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Your allegations that it lacks commonsense suggests that you have a bone to pick with the religion.

The above is just one example to show how religion blinds people. Here basically you are admitting that religion is not commonsense. This is a Freudian slip. You subconsciously know that religion and especially yours is against commonsense, which means it is nonsense and stupid. But consciously you deny it. You want to make yourself believe that you are rational.

A few fools who destroy the good name of Islam should not be a basis of your attack for the entire religions. 

What good name? Those few fools (which unfortunately are more than just a few) are basing their actions on the Quran. They are doing what the Quran says. I am not attacking their actions, I am attacking the Quran and show to the world that those actions are taught in the Quran. Those ďfew foolsĒ precisely picked what you said you wonít pick. Who said your choice is better than theirs? Remember you already berated the commonsense. So without the commonsense how one would know which teachings of the Quran are the good ones and which ones are poisonous? And if you have the commonsense why you need a religion at all? 


Most of the allegations against mohammed (pbuh) are no different from those of other religions yet you seem to be lenient on them. 

That is not true at all. Moses is just a mythical personage. All the fables attributed to him are as valid as the fables about Gilgamesh. Jesus might have existed as a historic figure but never in the form described in the Bible. But even if we had to take the Biblical Jesus as true, he appears to be a super saint. Muhammad massacred innocent people and raped their wives. What the hell are you talking? Which part of the Jesusí story is similar to that of Muhammad?

Suppose you are right and other religions are just as bad as Islam, does this make you feel good? Just because others are misguided you are happy to be misguided too? 

Your argument make no sense. You are not denying the allegations against Muhammad. You are simply saying "but other prophets were also just as bad as him". If you think that way why you want to follow Muhammad or anyone of them? What you say is "I am following a terrorist, rapist, murderer assassin thief but I am happy that others also follow prophets who were as bad as mine".

Moreover, suppose what you say is true and other prophets were as bad as Muhammad, doesn't this prove that Muhammad was a liar? He said Jesus and Moses were prophets. But Muslims are killing themselves to prove that they were just as bad as Muhammad. If you manage to prove that, doest this disprove Islam instantly?

Sentence after sentence you prove that you are a religious person and not objective or rational. You canít help it! If I ask you to be rational in this matter, I would be the fool. It would be like asking a blind to see. You simply canít see the absurdity of your own statements. Itís not that all your brain is malfunctioning. But the part that deals with religion is completely taken over by your zealotry and faith and you simply canít help it.


No islam is not a threat to the human race..

Of course it is a threat to human race. Even if Islam did nothing but produce people like you, it is a threat to human race. Why we call ourselves humans? Itís because of our intelligence, otherwise we are just apes. If all the humanity start thinking the way you think, leave aside the commonsense and become religious zombies, our humanity will be endangered. Look at the hysteric an barbaric masses in Islamic countries. When I recall the images of my own people during the 1979 Revolution I become filled with shame. This is not humanity. This is barbarity, savagery, stupidity. Of course humanity is in danger.  

But that is not the only danger. Muslims are intent to take over the world through Jihad and terror and make that stupidity universal. What do you think Jihad means? Isnít Jihad a pillar of Islam? Doesnít Jihad mean fighting with your body, wealth and all means to advance Islam and make it the dominant religion? Your terrorists brothers are doing just that. Can you say they are mistaken? Who are you to say such thing? They are following the Quran. Who are you to stop them?  

Yes Islam is threatening the human race and the human race must fight back and eradicate it. Your Muslim brothers in Iran are relentlessly in pursuit of atomic bombs and once they get their hands on them the world will be a different world. Which part of that you do not understand? 


if you do your research you'll see that some fundamental christians in third world countries like Uganda  are massacaring their own followers in the name of the bible...should we then generally assume that the Bible is a threat to human race? 

Christians just like others also commit all sorts of atrocities including genocides. However it is not in the name of the Bible. Nowhere in the Bible says slay the non-Christians wherever you find them. Jesus says love thy neighbor and turn the other cheek. This is what Christianity teaches. If Christianity is a lie, itís a good lie.  This is not what the Quran teaches. The Quran unequivocally teaches hatred and violence.


please help me understand your philosophy on this...I smell something foul here ..and that's the smell of "bias"..!

I helped you to understand my philosophy. I doubt you are capable of understanding. This is something beyond you. 

If you smell something foul, wash yourself from the impurities of Islam and youíll smell fresh again. 


Sophie responded to the above: 
I checked out your responses before I wrote to you but they don't make sense to me .For someone who claims Islam has no tolerance for other religions...you seem to have no tolerance for Islam's good teachings and while this is not my concern and basis for writing to you, my problem is with you calling Muslims stupid for following a "stupid" book


Dear Sophie, 

I already said I will have a better chance to make a wall reason than a Muslim. I did not expect you understand. You are too brainwashed for that. 

Islam's good teachings? Even Nazism had some good teachings. Is there any philosophy that does not have some good teachings? Is it enough to find a few good teachings in a doctrine and call it divine and forget about the hundreds of bad teachings that it contains? 

If the Quran is not stupid then how can you explain its numerous stupid statements? If you are not stupid then what are you? If this is how a "rational" and "not fanatic" Muslim thinks, go figure how the irrational and fanatic Muslims think. 

Be offended as much as you like. I want the word Islam come to equate stupid and terrorist. It must become an insult calling a person Muslim. Just like today if you call someone "you Nazi" he will take it as an insult, calling a person "you Muslim" must become just as insulting. 

All these debates that I post for the world to see are aimed to that goal. It's important that everyone see how the thinking of Muslims is different from the thinking of a normal human. People see the Muslims around them and think they look just like everyone else so they must be also humans. It is important to probe deeper to see their inhumanity hidden behind the layers of false pretence and hypocrisy.  

Reason does not work with you people, so maybe the psychological warfare would. Maybe derision works. Maybe humiliation and finger pointing works. This is a tough medicine but this is a tough case. We have to resort to psychological measures to detoxify you from your cultish faith and bring you to your senses. There is enough death. Lives of innocent people matter more than the stupid pride of a bunch of crazed cultists. 

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