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I do not think the quran is a "stupid book" that should be dismissed by anyone "with a grain of intelligence". 


There you have it!

How can you say a book that says sun sets in murky waters, mountains are pegs to keep the earth from shaking, moon was split and each half of that was seen in either sides of mount Hira, Muhammad ascended to the seventh heaven riding on a pony, beat your wife if she is disobedient to you, enter in her from anywhere you like because she is your tilt, Jews were transformed into lizards, apes and swine and hundreds of other ludicrous statements like these is not stupid? Isnít that statement stupid? It is like saying "I do not think believing in the existence of two headed dragons is stupid". Quran is even stupider than that.   

Do you see what I am saying? You are an intelligent woman, but when it comes to Islam you say darnest things.

Let me make you an example. If you have a barrel full of clean water and someone pees in it, you know that that water becomes contaminated. But your prophet says that if that water is korr. (about 1/8 of cubic meter) that water remains pure even if someone pees in it. Now this does not make sense at all but once you believe in Islam, you believe in all the stupidities that come with it and you start believing that this water is clean.    


I think that by you saying that you're being intolerant yourself. 

Take the above statement. How can I be called intolerant when I am not forcing anyone to believe in what I say. I even do not force people to read what I write. I am simply exercising my right to free speech. You do not like what I say? Relief is only a click away.  

This is not MY intolerance. This is YOUR intolerance of my views. It is you who say I have no right to express myself. It is you who want to make me shut up.

Now compare what I say with what Muhammad said. He said slay the idolaters and he ordered his followers to kill and expel the Christians and the Jews from Arabia . Did you know that Jews lived in Medina nearly 1800 years before the Arabs arrived? What happed to them? Muhammad massacred and banished them and now no Jew or Christian is even allowed to step into the vicinity of that city. So who is tolerant?  

What about those Muslims who want to leave Islam and convert to other religions? Are they allowed? No! they must be put to death. Isn't this intolerance?

Am I making any headway or I am just talking to a wall? I bet I am talking to a wall. My cat understands this but itís difficult for you to understand. Why is that so? Itís because you are a believer. You are not born stupid but you block that part of your brain that deals with your faith and accept any stupidity associated with it. 

Isn't fasting the most stupid thing? Isn't the ritual of prayer, hajj and virtually everything in Islam stupid and ridiculous? What is the logic behind these rituals? None! It's just to keep you busy and keep you hooked. They give you the impression that you are serving God but in reality deter you from thinking and perpetuate you slavery.


I respect your choice to become non muslim but I would be grateful if you extended that very respect to others who follow Islam in a commonsense manner.


It does not matter whether you respect my choice. Islam does not. So even if you are not going to kill me, other more devout Muslims will. 

I think you are confused. Am I putting a sword on your throat telling you leave Islam or die? And this was precisely how Islam expanded. Have you read the history of Islam? Do you know how many thousands of people Muhammad massacred to advance his cause? What was his cause? Looting, stealing and enslaving people. How dare you call your religion tolerant and call me intolerant?

Your religion takes away my right to believe in anything I wish and it is not intolerant but if I complain that my right is being taken away I am intolerant? Bizarre, is indeed the way Muslims approach the truth. 

It is not that you are stupid and you do not understand. Itís that you are a believer and you canít see all the crimes that your prophet committed including rape but you have no eyes for me sitting in my home writing my mind. You call me intolerant and think Islam, this cult of terror and murder is a tolerant religion. And then you protest if you are called stupid. 


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