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The “Golden Rule” is deficient in addressing penal code hence by implication justice according to Mr Sina. It is by definition subjective and almost abstract as it cannot be used resolve conflicts and numerous issues of life. Especially as Mr Sina expects individuals to adhere to the principle of their own will which renders it almost irrelevant since individuals in most cases will act in their interests violating the “Golden Rule”. The same argument also applies to nations. So the premise for bringing Mr Sina’s allegation is getting weaker, hence he desperately proclaims victory and the rule as being right without proof. In contrast my allegations that it is he and his philosophy that is guilty of all those things and as he is being unmasked these are becoming clearer! As the debate proceeds I will prove that in contrast to Mr Sina I do not make assumptions and then put the burden of proof on his neck, then call it a debate. Mr Sina has produced lengthy waffles providing irrelevant information (filibustering) and more rants and abuse than solid arguments in establishing the truth of the Golden Rule. The rule is neither self-evident nor universal and it also poses a danger to society if used as an absolute arbiter. Since individuals can justify all sorts of acts using the rule. 


I already explained that the Golden Rule is not a substitute for the law or law enforcement. People’s values vary. If each is left to interpret the Golden Rule based on his own values then we can’t blame the Muslims for all their evil acts because their values make them jaundiced and their interpretation of right and wrong are very twisted. So laws must be clearly defined. Some people’s conscience has stopped at the very early stage of development and their “morality quotient” is at the stage of animals.  We can’t let everyone interpret the law based on his whims and his twisted values. The rules must be spelled out and be clear. However it is up to the society to devise rules that are fair for everyone and are in conformity with the Golden Rule. The laws of the civilized countries are generally based on the Golden Rule. No law is perfect but the spirit of the laws operating in Western countries is fair. The laws of Islam are unfair. Islam is the antithesis of justice and fairness. That is why Islam must be denounced and eradicated.  


Mr Sina’s constant ranting and abusive foul mouthing does not help to prove his case, for a self-proclaimed scholar he often cites examples without verification e.g. rightwing parties are not allowed to operate in democracies, morality is absolute etc. He is driven by blind hatred and fanaticism hence he is selective in his argument. For example he claims Islam to be evil yet he does not for once address how and why it is still expanding within the West. If it was so evil people would have abandoned it long ago of their own will. Of course he will arrogantly claim he is smarter than the rest to see and know better. 

Yes I have explained why Islam kept growing despite being inherently evil. Here is that article:

The Secret of Muhammad’s Success.  

He succeeded because he told the biggest lie ever and because he was extremely ruthless towards those who questioned him and disagreed with him. So the secret of Islam's success is in the fact that Muslims are encouraged to lie and because they are hoodlums and thugs and kill anyone who speaks against them. Hitler used the same method to come to power.

Furthermore Muhammad was driven, obsessed and relentless. He instilled the same attitude in his followers. This is typical of narcissists, enough to mention Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam, Khomeini, Napoleon or Genghis Khan for example. People with motivation and inner drive win and the peace loving, laid back people lose. There is no mystery in this and it has nothing to do with right or wring and divine assistance. That is why the world must wake up and not undermine the obsession of a bunch of terrorists. The reason I have dedicated my self to this cause is because there are few people on the side of humanity with dedication and drive. Everyone wants to live the easy life and be happy for now. War is the last thing in their mind. Many westerners foolishly march in the streets for peace. One day they will wake up and have to fight the war imposed on them but then the price will be too much to pay. If Iran is allowed to have the nuclear bomb, millions, if not billions, will die. We, who are on the side of the humanity, must realize the danger and wake up from our sweet dreams. We need to be driven too. If we want to stop the advance of Islamic terrorism we have to wage war on them preemptively.    

Now with the advent of the Internet, the critics of Islam can reveal the truth with relative fearlessness. Internet will bring the undoing of Islam. Islam grew through lies and intimidation. That has come to an end, and so the expansion of Islam. Islam has started its fall and I predict that in our own lifetime we will see the total collapse of Islam the way we saw the collapse of communism.   

Islam is not the fastest growing religion. In fact Falun Gong with over 100 million new adult converts in less than 10 years is the fastest growing religion, followed by Christianity that has made strides during these recent years in Africa and India. Islam has lost its adepts in great numbers. More than half of Iranians do not call themselves Muslims anymore and this alone counts for 35 million people. Millions of others are leaving Islam as they see the actions of the terrorists and your defense of them. The only way Muslims are growing in number is through procreation. They are highly filoprogenitive. But rabbits are filoprogenitive too. The excess of number does not ad to their strength but rather to their weakness and poverty. Don't believe me? Ask the Chinese and the Indians who are doing everything possible to control the growth of their population. 

Islam is a religion in fast demise. Maybe you should wake up and smell the coffee. 


The last couple of hundred years Islam has not been a dominant force in international relations and in its absence we have had the largest amount of wars and killings in human history! 


Islam became dominant not because of any technological advances but because of looting other people. When that loot ended Muslims sank into poverty. The reason we had a relative period of peace for a few centuries is because Muslims were weak and could not wage the Jihad. Muslims are instructed to wait, if they are weak and resume the Jihad when they become strong. Today they feel strong enough to resume the Jihad and that is why we are facing the threat of another world war. 

