society. They build their world apart and disdain the culture of their hosts. Eventually, when their numbers reach a critical mass, they will subdue their hosts and establish an Islamic republic in their country. Tell me please in what ways the Europeans benefit from Muslim immigration? If they really have to disintegrate because of low birth rate, as you say, at least they will phase out in peace. On the other hand, if they let massive Muslim immigrants into their countries, they will be annihilated and destroyed violently by their guests in a civil war. They will be reduced into dhimmitude, a state of quasi slavery, in their own countries and will have to bow to their new masters just as we Iranians did 1400 years ago.  

You compared Muslim immigrants to the Italian immigrants who as you say: "At their destinations, those Italian immigrants met people like Fallaci who loathed the newcomers and saw them as a threat to civilization." 

Is that really a fair comparison? Were Italian immigrants obsessed with overthrowing the American government and establishing a barbaric seventh century doctrine of death, dictatorship and misogyny? I doubt this was the case. They were eager to integrate and realize their American dreams. This is not the case with Muslims. This could be true as far as the nominal Muslims are concerned, but what real Muslims want is not the American dream but Khilafat. They want to destroy America and its dream. They want to make America an Islamic country. Sadly the nominal Muslims, by calling themselves Muslims, unwittingly provide the real Muslims with support and approve of their plan. Once you call yourself a Muslim it goes without saying that you agree with its imperialistic plan. Therefore making any distinction between real Muslims and nominal Muslims is a mistake. All Muslims are dangerous to the Western values and Western society. What does nominal or moderate Muslim mean anyway? Does it mean that they are the followers Muhammad who do not follow him?  Does this make any sense?  

Muslims are not going to integrate. They are not going to adopt Western cultures and values. On the contrary, they want to destroy the democracies and establish their own barbaric way of life by force. If the Europeans think Muslim immigrants will one day work to pay for their pensions, they are in for a nasty surprise. Muslims can only receive but they will not give back. To give back is un-Islamic. It is not in their ethos. It is not in their character. The whole concept of dhimmitude is that non-Muslims become tributaries to Muslims and not the other way round. Today, a great number of Muslims in European countries are maintained by the government. Muslims see this as their right. It is the Jizyah that the non-Muslims are supposed to pay. They will never return the favor.

Perhaps the following hadith can make this point clear.  

'Umar bin Al-Khattab, said, "I advise you to fulfill Allah's Convention (made with the Dhimmis) as it is the convention of your Prophet and the source of the livelihood of your dependents (i.e. the taxes from the Dhimmis.) "  Bukhari 4, 53, 388       

Once Islam becomes dominant the whole system will fall apart. The Western countries will become unproductive and poor and there would be no money to support the social safety net anyway.  

Comparing Europe to Troy, Fallaci poses as Cassandra and cries, ďTroy will burn, Troy will burnĒ. The Europeans would ignore her warning at their own risk. I would add the caveat that Islamic immigration is the Trojan horse.  

Dear Mr. Taheri, let us tell these people the truth. Let us be honest to them. They and their civilization are in grave danger. You know that, I know that, Fallaci knows it too. Our country Iran was lost to Islam 1400 years ago. Here I have sought refuge. Here is my sanctuary. I will not let it fall to Islamic insanity. This is my last bastion. West is humanityís last hope. I will protect it. I will fight against lies and deceits. I will not let mankind succumb to this cult of terror. I will expose Islam. I urge you dear Mr. Taheri; please do not be part of the Islamic game deception. Do not dissimulate the truth. Do not lull people with false sense of security. The danger is looming. Muslims are incapable of rational thought. They are diseased with Islam. Those who follow Muhammad canít be trusted. They donít care about Mankind; they donít care about progress; they even donít care about their own lives. They donít care about anything. The only thing they care about is to make the cult of Muhammad dominant, whether by hooks or by crooks. Yes sure, they are victims, but dangerous nonetheless. Muslims will not learn our ways. They will not integrate in our world.  If we do nothing they will swallow ours. Mankind has no future, unless we stop the spread of Islam. This disease is carried by Muslims. We must either cure them or keep them in quarantine. They should not be given respite to spread their sickness around.


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