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Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 

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e) You then go on to make a lot of allegations using terms like “evil”, “humanity”, “savagery”, “rape”, “innocent”, “murder” etc without defining and elaborating them, and the basis from which those are derived. You also say:  

“Each one of us is free to make any assumption that he pleases but he must be able to prove that assumption or withdraw it. I think this is fair.”  

Charges are normally brought against someone in a court of law where the criteria of determining crime and punishment already exist and are agreed upon. However in a debate across different ideologies we need to agree on the criteria and the definitions of the terms before we can determine the respective allegations. Otherwise they are mere “assumptions” or “accusations” herald from a premise not recognised by the other and vice versa. Hence, by rational necessity this is a prerequisite before you can establish the truth of your allegation. To illustrate the point here are two examples which you yourself touched upon. 


You say I have made a lot of allegations aganist Muhammad without elaborating them. We are just beginning this debate. I will withdraw any charge that I can’t prove. But of course I can’t prove all of them at once in an introductory message. That was just to let you know the kind of accusations I am going to make against your prophet. We shall go through them one by one and then I will present my proofs and you’ll have the opportunity to refute them.  


We consider those who engage in beheading en masse by the use of Napalm, B52s and Cluster bombs etc are the real “subhumans”. Those US soldiers in Abu-Ghraib, Fallujah and elsewhere “engaging in senseless acts of terror” behaving like real “monsters, beasts and vampires”. As for the Iraqis they are merely the heroic resistance fighters defending their lands by whatever means they have at their disposal. Let us not forget the US is in Iraq not the reverse.  So you see we are at odds as to what is meant by the term “subhuman” and the other terms, and how they are applied. Similarly, we can call someone a “murderer” but according to which laws he or she has committed the crime? 

In your zest to accuse America, you have confused and bungled up a lot of issues. Let us dissect and clarify them. What happened in Abu Ghraib was a crime according to the US military law. The perpetrators broke the law. They were prosecuted and found guilty and were put behind the bars. Some of them received sentences as long as 15 years. We certainly can’t condemn America , its people or its government and not even its military if a few of its individuals break the law. Criminals and law breakers exist in every society. If they are prosecuted and punished the society can’t be blamed.  

Before responding to the rest of the charges let me make a comparison to what these prison guards (now convicts) did and what Muhammad did. The following is an extract from the abbreviation of  Sira 

"Kinana, the husband of Safiya, had been guardian of the tribe's treasures, and he was brought before the apostle, who asked where they were hidden. But Kinana refused to disclose the place. Then a Jew came who said, 'I have seen Kinana walk around a certain ruin every morning.' The apostle asked Kinana, 'Art thou prepared to die if we find thou knewest where the treasure was?' And he replied, 'Yes.' So the apostle ordered the ruin to be dug up, and some of the treasure was found. After that Kinana was asked again about the remainder, but he still refused to tell. The apostle of Allah handed him over to al‑Zubayr, saying, 'Torture him until he tells what he knows', and al‑Zubayr kindled a fire on his chest so that he almost expired; then the apostle gave him to Muhammad b. Maslama, who struck off his head."  

The American guards who broke the law are prosecuted and are now serving their prison terms. But they did not kill their prisoners and the torture was mere humiliation and light compared to what Muhammad did to Kinana. However, you worship Muhammad and think he was a perfect example to emulate. Can you explain this moral relativism?  

Now let us talk about the rest of your accusations. You accuse the Americans and the British soldiers and their respective governments of criminal activity for what they do in Iraq. Who are you to say that?  72% of the Iraqis defied all the threats from your terrorist brothers and went to the polls to show they want to take charge of their lives and they are not going to be intimidated by the terrorists. The turn out would have been much more in some cities where people stood by and did not dare to vote fearing the terrorists would do good on their promise and would behead them and their children. So obviously the Iraqis are happy with the presence of the coalition forces in their country and they hate the terrorists who routinely round up truck drivers, health care workers, police officers and ordinary people, shoot them or behead them and try to win through creating fear among the people.  

The coalition forces, i.e. the kafirs, are trying to bring democracy and self rule to the oppressed people of Iraq . Their Muslim “brothers” are trying to take away that freedom through terror and planned killings.  

The coalition forces never have targeted innocent people. Innocent people have sadly died despite the extra care in the crossfire. This is not act of terrorism. This is unfortunate collateral causality.    

A doctor may operate on a patient and the patient may die in the process. This is not murder. The intent matters. The intent has not been to murder but to save life. Muslims murder their victims intentionally. They deliberately target innocent civilians, bomb them and shoot to kill them. The victims of 9/11 in WTC, 3/11 in Madrid , the innocent children in Beslan, the victims of Bali , Riadh, Synagogues in Turkey, Churches in Iraq,  the Israelis killed by suicide bombers, are deliberately targeted and blown up by a malicious design. There is a huge difference between these two killings. Americans never target the civilians, never kill non-combatants. If an American soldier shoots a wounded enemy, he is charged and prosecuted. So your characterization of the Americans and the coalition soldiers is false. They are not engaged in senseless acts of terror and they are not monsters, beasts and vampires. They are soldiers who are fighting a just war. They want to liberate an oppressed people who are grateful for being liberated. I am an Iranian and I would welcome these soldiers to invade my country and liberate my people. I can’t ask that because it is unfair that these young men and women die to free my people but if they do it I would be grateful to them for ever. 

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