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4. Do you really believe George Bush could solve the problem of terrorism? Scheuer says that the invasion of Iraq is the "Christmas present he had hoped for but never expected to get." Bush appears to be running our economy into the ground and making no progress.

No I do not think Bush can solve the problem of terrorism only by combating it militarily. He/we have to wage this war on ideological ground as well. That is what we are doing. Islamic Terrorism is supported by the masses of the Muslims, if the masses stop believing in Islam, terrorism will lose its legitimacy and momentum and will end.

I agree that the American economy is running to the ground. I said this three year ago. This war is going to break the back of America . But let not the Europeans rejoice, for their turn is coming soon. America must fight this war. She is placed between a rock and a hard place. She has no option but to wage this war. However, be forewarned that this war cannot be won by fighting it militarily alone. It will only delay the defeat . There is only one way out and that is to fight Islam. Americans and the Europeans must start attacking Islam and reject it in toto. They must fight the political correctness and call a spade a spade. Shortsighted Europeans must stop trading with rogue nations and join Bush and push for democracy in these countries. That is the only way to win this war. But the Europeans are far more comfortable to trade with dictators than compete in democracies. 

This is Jihad and our enemy is among us. You canít fight an enemy that you donít see. So you either unleash hundreds of atomic bombs and kill a billion Muslims all over the world or you destroy their faith. If you donít do either, you will be destroyed. This is the bitter reality. I know you donít like to hear it but there is no other way out. So if killing a billion people is not to your liking and if you are not very happy to die or surrender, then start fighting Islam. 


5. What is your take on Bin Laden? Do you believe that Bin Laden is just a religion-motivated mass murderer or as, Scheuer puts it, a nobleman fighting for distressed Muslims against that all-powerful infidel.

Bin Laden is just a Muslim. Islam is a political tool. Muhammad invented this tool for his own ambitions and since then this tool has been used successfully by all sorts of power hungry psychopaths. Osama is a man with low self-esteem, who has found a perfect way to be somebody. Islam provided him the means to achieve his goal and become immortal. Power and fame are the most intoxicating elixirs for those who have never had self-esteem.  

Who the hell is Scheuer? He canít be more wrong. Bin Laden is not a noble man fighting for the distressed Muslims. He is an evil monster fighting for the same reason Muhammad, Hitler, Genghis Kahn, Stalin or Saddam fought. These men suffered from narcissistic personality disorder NPD. They lusted for power, recognition and respect. Bin Laden has no other cause than his own grandiosity. He hides his craving for power behind his meek demeanor. Power and recognition is such a potent elixir the narcissist rather die than back off. Hitler escalated his attacks when his health deteriorated and he knew he had only few years left. Muhammad was in his deathbed but still was urging people to go to war and conquer Syria.  These men were humiliated as kids and have such a humongous bruised ego that can destroy millions of lives just to leave a legacy of themselves.

Dr. Sam Vaknin in the Malignant Self Love comments: "Narcissists use anything they can lay their hands on in the pursuit of narcissistic supply. If God, creed, church, faith, institutionalized religion can provide them with narcissistic supply, they will become devout. They will abandon religion if it can't."

If we donít kill Osama, he will never leave us alone.  He finds his narcissistic supply from the adulation of millions of befogged and brain damaged Muslims who cheer for him. Unfortunately Islam is a fertile ground for low self-esteem men to breed. There are millions of narcissist Muslims who know they are worthless. Jihad and "Martyrdom" gives them purpose and boosts their self-esteem. Seventy two virgins is just part of it, what drives these crazed men and women to this level of madness is becoming heroes, remembered and praised. Through terrorism, they raise their status. From a worthless creature they suddenly become legends. 

This problem has deep psychological roots. Muslims find their sense of worth in their adherence to Islam. We have to reverse that. We have to spit on Islam and make that word sound synonymous to stupid, barbarian, terrorist, brain damaged, backward, and primitive. Just as the word Nazi is now taken as an insult, so the word Islam must be so defiled that Muslims feel ashamed of that name. 

Islam has no substance. It is only pride, only vain glory, only pomposity. We have to destroy that pride with the antidote of pride and that is humiliation. Muslims must be mocked, derided, humiliated and scorned just as the members of KKK are mocked  derided, humiliated and scored. Let them cover their faces with shame. 

We have to do everything possible to help Muslims leave Islam and psychological warfare is a great way to do it.  This was the way their ancestors converted to Islam and this is the way to wean them from it.  


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