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Americans and other coalition forces are not in Iraq to steal the oil and the wealth of the people. The American people are paying huge amounts of money to the Iraqis to rebuild their country. Many of these kafir nations have forgiven their loans to Iraq. They want to see Iraqis are freed, prosperous and happy. It is unconscionable to call these armies of liberation, terrorists, monsters and vampires. If they are so bad why the Iraqis donít want them to leave? Because they know who are the terrorists, monsters and vampires. Those are your religious brothers. Those who cowardly take the people, behead or shoot them and shout Allah-uí Akbar.    

If a bunch of gangsters take my family as hostage and I ask a neighbor for help and if during this shootout my son is killed, I canít accuse my neighbor of murder. He did not intend to kill my son. It was an accident. But the thugs inside who have taken my family as hostage and behead them one after the other until their demands are met are the terrorists. Only a fool is unable to see the difference.  

Now let us compare the actions of Americans in Iraq with what Muhammad did to his victims. Muhammad raided his victims with no warning. He took them by surprise. When they had gone out after their daily business and were not ready for combat. He rode among them in full military gear and butchered as many men as he could. Then he took their children and wives as slaves and took possession of their properties. He even allowed his men to rape the women thus captured and he himself always took the prettiest for himself. Juwairiayah, Rayhana and Safia are three women thus captured and raped. Muhammad built his immense wealth by killing and looting.  

When I said you have a twisted sense of morality, it was because I read this very nonsense statement of yours about the Americans in one of your articles and here is the proof of what I said about you.    


Another example we consider Homosexuality, Adultery, Rape, Bestiality, Sadism, Incest, Necrophilia, Snuff Sex, and many other deviant forms of sexual practices as understood from Islamic texts are crimes punishable in Islam. But these practices seem perfectly acceptable to many of the freethinkers around us, and in accordance to your criteria of letting people decide freely. Similarly you may levy certain charges against me using your definitions of certain terms. Hence we must agree on the criteria, definitions then we can proceed to evaluate your allegations. 


Again you have mixed and bundled up a lot of things that are different in nature and erroneously stated that these are all accepted to many of the freethiners while they are against Islam. Let us take them one by one. .   

Homosexuality is not a crime. There are a couple of elderly Lesbians leaving next door to me. I have not seen anything indecent or inhuman in them. If they sleep in the same bed or they donít does in no ways affect me. It is not even my business to ask whether they share the same bedroom or have separate bedrooms. They are working like anyone else and contribute to the society like others. They have not hurt me. Why should they be killed? What is more immoral? That they are homosexual or that you are a murderer? This is another example of your twisted sense of morality. You see homosexuality as immorality but you donít see anything wrong in killing people.  

I am not an authority on this subject. But I know that at least a good portion of homosexuals are physically and emotionally not ďnormalí. They are different. If you believe God creates people, then God made them this way. What right you have to tell God he has made a mistake in creating the homosexuals the way he has? What right you have to take away the lives of those whom are the handiwork of God? As long as they don't harm other, what food they eat, what movies they watch or with whom they sleep should not be anyone's business but their own. If they are doing something wrong, you are not God, let God deal with them the way he knows best.

Adultery: In Islam this falls under two classes: The premarital sex and the out of marriage sex. As for premarital sex, it is none of your damn business. You can teach your morals to your daughter and son but you have no right to impose your morality on others. As for adultery of married people, it is something that should concern the husband and the wife and again it is none of your damn business. You make sure you do not commit adultery like the majority of Muslim men and watch your wife. You have no business to put your nose in the private lives of others.  If I marry someone who commits adultery, I will divorce her but it is not up to state or you to stone her. This is why I say you have a very twisted sense of morality. You see adultery as something abhorrent when it is none of your business but see nothing wrong in stoning a person to death.

Then again you believe in polygamy. This is licensing adultery. You can have sex with as many women as you like, all you have to do is declare them your wives and divorce them at whim. That is a mockery of marriage. Muhammad allowed muta or temporary marriages. Umar banned it but the Shiites still practice it. This is nothing but legalized prostitution.   

Rape: Rape is a crime in civilized countries and there is zero tolerance for that. The rapists are brought to justice and if they present a permanent danger they are often locked up for good. But incidentally rape is not so bad in Islamic countries. First of all a husband can rape his wife anytime and this is not considered rape at all. But that is not what concerns me most. What is essentially evil in Islam is that rape is prescribed in the Quran and was practiced and encouraged by Muhammad himself. Muhammad told his followers it is okay to rape women captured in war even if they are married before being captured, 4:24  This is a long subject and I will come to that later and will dedicate an entire chapter to it. However suffice to say that your twisted sense of morality did not allow you to see that rape is something the civilized world does not tolerate while it is part of Islam. I am afraid you put your foot in your mouth when you casually included ďrapeĒ to the list of your diatribe against the West.

Bestiality: This sickness is in no ways exclusive to the westerners. We have Rumi talking about a maid and her lady having sex with a donkey and there are injunctions by Muslim jurists regulating the sex with animals. Khomeini talked about this extensively. In fact, because the relationship between men and women in Islam is taboo, bestiality is far more practiced in Islamic countries than in non-Muslim world. Sex with animals among the non-Muslims is an aberration while among the Muslims is not that unusual. So when you accuse the westerners of bestiality, you are a pot calling the kettle black. You see the thorn in the eyes of others but canít see the beam in your own.

Sadism: This is not a cultural disease but a psychological one. Sadists are psychopaths. They are often victims of childhood abuse. But childhood abuse happen more in Islamic countries where people are allowed to beat their children and domestic violence is unchecked. Children thus neglected or grown up in abusive environments become sadists. Sadists abound in Islamic countries. How many Saddams, Khomeinies, Al Zarqawi or Bin Ladens can you find in Western countries?

But that is not all. Muhammad himself was a sadist and used to torture his victims. We already talked about Kinana, let us quote a hadith to learn more about Muhammadís sadism.  

Bukhari 7, 71.589

"Some people were sick and they said, "O Allah's Apostle! Give us shelter and food. So when they became healthy they said, "The weather of Medina is not suitable for us." So he sent them to Al-Harra with some she-camels of his and said, "Drink of their milk." But when they became healthy, they killed the shepherd of the Prophet and drove away his camels. The Prophet sent some people in their pursuit. Then he got their hands and feet cut and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron. I saw one of them licking the earth with his tongue till he died."

But that is not all. Your Allah is also a sadist. Take a look: 

4.56  Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

Isnít this sadism?

Again you put your foot in your mouth when you throw in sadism. Islam is sadism. It is a cult created by a sadist psychopath.     

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