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By Ali Sina  

Dear Dr. Ali,  

Forgive me sir, for sending this post directly to you. I realize that you are extremely busy and may not have time to respond. However, I was shocked and mortified to read the seeming derogatory statements of Muhammad being a psychopath criminal even worse than Adolf Hitler. I wanted to take you on, to prove you wrong, so I checked almost all your statements to see what chinks in your Armour could be found and drew a blank. My search did however, reveal many questions which with some research I manage in the main  to answer but a few remain a puzzle. I would be grateful if you could shed some light on the matter and help resolve these issues. They are:

1.  Why do you think a man of such stature like Mahatma Ghandi, a Hindu, would give such glowing praise to what Muhammad said? Here is what Ghandi said:

"I have read....the sayings of the Prophet with much interest and profit. They are among the treasures of Mankind, not merely Muslims....A reverent study of the sayings of the different teachers of mankind is a step in the direction of mutual respect."



Dear Mubarak

Gandhi was indeed a great man. But he was just a human and humans err. Gandhi was not a scholar on Islam. His knowledge of Islam was superficial. Of course he did not agree with everything Muhammad said or he would have converted to Islam.  

Furthermore Gandhi was a pragmatic politician. He was keenly aware that if he spoke directly against Muhammad his words would have incited violence and caused millions of death. I assure you that if I were in his place or a leader of any country I would hesitate talking publicly and openly against Muhammad. I think this should happen but gradually. At the time of Gandhi when Jinnah was trying to break up the country on the lines of religious differences, Gandhi would have played into this manís hands if he had disparaged Muhammad. He tried to foster unity by appeasing the Muslims. Many criticize him for that but I donít. So the answer is a) He did not know Islam properly and b) He did what was right under the circumstances.


2.  In what Christians call the "Old Testament", Moses considered by many Jews to be the greatest among the prophets, dishes out death to anyone who cursed parents or commits adultery. Even homosexual acts were punishable by death. Men, women and children captured in war, we are told , Moses gave strict orders to: "Slay every male child and every woman who has had sex with a man. But you may spare and keep for yourselves all the girls who had no sex with a man." David was also a bloody man and it is evident that he slaughtered "tens of thousands." Yet in the book of acts in the New Testament, we find God saying that David was a "man after my own heart." There are others too like Samson who killed many people, yet despite all the gruesome acts, none of them was disqualified from being a prophet of God.

My question therefore is if Moses and other prophets performed such heinous acts and were still considered prophets of God, why do you consider Muhammad to be different from them and not called to be a prophet of God?


Moses is a mythical personage. Someone called Moses must have existed. He must have been a charismatic leader like Yaser Arafat. In his twisted way he tried to secure a country for his people but like Arafat he chose the method of violence and destruction. We really do not know much about Moses. He was not that important to the Jews at first. By the time the Pentateuch was written (these five books are wrongly attributed to Moses) no one knew even where he was buried (Deut. 34:5). If he was an important person would his followers lose his place of burial? The Bible was written around 700 BC during the time of Ezra and Jeremiah. It is the work of four rabbis. The Biblical personages are mythical and their stories are apocryphal. It really makes no sense for us to attack mythical beings and accuse them of wrongdoing. Furthermore Jews are not terrorizing the world today so even if some of them continue believing in those myths and fairytales it does not affect us. We are not in any danger of Judaism. This is not the case with Islam which is imperialistic and expansionistic and is truly the greatest threat to the peace of the world. Judaism is now reduced to a personal religion while Islam is a tool of domination.  

You ask why I do not give the same consideration to Muhammad as I give to David and Moses who also killed innocent people and are still called prophets. Well, I do not call Moses and David prophets. I do not believe God sends prophets. The whole concept is ludicrous. If God wanted to talk to us humans he would have talked to us directly not through dubious intermediaries with no credentials but their own words whose characters and intentions are questionable. A real God would have known this system does not work and it causes nothing but confusion and disunity. Everyone, including religious people admit that the system has failed. Everyone, including the religious people agree that more people are lost than saved. They of course blame it all on Man. But God should have known the weakness of Man and should have sent his guidance differently. If there is lots of accidents in a segment of a road, you can't blame it all on bad drivers. The road must be faulty too. 

Perhaps you want to know why I do not pick on Moses and David and have singled out Muhammad. I already gave the answer. The old biblical prophets are more myths than real and their stories of conquests and crimes could very well be hot air and bravado by a vanquished and oppressed people in exile ( Babylon ) to bolster their sense of pride. This is the typical bombastic talk of the bested. Listen to us Iranians and see how we brag about our past glory and power. This is because we are crushed and humiliated. We need to cling to those old tales of glory to feel good. It makes the pain of our humiliation more bearable. It is very much likely that these events described in the Bible had never happened but were invented centuries later to show the Jews in captivity that once upon a time they had God on their side and they could destroy city after city and be victorious all the time. The underlying message was that we are in captivity because we have sinned; if we rally around our own God Yahweh, we will certainly be able to regain our freedom and rebuild our country. Hence Jerusalem and Zionism became the main theme of the religion of these Israelites in exile.Of course the priests wanted all the power to themselves. They were the only ones who could perform sacrifices and keep the best cut of the animal. When you read Leviticus you can't help but to notice that Judaism was invented by a bunch of rabbis who wanted to dominate people.   

Each religion is different and has emerged out of a different context. Judaism is not a religion brought by Moses. Moses could have laid the claim of being sent by a god to gain credibility but what you see in the Bible has nothing to do with this semi mythical personage. For example monotheism was not the message of Moses at all. In many places of the Old Testament we see references made to other gods and statements such as the god of the Jews is a "jealous god". Why be jealous if there are no other gods but you? Would you be jealous if there were no competitors? If the god of the Jews is constantly reminding his followers that he is a jealous god, it is because he is afraid of losing his adepts to other gods. In Psalms 82 you see this god of the Jews assembling other gods and rebuking them for their lousy work.  So really Judaism is all fable. Actually God had nothing to do with those verses. It were the rabbis who were jealous and wanted to keep their control over the gullible believers so they invented this jealous god.

But Muhammad was a real person and his crimes against innocent people really did happen. There are some scholars such as Crone and Cook who have come with the theory that Muhammad is fabricated. This theory is ludicrous and I donít know why it has gained currency at all. Yes much of the traditions reported about Muhammad are apocryphal but it is not difficult to separate the forged stories from the true ones and get a fairly good image of Muhammad through these hadiths. The picture emerging is disturbing. We see the profile of a psychopath and not of a holy man. This monster is now worshiped by a billion people and his examples are followed religiously. Not only the lives of these billion plus benighted followers of this man are filled with misery, they are also endangering the peace of the world. This is madnessótotal insanity. We canít let these befogged followers of a psychopath blow up the world. These wretched people have given up rational thoughts altogether and have been reduced into zombies. They are dangers to themselves and to the world. This is the biggest threat facing mankind. We have to stop this insanity. We must save the victims of Islam or save ourselves from them. Islam today is more dangerous that Nazism was 70 years ago. We have to stop it. If logic and good words donít have any effect on them, then force must be employed. The more we tolerate Islam the more the possibility of an Armageddon becomes real. 

All the good people of the world must join force and must eradicate Islam. But the major share of this burden is on the shoulders of those Muslims who are still capable of rational thought, in other words the apostates. Therefore I invite you to leave Islam and help us save these poor people before it is too late.


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