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YOU are wrong Mr. Taheri.  

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By Ali Sina 

Dear Mr. Taheri,  

I am one of your fans, have quoted you often and admire your scholarship. Nonetheless I believe in your open letter to Ms. Oriana Fallaci, entitled “You are wrong, Ms Fallaci”, YOU are wrong Mr. Taheri.

You start your letter by asking “What are the two worst things that could happen to a civilization?” and say: “The first is to have an adversary stronger than itself. The second is to become like that adversary. Could this double whammy be happening to Western civilization?”  

Islamic world is in no way stronger than the Western civilization. It would be ludicrous even to compare the two together. Islamic word is not even a civilization - it is barbarity.  Nonetheless it does not mean that it is not a threat to the Western civilization. History proves that great civilizations succumbed to barbarians. Mongols were barbarians, yet they subdued great civilizations such as China, India, Persia and much of Europe. If you look at the history of Islam’s expansion you will see that Muslims conquered people and civilizations much bigger than themselves. Muhammad credited his deity for that. However, you and I know that the success of Islam is owed to Muhammad's cunningness and his dogged ruthlessness. He said, “War is a game of deception” and he used deception to subdue his victims.    

The prophet of Islam ambushed villages and towns with no warning. He perfected raiding unarmed people to an art. Even though they were much bigger, once caught off-guard, they were no match to the fully armed horse riding, scimitar wielding Mujahids.  

Muhammad used to sign treaties that would give false assurances to his opponents only to break them once he had garnered enough strength. He would make his victims believe they were not the target and once they were lulled into a false sense of security, he would fall on them and destroy their cities one by one. He would make alliances with non-Muslim tribes promising them a share of the booty to join his wars only to turn against them once he had gained enough strength. He would prepare his army telling then nothing about his target until they were already on march and then would haste to his destination before anyone could reach there to warn the victims. He would then raid the city, in the early morning when it was still dark, after people had come out for their jobs, were unarmed and most vulnerable. His riding men slaughtered the men taking the women and children as captives. Sahih Bukhari 1.8.367

Islam did not win because Muslims were stronger, but because Muhammad was more cunning, more single minded, and more violent than his opponents. Islam won because its opponents were tolerant and complacent of their superiority and because they did not take the threat of Islam seriously. This is why Mecca fell and why big tribes of Arabia and the empires of Persia and Byzantine fell. In this, there is a lesson for us. The western civilization is not immune to Islam. If the Westerners do not read the signs of danger soon enough, their civilization, like ours, will fall to Islam and their countries will be ruined the way our beloved country is ruined.  

As for the other “whammy” of becoming like our adversary, I am afraid, you are wrong again. Unless you don’t become like your adversary, you won’t be able to defeat him. If an assassin breaks into your house wielding a machete, trying to kill you, the only way you can subdue him is to pull out your gun and threaten to shoot him. Muslim warriors have launched a new wave of Jihad on Mankind and especially on the West. It would be foolish if we thought by appeasing them they will put down their arms and will join us to sing Kumbaya together. We must kill them before they kill us. Does this make us like our adversary? Who cares! We must defend ourselves, our loved ones and our countries even if it means killing those who want to kill us. This is no time for philosophy. We are talking about survival. People who understand only the language of force must be stopped by force.  


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