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Jihadi Terrorism: Ridiculous Explanations, Complex Solutions 

Dr. Babu Suseelan  


Terrorism has existed for centuries. The world has witnessed colonialism, slavery, crusades, inquisition, holocaust, witch burning, destruction of ancient cultures by invading Islamic warriors and missionaries, communism, world wars, chemical warfare, guerilla war, and the cold war.  Millions of people perished and several ancient civilizations vanished.  

Communists, Nazis, and Fascists resorted to terrorism. They differed from Islamic terrorism in that they were motivated by political agenda.

The fall of the Berlin Wall signaled the end of the cold war and a sign of relief. But today, terrorist groups with the ideology of hate exist in different countries with different hue and color. They are engaged in murder, looting, kidnapping, beheading, hijacking, suicide murder, bombing and other criminal acts for personal, political and religious gains. India lost over 73,000 lives due to Jihadi terrorism over the last decade. Israel, the only democratic country in the Middle East lost several hundreds of innocent children, women and men due to terrorism perpetuated by Islamic Hizballah, Hamas, Al-jihad, and Al-Qa’ida terrorists. Islamic terrorist groups have slaughtered thousands of innocent people in Algeria (Armed Islamic group, Harakat Ul-Mujahindian) Kashmir, India (Lashkar e-Trayiba, Jaise-Mohamed), Uzbeckistan (Imu-Islamic group), the Philippines (Abu Sayyaf group), Aden (Islamic Army of Aden), Egypt (Muslim Brotherhood), and Afghanistan (Taliban). Several Islamic terrorist groups are actively engaged in kidnapping, beheading, murder and bombing in Pakistan , Bangladesh , Indonesia , Malaysia , Chechnya , Sudan and Nigeria . Since 1990, several Islamic terrorist incidents were reported from Aden, Yemen (1992, 2000), New York City (1993), Mogadishu, Somalia (1993), Manila, Philippines (1995), Paris, France (1994, 2005), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1995, 1996), Dar-ea-Salaam, Tanzania, Nairobi, Kenya (1998), Port Angeles, Washington (1999), Amman, Jordan (1999, 2005), London (2005), Strasbourg, France (2000), New York City, Washington, D.C, Pennsylvania (2001), Paris and Brussels (2001), Madrid (2002), Kabul, Bali (2005), Godhra, Gujarat, India (2002) Ayodhya, India (2005) and New Delhi, India (2005). In India , Israel , and Iraq kidnapping, beheading, suicide murder, and bombing by Muslim terrorists are a daily occurrence.   Jihad terrorist attacks are not limited to military targets. They use violence against innocent children, women and men. Jihad terrorism and its variety, including bombing, suicide murder, beheading, hijacking, kidnapping and assassination can now be seen all over the world. These violent extremists subvert democracy, civil government, secularism, and social progress and tear apart economic stability. In each case of terrorism, the fundamentalists with hard-core, rigid, dogmatic Islamic ideology were involved.  Their origins, ideology, development, tactics and agendas are religiously legitimated based on Islamic worldview. These Islamic terrorist’s devilish acts of unimaginable hatred are designed to send tremors of alarm, fear and a warning throughout the civilized world.  

World wide terrorism-related casualties increased to 805 in 2005 from 233 in 1999. The terrorist groups often differ in their motivations, objectives, ideologies and level of criminal activity. Several narco terrorists and politically motivated terrorist groups exist in different parts of the world. Western nations were successful in eradicating several terrorist criminal gangs like Black Panther, Symphonies Liberation Army, FLNA in the US, Shining Path Maoist guerrilla Group in Peru, Marxist Guerrillas in Columbia, Tapa Marus in Argentina, Bader-Meinhof in Germany and Red-Brigade in Italy with brute police and military action.   

The destruction of the World Trade Center by Al-Qa’ida terrorists on September 11, 2001 signaled the start of a new response to global terrorism.  Western nations have taken significant civil and judicial steps including intelligence gathering, prosecution of terrorists, disruption of funding flow for terrorists, and several counter terrorism activities. These bureaucratic counter terrorism measures are complicated, responsibilities are poorly defined, and targets are ambiguously selected. Most of these actions are disconnected and have no impact in deterring Islamic terrorism that is being waged in different parts of the world. We need more. The policy of hit and run and selective identification and counter measures are ineffective. We need a coordinated, well planned and effective global war on Islamic terrorism.



Islamic terrorism is a complex subject. The terrorism field is loaded with international and national experts, each claiming special knowledge of the subject that have roused so much controversy while continuing to be misunderstood by so many. There are phony liberals marketing mindless root causes of Islamic terrorism including Western, Israeli interference in the Middle East, rapid social change, poverty, economic deprivation, poor toilet training, low self-esteem, need for affiliation, dysfunctional family, lack of education and so forth. And of course, these are psychological excuses. The misguided leftists and armchair speculators miss the point. Where do they fit in?  This phony, liberal root cause theorists are like an old farmer who for the first in his life sees a big blue whale on the seashore and says, “I see it, but I don’t believe it”.  The pseudo liberal social scientists are being imbued with ethereal, pre-fabricated, utopian ideas, which are too far divorced from reality. While the excuse industry promote faulty root cause theories, Jihadi terrorists are engaged in kidnapping, gratuitous beheading, looting, killing, bombing, airline hijacking, suicide murder, car bombing, and gruesome murder of innocent infidels all over the world. These pseudo liberals, communists, and Islamist have no clue on the true nature of Jihad terrorism. The butchery of Jihadi terrorism is explained to social causes and “understandable” Islamic grievances. It fails to distinguish between the legitimate use of social protests and terrorism.  It seems phony liberals have a buoyant love affair with irrational Islamist defense mechanisms. They usually shed crocodile tears for the innocent victims. It is clear that what Jihad terrorists are doing in the name of Islam is destructive, counter productive, we think so, why aren’t leftists liberals and Islamists able to realize the dangers of Jihad terrorism?  

In a civilized world, we cannot function if we believe in phony explanations for Jihad terrorism. Wide spread irrationalism and uncritical acceptance of unjustified root cause theories peddled by Communists and liberals will have serious consequences for everyone. Such flimsy explanations and mental misdirection would paralyze us. Civilized, peace-loving people would be wise to check out Jihad mindset and criminal behavior in proper perspective.


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