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Scheuer believes that we must begin to take some brutal initiatives such as leveling cities, destroying countrysides, using landmines, and mass killings before giving in to some of their demands (withdraw support for Israel). 

Who the hell is this man? He is nuts. First of all the above is oxymoronic. Withdrawing support from Israel means capitulation. What would the Muslims do next? They’ll try to fulfill their dream and drown the Jews in the sea. But the Jews are not going to sit idle. They have atomic bombs, so once they find their backs is to the wall, they will start dropping those bombs and millions will perish. Let us say at the end the Muslims or whatever is left of them overcome and they drive all the Israelis to the sea. This is a major victory for Muslims. So what will happen next? Will they go home and would there be peace? Of course not! Muslims will be invigorated and energized by their victory and the Jihad to conquer the world will be escalated. Any success adds to the fervor of the Muslims. What stops them is defeat after defeat. Muslims must be defeated and reduced to poverty. Only then there will be peace. I am not making this up. This is what Muhammad taught. Muslims must fight only when they are strong, but if they are weak they are required to sign peace treaty and wait until they become strong again. This is the state of Dar al Adl

If impoverishing the Muslims does not seem a humane solution, then force them to leave Islam. Yes, use force. Muslims are used to that kind of persuasion. They expanded their faith with that method only. You have to play the game according to their rules. If a chess champion plays with a child who does not follow the rules of the game, the child will win the champion. That is true also in war. We are losing because we are bound by our own humanistic and enlightened rules but the Muslims are guided by their barbaric religion which respects no rules.

Then again Scheuer says use brutal force. We may have to do that if we do not do the right thing. The right thing is start attacking Islam, not leveling cities.  

But we are doing nothing to fight Islam. Muslims are infiltrating in our schools and brainwashing our children. We give them all the help they need to promote their cult. Read this article please.  

In Rotterdam an artist who was overtaken by the grief of the murder of Theo Van Gogh drew a mural depicting an angel and on it he wrote “Thou Shalt not Kill” He did that on a wall facing a mosque. Thousands of Muslims felt this paining is “racist”. They called the mayor who sent the police to erase the painting. A reporter tried to stop the police and she was arrested and her footage was destroyed. This is the idiocy of the westerners. These cops were not Islamic moral police but the Dutch cops. This is the kind of madness that we have to fight first. First we have to overcome the stupidity of our own people, fight back political correctness and then start attacking Islam. And you are wrong to think WE did something that has offended the Muslims. When you say that, you'll try to appease them and this is the source of all problems. If we lose this war it will be because of the leftists, the appeasers and the politically correct. We are not guilty. They are guilty. Do not apologize. It's their sin and their stupidity not ours. It's they who have to change not us.

Scheuer is wrong. There is no need to bomb hundreds of cities yet. We can attack Islam and stop this madness before resorting to outright war. Nothing is being done in that department. Nothing! How is it that it is okay to kill people by millions, but it is not okay to criticize their stupid religion? Isn't this absurd?    

Everyone has gone crazy. If you have a patient who is sick, and his sickness is endangering your health, the solution is not to shoot him. The solution is to cure him. Muslims are sick. We can cure them. Not all of them can be cured, but we can reach to a good majority of them and win them over. Once that great majority starts leaving Islam, the diehard and the brainless terrorists will lose their oomph and their zealotry will die out.    

Just a few thoughts. I thought that you or one of the intellectuals on this website could help me understand the problem that is at hand. You concentrate on the politics of rage but not on our enemies like al-Qaida. I especially want to know how you would view the views of a CIA arabist like Michael Scheuer.  

Yours truly,

"Christian" Agnostic

It is worrisome to see some advisors in the White House are so cut off from reality. If these are what this man thinks, God save us all. America is going to be defeated my dear. The president is only as good as his advisers. Write to the President and tell him to talk to me. He needs my help. 

Best wishes 

Ali Sina 

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