As I explained earlier Muslims have killed more people during these 1400 years of their existence than people killed perhaps in all other wars combined. Today they are poised to wipe out millions of people with atomic bombs. They must be stopped at any cost even if it means preemptive attack. I am of the opinion that the world must issue an unequivocal ultimatum that if Muslim terrorists succeed to use atomic bombs in any non Muslim country, 100 cities in Islamic countries would be nuked immediately and without further delay. This threat would bring some sense to the majority of Muslims who are supportive of the terrorists and believe if their terrorist "heroes" destroy the Western cities they would issue a condemnation, shed crocodile tear and nothing would happen to them. They must be told that they are mistaken and they are responsible for their Jihadis. After all they are the ones who are feeding this  frenzy and fomenting this hate. They are the ones who are financing the terrorists through Islamic "charities". These benighted terrorists read your hate laden and fallacious articles and get validation. You are responsible. I am stupefied at the Government of UK that have give asylum to an unabashed enemy of theirs. Why evil people such as you walk free and are protected by the very people whom they want to nuke is something I do not understand. In Islamic countries non-Muslims can't even practice their faith and worship their God even if they are native people but Muslim immigrants and economic refugees are free to spew hate in non-Muslim countries and call for their death. This is bizarre.   


He rants about raping stealing and killing but this is exactly what the US is doing en masse if you count its victims and all its wars well outside its borders since 1776. The so-called victims of the Muslims will disappear into oblivion when compared to the victims of the US killing machine. This is a fact not propaganda. Mr Sina constantly blusters about rape but he is the biggest endorser of rape through his silence on real rape that rages within the US and in its history. 

America is neither raping anyone nor killing en masse. This is a mindless rant and a shameless libel. It is a lie created by sick people who need to have enemies and feel victimized to justify their own hate. America did not invade Iraq to rape or kill but to liberate the Iraqis and get rid of a monstrous man who was a threat to the world. America and the rest of the world must continue their operation in Iran , Syria and N. Korea. As Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." America must be praised for doing something. But of course you must feel the heat because you are on the side of the evil.    


It is estimated that over a million German women were raped by the followers of the “Golden Rule” (according to Mr Sina) near the end of the Second World War. But Mr Sina thinks that is apparently in line with his “Golden Rule” as he considers the rape and murder of Iraqis to be in line with his “Golden Rule”. Likewise the US atrocities in Japan killing civilians en masse when the war was virtually over. Then what about the murderous and needless campaign against the civilians in Germany nearer to the end of the war using incendiary bombs; women, children, and men were burnet alive, their fats reached knee heights in certain places. These are just some small examples I can go on but what Mr Sina alleges he backs up with little evidence and substantiation and when he does it is full of contradictions as I have clearly demonstrated.

To be continued.

Yamin Zakaria (The Islamic Novice)
London, UK

[1] http://www.faithfreedom.org/debates/YaminZakariaindex.htm

[2] Just to warn the readers that Mr Sina may go at a tangent delving into the examples thereby avoiding the actual argument presented here exposing his blatant contradictions.

[3] Mr Sina gets very abusive using terms like Animal and elsewhere he has already used terms like subhuman. It is up to Mr Sina to continue to be abusive and foul mouth instead of focusing on the actual arguments. I intend to keep my decorum to the best of my ability.


[4] http://www.bahai.org/



Estimated by whom? By Muslims who lie as their religious duty and follow a psychopath war-monger prophet who said "war is a game of deception"?  Americans helped the reconstruction of Germany after the war. Only a nation endowed with superior moral values would extend help to his vanquished.  Americans have committed many mistakes mostly of political nature but they must be lauded for their superior morality in dealing with their enemies. America is indeed a beacon of light to all the nations. Why Muslims hate America so intensely? It is because they are the opposite pole. 

As for Japan, Americans never killed civilians en masse. This shameless lie can only be concocted by a shameless Muslim. Japan after its defeat became the major recipient of American aid and today is an independent nation competing with America. 

If we have any freedom in this world it is thanks to America . God bless America. Yes you can go on with your lies. This is your expertise and lies are endless. But the fact that today the Germans and the Japanese consider America as their ally is proof enough that you are a liar. How can nations who were so brutalized, as you describe, love their oppressors so much? 

Joseph Goebbel, Hitler's propaganda minister said: "a lie, repeated often and forcibly, gains the legitimacy of truth." You are using Goebbels tactic and there is as much truth to your mindless charade against America as there was in Goebbels anti Jewish propaganda.  

You have not demonstrated anything but the fact that you are a man of hate and lies. You have failed to disprove my charges against Muhammad. You have failed to give one single evidence to the validity of his claim to prophethood and all you did is spew your venom against America and concoct lies. America has nothing to do with our discussion of Islam. My challenge is "prove my charges against Muhammad are false". You have not even discussed the charges. You introduced red herring after red herring to divert the attention of the readers to irrelevant issues. This is a clear proof of your failure. 

Instead of America you should have told us how Muhammad dealt with those whom he conquered. He either massacred all their men including boys who had gown pubic hair and enslaved their wives and children or banished them from their ancestral land after taking all their properties and imposed hefty Jizyah on those who had nowhere to go. In Kheibar the jizyah was half of the proceeds of the land that he claimed his. The original owners of the lands became his tenants who were allowed to stay and work the land giving him half of the proceeds. Later Omar expelled them completely because Muhammad in his deathbed said no two religions can be allowed in Arabia.   

It is a shame that you are blind to the crimes of Muhammad whom you venerate and it is a shame that you are so deceitful. America is just a country. You are indeed a follower of Satan and truth, fairness and honesty has no meaning in your vocabulary.

But wait. You ain't seen nothing yet. I did not have even the chance to bring my charges. So far you were in the offensive, attaching among all things the very concept of fairness. Unfortunately you chose a very wrong target, which means without my help you brought upon yourself ridicule and defeat.


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