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When I said Muhammad raided the tribe of Hawazin taking 6,ooo women and children as captives and seized innumerable sheep and camels, my opponent wrote: 

Again, we have to see why the Prophet invaded the tribe of Hawazin. You also have to read that it was the Hawazin's fault for they were the ones that brought their women and children with them to the battlefield.

Do you see the pattern? It is always the fault of the victims. 

The reason women and children were caught in the battle tells us that unlike what Muslim historians have stated, these poor people were not coming to war. No sane person would take all his family and all his belonging to war. They were nomads, moving from one pasture to another. Muslim historians have claimed that the leader of the Hawazin insisted to carry the women and children to make his men "determined in their fight". This is ludicrous. We are talking of a tribe with over ten thousand people. Would all these people obey a decision so insane?

Why would they want to attack an army of Muslims? What would they gain in this? The accusation makes no sense. You don't have to be a genius to see that Muslim historians lie when they shift the blame on their victims.  

These are all excuses to justify the crimes committed by Muhammad. See how my opponent, with straight face, blames the victims for bringing along their women and children? Does this justify to take them as prisoners and enslave them? Where is the conscience of these people? There is not a shred of humanity left in them. These are not the people that we could share the planet with, let alone our countries. What kind of value will they bring to our world? The world has come out of barbarity and obscurantism for centuries and these people want to take us back. They belong to another world, a world very demonic and evil. 


The choices are very limited. Either we become like them and embrace their cult, which of course means perpetual wars as Muslims have killed more of their own than they have killed others, do nothing until they kill us or reduce us into slavery and dhimmitude or kill them first. 

Which one you like best? These are our options. Are these sane options? If you embrace Islam, as Salman Rushdie puts it, "this least huggable of faiths", you will lose everything you cherish. You will lose your freedom and should kiss goodbye your culture and your civilization for it will be demonized and vilified as taghooti (satanic) and jahilliah (ignorance). Religious police will walk in the streets telling you that your dress is not Islamicly right and will beat you for exposing a few strands of hair. You could even be shot on the spot and killed for eating during the month of Ramadan. Look at Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the Afghanistan of the Taliban - this is Islam. A state run by sharia law is hell. You will be ruled by people like Mr. Bassam al Zawadi, Ahmadinejad and Mullah Omar and opposition to them means opposition to God and you will be jailed or killed. You will have to accept that Arabs are master race, just as today the Pakistanis, the Bangladeshis, the Malays and the Indonesians have accepted it wholeheartedly. Persians have not. They invented their own version of Islam to vilify Arabs and not to submit to them as slaves. At least a shred of dignity is left in Iranians. Frankly my friend, death is better than that life. 

If you don't convert to Islam, you will be subdued, and forced to work and sustain the Islamic state with Jizyah (a penalty tax levied on non-Muslims). You will still be subject to Islamic laws but will have fewer rights than those who convert. If your faith is not recognized as valid you could face execution. 

So what is left? Killing Muslims before they kill you? Is that all left to do? Today I received a copy of a chilling email that is being circulated among some Australians. The email is calling upon Australians to take back their country from the ďLebsĒ (Lebanese immigrants). How this should be done is blood curling.  Here are a few passages of that message:

The coals were lit when lebs threatened to rape young children on Cronulla beach; lifeguards stepped in to defend them and were bashed. This has been going on for years.

The comoncheros and Bra Boys have as of today given official support to gang rapists and thus must be destroyed if they interfere. They are a group of old has-been, race traitors, junkies and lebs. Aussie Patriots do not need their support.

Failure to fight and win will mean living under the rule of criminals and gang rapists.

This is a real war, make no mistake. cowards WILL BE TREATED LIKE LEBS!

Bring yourself, your mates, anyone you know of fighting age and whatever devices you see fit to defend yourself and your country.

After rallying in Cronulla and Maroubra we will push our way through to Lakemba and Bankstown, we will destroy the mosques in these areas and any leb that gets in our way. We will smash their houses, smash their shops, destroy their ghettos.

The message continues with more angry notes and calls to violence against the Lebanese and Muslims. 

The person who forwarded this message to me, although said she does not support violence, unreservedly agreed with the spirit of this message.

