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6. Could the Middle East conflict escalate into another World War? Bin Laden is drawing Muslims from every social strata. We are making Muslims angry. We are not making any progress. We cannot even "eradicate Islam" as you wish because we have lost all credibility in the eyes of Muslims. Scheuer believes that we must begin to take some brutal initiatives such as levling cities, destroying countrysides, using landmines, and mass killings before giving in to some of their demands (withdraw support for Israel). 

Yes, of course! The Third World War has already started. It may last for a decade or two and then will end with a bang. Yes nuclear bombs will be used and million and perhaps billions will be killed. Muslims will be wiped out but others will not escape unscathed.

This doom does not have to happen. The other alternative is that we attack Islam frontally. Many Muslims will come our way if we force them to see the truth. We are doing very little in that respect and hence the Armageddon scenario is becoming more likely.      

Stop saying “We are making Muslims angry”. This war has nothing to do with what WE do. This war started 1400 years ago. If we do not fight it, if we compromise, our inaction will be interpreted as weakness. At this moment we have no other option but to escalate our offensive. We are fighting this war only militarily. That is not enough, we have to fight it also psychologically and ideologically and declare war on Islam. 

Muslims are leaving Islam in big numbers. FFI and other anti Islam sites have been a great help to them. Each one of them is now helping others to do the same. We are winning. But we are running against time. Will we be able to salvage the bulk of the Muslims before the catastrophe strike, or is it already too late? I can't answer that.    

To say we lost credibility in the eyes of the Muslims is absurd. What are you talking about? Are you talking about the Abu Ghraib incident? Muslims do worse than that to each other constantly. Saddam was far more ruthless to his prisoners. Muslims knew that but he was a to hero many of them. All of them opposed his removal. 

This is a game that they play. They hold us to our elevated standards yet they do not have any standards. So it is okay if they commit all barbarities, bomb, behead and even massacre the children but if a few American soldiers humiliate a bunch of Muslim terrorists they cry out with indignation. 

Muhammad tortured his prisoners of war for trivial things like forcing them to reveal where they had hidden their treasures. Why these Muslims follow that man and claim he was "God's most perfect creation"? It is clear that torture does not bother them. They do it themselves all the time. The Iranian parliament rejected a law banning torture. Torture is part of the Sharia. It is the Sunna of Muhammad. 

All that hubbub that Muslims make are excuses. Muslims do not give two hoots about tortures. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were tortured and killed by Saddam for no reason other than they belonged to the wrong ethnic group. Thousands of Iranians are rotting in jails, are hanged and stoned for no reason. Where is the Muslim outcry? Muslims agree with torture. Muhammad did it to his prisoners and they do it to theirs, But since you and I think torture is wrong they hold us against our own standard.    

The only way you lose credibility in the eyes of the Muslims is if you compromise and show weakness. Muslims speak and understand only one language and that is violence. If you want their respect, speak to them in their own language. Never show weakness, never offer truce. Never try to "reach out" (as Sen. Kerry used to say).  Deal with them the way they deal with the non-Muslims. Follow the examples set by Muhammad. If you want their respect, that is the way to get it. How do you get the respect of a wild animal? Not with dialogue but with fear. The same applies here. 

Why do you think Muslims behead people? It's because in their mind respect comes out of fear. They want you to respect them and their faith through fear. You have to understand the Muslim mind if you want to win this war. If you want them to respect you, make them fear you.    

Why the West is losing? It is because you want to fight this war according to your own rules. But the Muslims fight it with no rules. In Islam the only rule is to win and the end justifies the means. Muhammad said, war is a game of deception. No rules are respected. Muhammad set the example and broke all rules. He reneged his treaties. He invaded caravans during the sacred months when fighting was taboo. He eliminated his critics by assassinating them. He raided villages without warning. He raped captured married women. He mutilated the corpses of his enemies "to delight the hearts of the believers". He beheaded his opponents to strike fear. You can't expect Muslims to observe rules that their prophet did not observe. They follow the sunnah of Muhammad. They have no use for your values and standards.    

You'll lose credibility in the eyes of the Muslims if you show weakness and offer the olive branch. But there is another thing that makes us lose credibility. It is this stupid schism among the non-Muslims. The Left is against the Right, Hindus are against Christians, secularists are against religionists. This is insane. This schism is our downfall.  

We’ll lose if we continue with this senseless infighting and criticism of each other. We have to be united. In the eyes of the Muslims we are all part of one group. We are kafirs. Muslims make no distinction between Christians, Jews or Hindus. Atheists or believers are all the same. They kill us all alike. Then why should we make that distinction among each other and not fight side by side?  Today the war is between mankind against Islam. I have explained how Islam took advantage of others' lack of unity and became the menace that it is today. Read my article please. 

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