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8.  Was Muhammad really a midget in mental might or a Goliath for some of his sayings appear to be pearls of great price. For the sake of brevity I will refrain from quoting but I commend you to "The Sayings of Muhammad" collated originally by Allama Sir Abdullah Al-Mamun Al-Suhrawardy and now reissued by Citadel Press. What is your take on this?

Please quote those “pearls”. I read the Quran and hadith and all I found was dung. The believers love to fool themselves and validate their folly by making themselves believe that Muhammad’s words are pearls and rubies. They also attribute bogus miracles to him and even they find "numerical miracles" in that book of nonsense. Let us be specific. Show us some of those “pearls” and let us see if they stand the litmus test of logic and good taste.  

Then again, can you find a single person who has not said something good in his life? The point is not how many good things Muhammad plagiarized, the point is why should someone claiming to be a prophet say even one bad thing? And Muhammad said thousands of very evil things. 

9.  Granted as you say that the "holy" books contain myths, legend, fables, but in the genre of the day is that not how we sometimes impart truth even today by telling stories? In other words, can a myth not convey truth? 

Yes myths and legends can convey truth. The truths of the ancient so called holy books are fit for ancient people. Today we are far brighter than our ancestors. We have no use for their science, astrology, medicine, technology or any of their inventions. We do not decry them. They served as stepping stones for us to build our more advanced world. However, we have no more use for them. In the same way the “truth” and morality of the ancient men are of no use to us. Following that morality in this day and age is actually immoral. Just think the way they treated the women or the codes they had to regulate the relationship between slaves and masters. We can’t allow those things anymore. We are far more advanced than those ancient men. We can find our own truth and create our own morality.  

However, the morality taught in the Quran and hadith is shockingly immoral. It is abhorrent and disgusting. There is no “hidden truth” in that book. It is a book written by a psychopath. It only can produce zombies and terrorists. The result of following that book can be seen in all Islamic countries. The more people follow the Quran the more barbaric they become.  


10.  Why do you think that vast multitudes felt that the likes of Moses and Muhammad were prophets of God and those who were with Jesus (Isa) at that time, felt they were in the presence of God?

I already talked about Moses and the fact that he may actually have never existed. 

The vast majority of people did not believe in Jesus either. When he was alive he had no more than 12 disciples. After his death they fabricated so many lies about him and attributed so many miracles to him that now he looks like a superstar. The stories of Jesus gathering people and giving them celestial food or curing them from their sicknesses, or walking on water, etc. are invented by his followers and there is no reason to believe they are true. However, despite the fact that the Jesus we know and the Jesus that existed are not the same, the Jesus that we know is a good character. If you do not mind to believe in fantasies, Christianity is a good religion. If you can be a good Christian, you can become a good human being. Isn't this the purpose of religion? So why should I decry Christianity? 

But the case of Muhammad is different. Muhammad was a cult leader much like Jim Jones. He lied and manipulated his followers. To understand this dynamism I let you read a chapter of my book where I compare Muhammad to Jim Jones. You’ll be shocked. This analogy will give you insight into Muhammad and will respond the question "why his followers were so devoted to him?", handsomely.


11.  Lastly, what makes you think that at a stroke you can break the back of Islam, a religion with some 1.8 billion believers and growing fast, when it has functioned successfully, at least numerically, for centuries? 

I am planning to write an article on this shortly. But briefly I tell you these.

a)      The number of Muslims is 1.2 billion not 1.8 billions.

b)      Islam is not the fastest growing religion. Muslims are increasing through procreation but this is the characteristic of all poor and uneducated people. Sine 9/11 more people have left Islam than joined it.  

c)      The thinking Muslims, the intellectuals and the brainy ones are leaving Islam. (At least half of Iranians do no more call themselves Muslims) Those who convert to Islam are often weak mined youth, psychologically imbalanced wanderers searching for direction or women desperate to marry a Muslim man. Many of them also leave Islam after flirting with it for a short time. Their conversion is often trumpeted but their apostasy is never announced. 

d)      Thanks to the Internet the truth about Islam is becoming rapidly known and the people of the world are starting to despise it.

e)      Islamic terrorism is keeping people interested in Islam and they want to know why. This helps unmask Islam faster.

f)        Aversion against Islam and Muslims is on the rise in an alarming pace.

g)      Islam is based on hypes and not logic. When the rest of the Muslims realize that the thinking Muslims have left Islam and are opposing it; they lose their pomposity, will be disheartened and their hype will end in a blast. This will lead into the collapse of Islam much like the collapse of communism.

The process of deislamization is gradual but it is gaining momentum. The good part is that almost all those who leave Islam, become part of the army of light and will go back to awaking their sleepy co-religionists. 

Islam cannot be defeated by non-Muslims because they do not have the love and compassion that we have for our own benighted people. I often notice non-Muslims are aggressive and somewhat offensive in their tone when they discuss Islam with Muslims. The ex-Muslims are invariably firm but not aggressive or insulting. The non-Muslims can be of great assistance to us by promoting our cause and supporting us but they should really stay on the side and not get involved or if they want to get involved they must put aside their acrimony. The ex-Muslims understand the Muslims better.  

You ask how 1.2 billion Muslims can be weaned from their religion in such a short time? My answer is: Exponential Growth. If each one of us helps one person in one year, starting with only one person, in two years we will be 4, in three years we will be 8, then 16, 32, 64, and so on. In about thirty years the entire Muslim world will be conquered. Just do the math. This is not a theory. This is already happening. and we are already millions. I hope you too will join us soon. Remember that when only 1/16th of the Muslims are conquered, it takes only four more years to conquer the rest.  

I hope this will answer all your questions. Frankly we have no other option but to dismantle this edifice of lies. Unlike Christianity, Islam is a lie that is not benefiting anyone. It is harmful and it hurts all of us.  

My argument is very clear. Islam is either true or it is not. If it is true, prove it to me and I will give you $50,000 dollars to thank you for saving my soul and leading me to the right path. But if no one can disprove my charges against Muhammad or give a single objective and unbeatable proof that Islam is indeed a message of God, then please leave Islam. The Quran tells the Muslims to kill the kafirs. Well, I am a kafir and I want to know why? If this is really what God says then who am I to argue with God? But if Muhammad was just a liar cult leader, why should I let Muslims carry their design and kill me for a lie that they want to believe? Why shouldn’t I defend myself and kill them first? But before we are forced to kill them, I would like to reason with them and make them see they are wrong. If they listen and if they put down their sword (bombs) them we will embrace each other and with the rest of the people of the world we rebuild our human family. But if they are not willing to listen, if they are not even willing to discuss or care to prove this wicked belief is from God. If all they can say is that Islam is from God and you are blind for not seeing it and we will kill you, then we have no other option but to smash them and destroy them before they blow up this world.  

This is not fear mongering my friend. As we speak, there are Muslims who are at work trying to get hold of atomic bombs and use them in the cities in the West. They are planning to kill millions of us. If you and I do not stop them they will eventually succeed. But we can stop that madness if we rob them from their legitimacy. That is why it’s so urgent that you join us and work with us to eradicate Islam. This is not a matter of belief. I do not care about people’s beliefs. This is the matter of life and death. I do care about people’s lives.  

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