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Exposing Ali Sina’s “Golden Rule” Cult – Part 2- $00,000 Debate - My third Response [1] to Mr. Ali Sina

Yamin Zakaria from UK

Ali Sina in his typical racist-foul-mouth mode claimed that all Muslims are animals without any elaboration and he said: “Muslims do not possess conscience. Conscience has not evolved in them. The Golden Rule can only be understood by humans. Animals and Muslims do not understand it.”


Mr. Zakaria starts his so called 'rebuttal' by saying:  

“Ali Sina in his typical racist-foul-mouth mode claimed that all Muslims are animals without any elaboration”  

With that kind of example, generously provided by your Excellency do I need also to elaborate? Your arrogance is enough to make this point clear. You think arrogance can be used as a cover up for ignorance and you make extensive use of this Islamic trait in your diatribes.  

It is enough to study the Quran and the conducts of Muhammad to determine that Islam is a cult of hate and terror with inhumane tenets. As Mr. Zakaria himself admitted, Islam is divorced from the Golden Rule and in fact he is derisive of it. The Golden Rule states: Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you. This is basically what defines humanity. The Golden Rule is unique to human consciousness. Only humans are evolved enough to be aware of the needs of their fellow beings and treat them with the same consideration that they would treat themselves and their loved ones. When Mr. Zakaria derides the Golden Rule, he is mocking the very thing that distinguishes us humans from animals.  

According to Mr. Zakaria’s skewed sense of morality, it is okay to harm non-Muslims but the non-Muslims are not allowed to do the same to Muslims. He claims that Muhammad was the person who defined what is right and wrong and the concept of good and evil must be measured by what he did and not the other way round. So, if Muhammad raped the women of the unbelievers he did the right thing. If he had sex with a 9 year old child, if he assassinated his critics, if he massacred innocent people, it is all good and dandy because he was the prophet of God and he defined morality. However, Mr. Zakaria does not like Muslims to be treated in this way. He does not believe in the Golden Rule. According to this truly benighted individual, only Muslims are allowed to do evil and in fact that should not be called evil because whatever Muhammad did was good and if Muslims do the same there is no blame in that.    

This is the way animals think and behave. Animals have no understanding of the Golden Rule. They live by the rule of Jungle. They are kind to their own pack but have no concept of fairness and do not respect the rights of others outside their own pack.  

Mr. Zakaria's thinking is not very distinct from that of animals. Not all Muslims think like Mr. Zakaria or Muhammad. The majority of Muslims are “pretend Muslims”. They erroneously think they are Muslims. I often talk about my grandmother whom I consider to have been a true saint. She was the embodiment of goodness. She was kind to everyone. She was nominally a Muslim. Therefore the mere being born in an Islamic family and erroneously calling oneself Muslim, does not make one an animal. You must live like Muhammad and think like him to be qualified for that distinction. Your actions count. Mr. Zakaria is a good example of an animal Muslim. He supports the terrorists. He sees no wrong in rape and massacre of the children in Beslan. He calls the coward terrorists who behead innocent people, “freedom fighters”. This person has no concept of the Golden Rule. He is a true Muslim and therefore a real animal. This is the elaboration. I do not call all those who call themselves Muslims animals. I call all those who live by the teachings of the Quran and follow the examples of Muhammad animals.  


It is amazing how Sina makes such gross generalisation of 1.5 billion people; perhaps he is trying to teach us the ‘wisdom’ and ‘loving’ nature of his “Golden Rule”! Ironically, why is Sina debating with Muslims if they are incapable of understanding his rule, of course they are incapable because Sina says so. Indeed it can be said that if a man is so eager to hold debates with people who he considers as animals he is the one who is really deficient in his mental faculty! In any case, Sina will now have to bite the bullet as he also admitted that he was born into a Muslim family. So here follows the implication of Sina’s utterances: The obvious implication is that Mr Sina is also a product of two animals, like the wild beasts cohabiting in the woods.

Of course he may try to mitigate his blunders by claiming that he is only half an animal as he is a BASTARD child. In which case, Sina’s mother is an adulterous whore that slept around with non-Muslims perhaps she was inspired by some ‘freethinker’. Or that she was raped by non-Muslims who are by definition are “Golden Rule” followers according to Sina’s above mentioned statements. Or maybe Sina’s dad was spreading his seed amongst the “Golden Rule” followers or he raped some non-Muslims woman. Sina can best answer these points. But also, the old dictum: “charity begins at home”, so, why Mr Sina does not focus his effort in civilising the animals that are at his home, not just his parents but his siblings and the extended family? Judging from his email more than likely it is Ali Sina that is living like an animal in a cage as he admitted that he is hiding his work and he even prays along with his family members!



