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You wrote that only a small percentage of Muslims support Bin Laden and stated: “The essence of Bin Ladenism is simple: I am right and everybody else is wrong. Those who are wrong must either submit to us or be murdered.”  

Is that Bin Ladensim or is that Muhammadanism? Isn’t this exactly what Kotham, a.k.a. Muhammad said? Didn’t Muhammad say everyone must submit to me or be murdered? Doesn’t the very word Islam mean submission?  

Dear Mr. Taheri, you know that there is no such thing as Bin Ladenism. Bin Laden is a Muslim. He does not have a school of thought of his own. Bin Laden is a follower of Muhammad. He is trailing HIS footsteps, doing what HE did and emulating HIS examples. Why not call a spade as spade? Like Bin Laden, all Muslims follow Muhammad, albeit not all of them with the same zealotry that he does, nonetheless they all share the same philosophy.  

Fallaci says there is a Muslim conspiracy to conquer Europe and destroy Western civilization. You deride her and claim that she is lying and exaggerating. Yes of course if Fallaci says there are 25 million Muslims in America she is grossly exaggerating. This looks more like a typo. The actual number is no more than 2.5 million. However, is she lying about the  plan of Islam to take over the world? This is what all the Islamists are saying. How can YOU, among all the people question that? You know Islam intends to dominate the world or don’t you?  

You say there is no conspiracy among the Muslims and rightly argue that Muslims do not even talk to each other. This is true. Perhaps “conspiracy” is not the right word; but conquering the world for Islam and making it dominant is the Master Plan of Islam drawn by Muhammad himself. Every person who submits to Islam, irrespective of his denomination, which sect or school of law he belongs, subscribes to this Master Plan and becomes a pawn working towards its realization. Exactly one year ago, in an article entitled “Islam and Democracy: The Impossible Union”, you yourself convincingly argued that Islam is not compatible with democracy. Doesn’t’ this imply that Islam does not believe in pluralism and does not tolerate other beliefs and opposing ideas? Doesn’t this mean that in case Muslims become the majority in any country they will immediately subdue the minority and establish their own dictatorial rule? Why should the Europeans not be concerned about the increase of the Muslim immigrants in their countries, then?  


You make Fallaci look as if she is a paranoid islamophobe when she says; Muslims will turn beautiful European and American cites into casbahs and that they have instructions to produce large numbers of children. You wonder how she can say this at a time when most Western nations are in demographic decline.  

The truth is that Muslims do convert beautiful European and American cities into casbahs. As a matter of fact some Muslim quarters in the heart of the European cities have become so dangerous that the locals, especially non-Muslim women, do not dare to go alone.  

Khaled Ahmad, a Pakistani journalist in 2001 gave a very bleak picture of Pakistanis in Britain, which by then had reached 700.000. He wrote: 

"The figure of 700,000 has grown from 5000 in 1951. Today, because of high birth-rate, fully 47 percent of them are under the age of 16, as compared to 17 percent for whites. They have the highest unemployment rate, five times more than the British average; and crime rate is higher among them than in any other community. Fully 2 percent of the prisoners rotting in British jails are Pakistanis, the highest for any one community."

Khaled Ahmad states, "Expatriate Muslims integrate less well with host societies than other expatriate communities." and affirms that studies indicate the higher level of integration achieved by the Indian community.

You condemn Fallaci for saying Muslims procreate like rats. Again this is not a secret. All you have to do is to count how many children the hijabi Muslimahs trail along when they stroll in the European cities. These little Muslims are often maintained through welfare. Their food is paid by non-Muslim taxpayers' money. But they are also fed with the hatred of non-Muslims and grow determined to subdue their hosts into dhimmitude. Is there an Islamic order to be polyfiloprogenitive and take over the world by outnumbering the non-Muslims? Sure there is. Here is the order:  

"A man came to the Prophet and said: I have found a woman of rank and beauty, but she does not give birth to children. Should I marry her? He said: No. He came again to him, but he prohibited him. He came to him third time, and he (the Prophet) said: Marry women who are loving and very prolific, for I shall outnumber the peoples by you." Abu Dawud 11.2045  

The advice to marry women who are loving, is irrelevant. Sterile women can also be loving. What Muhammad is saying is go and reproduce like rats and take over the world for me, make mention of me, worship me, love me, because my humongous ego craves insatiably for infinite narcissistic supplies.

Note that Muhammad is not saying go a teach my message to others like Jesus and Buddha said. He does not give a hoot about teaching. He knows no one would listen to his gobbledygook. He did not bring any teaching. His teaching consists in "believe in me". That is his teaching. All he cared was that people recognize him as a messenger of God, love him, respect him, obey him. All a narcissist cares for is to become God. All he wants is domination. He wants to conquer the world. For Muhammad monotheism was just an excuse. He was ready to compromise even on that, as is shown when he revealed the Satanic verses and then realized this would undermine his entire claim and retracted.  

You say there is no “Muslim world” as such. I agree; Muslims do not have a central authority that could decide for and represent all of them. The same can be said about Christians or other religions. However, all the Muslims follow one single script and that is the Quran. They all subscribe to that book, irrespective of how moderate or extremists they are. The Quran is the common ground for all the Muslims - the Sunna is another unifying point. Muslims don’t need a living authority to tell them what they should do. They all follow the Quran and there they find their inspiration and guidance. Islamic terrorism, does not derive from Bin Ladenism, it derives from Muhammadanism. It is inspired by the Quran. 

You accuse Fallaci for becoming a hardcore pro American after being a leftist anti American during her entire journalistic career. Well, shouldn’t she be praised for being able to learn new things and change her mind? Haven’t you changed our views ever? I know I have. I have changed my views drastically and I am not embarrassed to admit it. In fact I am proud of it. Supple minds change; it is the fossilized minds that are unable to change.  


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