The same is happening in Europe . Racism and blind nationalism is again on the rise. Some good people are dragged into it. We have a difficult time ahead of us. We must embrace ourselves for blood, may be our own, running in our streets. Woe to us children of apes, for our monkey thinking is bringing us to our doom.

Is this the way we want to go? What has happened to our species? Is this what is called intelligent life? What part of this is intelligent? Do we have to become beasts and murder our own kind just to survive? Which one of these options is better?

I am offering you another alternative Ė an alternative that requires neither blood nor slavery. Islam is a disease. It's the disease that we have to eradicate, not the patient. Why everybody is afraid to attack the disease itself? 

Obviously we can't let the sick infect the world with his deadly disease or the mad man go loose shooting and killing everyone. But should we kill him? Is this the sane way to cure a sick person? 

For the sake of sanity, why instead of killing the patient, don't we try to cure him from his sickness? Why don't we eradicate Islam? Islam is the disease of the soul and the mind. Islam is the disease that has crippled mankind. A billion people follow a psychopath. This is insanity. This is not comical; it's calamity. Muslims are infirm. But we do not kill infirm people. 

The problem seems to be huge but the solution is ironically simple. All we have to do is to destroy Islam. That is not an impossible task. We can do that, if we just tell the truth. It's as simple as that. We are getting drowned in a glass of water. The solution to all this madness is to tell the truth. Our governments must start telling the truth. The politicians and the media must start telling the truth. In schools, we should teach the truth. Truth is not subjective. There is no 'your truth' and 'my truth'. When it comes to history, facts are the truth. History must be taught honestly and factually and not twisted just because it may offend someone. If someone is offended of the truth, let him be offended.  

The non-Muslims are not entirely sane either. They too have their own mental sickness. They are suffering from political correctness. This combination is lethal. Compare Islam to human immunodeficiency virus HIV and political correctness to immunodeficiency. Political correctness can kill us. It lowers our resistance against the enemy and will make us vulnerable to its advances. The foolish defenders of Muslims are just as dangerous as Muslims. Truth can cure both of them. Those who suffer from political correctness and those who suffer from Islam can both benefit from it and recover. 

Those who find the truth too bitter to swallow must be force-fed. The truth is their medicine. This medicine must reach them willingly or unwillingly. Because their sickness is affecting all of us, they must not have a choice. They must hear it until they recover. The best place to start force feeding the truth is in prison compounds where the terrorists are detained. Don't torture them. Tell them the truth about Islam and once that truth sinks, they will cooperate. Tell them the truth about Islam and they will leave terrorism. It is Islam that converts good people into terrorists and makes them monsters. How to do that? Very simple! Produce radio programs in their own language and make them listen to it several hours per day, every day. We at FFI can produce the right programs. We know how to handle the Muslims and what to tell them. This is how they have been brainwashed. We can un-brainwash them in the same way. 

We must get rid of Islam if we want to avoid a major bloodshed and our species survive. Muslims must be weaned from this satanic cult of madness and terror, for their own good and for our good.

Please read my debates with Muslims and pay close attention to what they write. We are indeed dealing with a demonic force. The way they think is not sane. It is psychopathological. I donít want you to feel safe and comfortable. Be scared - very scared. 

The problem is that our politicians do not understand the magnitude of this threat. Most people do not understand it. As long as we do not understand we are fighting our enemy blindfolded. You cannot win a war unless you know your enemy. Do you know your enemy? Does your government know the enemy? Neither of you do. That is why your fate is sealed. 

Please read these debates and particularly pay attention to what Muslims say.  Promote this site. Everyone must see the unmasked face of Islam. People must realize that the world is in danger. The Second World War was picnic compared to what is awaiting mankind in a very near future. But the future is in our hands. We write the history. Don't be a bystander. Don't let others write the future. Why be a spectator of the history when you can be its protagonist? 

Governments in democratic countries canít do and won't do anything unless people tell them what to do. What are you waiting for? Let people know the truth.  Let them wake up. Invite them to come to this site, read these debates and have a close encounter with Devil itself. If this does not wake them up, nothing will. We need an outcry from bottom up that our governments canít ignore. This wonít happen as long as people are kept in the dark and think Islam is just another garden variety of religions.      


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