Muhammad used to order his followers to dismember the corpses of their enemies to "delight the hearts of the believers". Letting you insult me is the least I can do for you to delight your heart. Please don't be shy. You lost the intellectual battle on your own without much input from me, I will let you win the battle of insults also all on your own without much input from me. 

You say if a man is so eager to hold debates with people who he considers as animals he is the one who is really deficient in his mental faculty!  

If I really was that naïf to think by debating with likes of Mr. Zakaria I can make them think like humans, indeed I would be deficient in mental faculty. But that is not the reason I debate with people like him. The reason I debate with Mr. Zakaria and his ilk is to highlight the intellectual bankruptcy of Islamic intelligentsia.  It is through these debates that Muslim intellectuals show their cards and expose the real face of Islam. It is through these exchanges that the “pretend Muslims” can see Islam unmasked and leave it.  As the testimonies of Muslims leaving Islam posted in faithfreedom.org show, the main reason Muslims are leaving Islam is not because they are swayed by my arguments but by the fact that Muslim apologists like Mr. Zakaria make it clear that Islam is not an ideology fit for decent humans. It is a satanic cult made by a psychopath for thugs.  Since from the 1.2 billion people who call themselves Muslims, over a billion of them are decent humans, I am confident that after they read these debates the majority of them will eventually come to see the light and leave Islam.  

You do not become an animal simply because you are born in a Muslim family. You become an animal when you behave like one. Living according to the Quran and the examples set by Muhammad, will indeed make you an animal undeserving to be called human.  


And this is the man who talks big behind his keyboard about annihilating Islam and Muslims. Then like a snake he abused his guest and relative without provocation and bragged about it to a total stranger i.e. to myself! Such irrational, hypocritical and cowardly behaviour proves beyond doubt that Sina lacks basic commonsense and if I were to borrow his terminology a true “SUBUMAN” or an “animal” like the chimpanzee!

What is also interesting is that if any Muslim was running such a hate-filled website it would be immediately closed down for inciting hatred but nobody notices when filthy venom comes out from an intellectual midget with a heart of Nazi and the bravery of a chicken. We can go on analysing the implications of Mr Sina’s foolish statements but it may only result in victimising the innocents like Mr Sina’s parents and other family members.

As for my cleric relative visiting me, I was not disrespectful towards him at all. In an exchange of emails that we both agreed to be off the record, I confided to you that I have these distinguished relatives as guests and have no time to spend on the site. I also told you that my cleric relative insists that I should stand in prayer behind him despite the fact that I told him I do not pray. Of course I did not tell him that I am the archenemy of  Islam. I don't think that is the kind of information I would volunteer to an elderly beloved relative who has honored me by his presence and has flown hundreds of miles to pay me a visit. I value family ties and respect elderly people. I obliged and performed the stupid prayer out of respect for him. He is as dear to me as an uncle. I have broken my ties with Islam but not with my relatives and dear ones. It was utterly unethical of you to publish our private emails after we both agreed they would be off the record. But of course you have no regards for the Golden Rule and do not understand ethics. It was my oversight to consider you a human. I should have known that you are a true Muslim and as such you are not bound by human norms of ethics and morality.   


Hence, indeed, Sina is a real sinner! Despite such self-indicting statements, from the beginning Mr Sina boasted about his ‘logical’ gun, his menacing debating skills and how he was going to smash my nose. Any impartial reader can really judge whose nose is really bleeding, that is if they can manage to see the entire debate on his website which he has constantly tried spin doctor to present the debate in his favour (elaborated below). It is blatantly obvious Sina is finding it increasingly difficult to present a coherent set of ideas let alone provide a challenge to Islam. My previous response and the following points using Sina’s statements will amplify that again.


This was one of those times that I did not have to use my logical gun because you shoot yourself and the battle ended right from the start. 

As for whose nose is bleeding, it is enough to read the entire debate that I had with Mr. Zakaria and is posted in my site. Why Mr. Zakaria did not post the same in his site? Why in his recent diatribe against the freethinkers that he sent far and wide to every Islamic site, he failed to mention my name or make any reference to faithfreedom.org where our debate took place? It is obvious that Mr. Zakaria, despite his mental limitations is quite aware of his bleeding nose. Otherwise he would proudly link to this debate and advertise it.  May I ask you Mr. Zakaria, why you attacked me as if I were a ghost and never mentioned my name or my site in your diatribe? Isn’t it because you are actually embarrassed of your intellectual handicap? Are you willing to prove to us that you are proud of your performance by providing a link to our debate in the sites that you post your invective against freethinkers and me in particular? This surely will go a long way to restore your credibility. Otherwise, how anyone could believe that you are convinced of having smashed my nose when you are reluctant to show it to your readers? You can beat your chest and boast as much as you like, but actions speak louder than words.  

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