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There are many who subscribe to the Darwin ’s principle of: “the survival of the fittest”. If nature is supposed to function in this way, why should this not be extended to human beings? In fact, the free-market model found in most democracies operates on this principle. Accordingly, some would argue as others have practiced in the past, the right of the stronger party to extinguish the weak and the disabled purifying the gene pool. Hence they apply their interpretation of the “Golden Rule” and go on to take out the weaker species or until they themselves get taken out by stronger party.  

The survival of the fittest is a law that applies even to humans. But we humans are not competing against each other. In fact our survival depends on the understanding of our oneness as one species. We can only survive through cooperation. 

There is a misunderstanding of the concept of the "survival of the fittest" especially among the religious people. Let me clarify that. 

Survival of the fittest does not mean the one who is most aggressive and violent will survive. It means those who can cooperate will survive. Let me explain the phenomenon of human evolution to dissipate some of the myths surrounding it.

Some millions of years ago a group of apes used to live somewhere in Africa happily. A draught or some natural phenomenon like that forced them to move out in the search of new pastures. One group went to the left and they found a jungle full of fruit trees and few predators. They mostly survived, procreated and prospered and they lived there ever after. Their descendants continue to live there up to this day.

The other group went to the right and they found a prairie where fruit trees were scares. They had to eat grain to survive. Those of them who could use their fingers dexterously found enough food. The rest starved and died. The prairies where filled with ferocious beasts. Those of them who could stand on their two hind legs and see the danger from afar had a better chance to escape and survive; the rest fell prey to the wild animals and perished. Those of them who could cooperate had a better chance to capture an antelope or other beasts of prey, but the rest died out of hunger. Those of them who had bigger brains, were smarter and could make tools, could kill bigger animals to eat. They survived; the rest did not. Many of them died, only a few who had the above characteristics survived. These traits were prized by nature and those who did not have them died at childhood and did not pass their genes. Of course mutation is another factor in evolution but this is not a course in biology. 

Today our survival depends on the same principles that helped us evolve and become homosapiens. Those of us who can cooperate, can watch each other’s nacks, can care for one another, and those of us who can make better tools will survive. The rest will perish. Guess who has these traits today? Muslims or non-Muslims? 

Survival of the fittest does not mean let us see who can pull the trigger first and kill the other one faster. This is insanity. Our survival depends on how we can cooperate with each other and take care of one another. It also depends on our discovery of science and technology. Muslims are unable to cooperate with anyone including themselves. Like their prophet they are paranoid. They see enemies everywhere, enemies who dictate their destinies either through remote control or by their proxies. They are also caught in superstitions, fairytales and mindless rituals that renders them unable to create science and technology. 

Cooperation and taking care of each other comes natural to us humans. We instinctievely tend to care for each other. If one is in danger, complete strangers risk their lives to save him almost instinctively and very much irrationally. We are deeply moved and pained when we watch the news about disasters hitting people half a world away from us. This empathy is not common among other animals. We are the only species that feel in our soul the pain of our fellow beings. Of course not all humans have reached this humanness. Those who dance in the street after hearing thousands of their fellow humans are burned in tall buildings are not humans. They are beasts in human shell. 

Today over a billion people are following a psychopath. They have lost their humanity. They can’t see the oneness of mankind. They constantly fill their hearts and souls with hatred of their fellow beings.  If you do not bow to their sadistic deity they regard you as their enemy and think of nothing else but to kill or subdue you. The psychosis of one man is now reflected in one billion zombies who genuinely are unable of rational thought. A billion people following a psychopath make a billion psychopaths. These billion plus disciples of madness are bringing the world to the brink of destruction. 

With the technology that we have, strife is lethal to the survival our species. We have past the stage when we had to compete with other animals. Now we dominate this planet and as such we are its custodians. We are responsible to preserve it for ourselves and for animals, our fellow passengers of this spaceship called Earth. This is not against the evolution. This is part of the evolution. Evolution is a continuous process. Now we are at a stage where we are evolving, intellectually and spiritually. We will be fit for survival if we use our intelligence, put aside the stupid ideologies of hate and learn to cooperate with each other.  

Competition is not the only law of evolution. Cooperation is a great factor in evolution. The bees depend on flowers and the flowers depend on bees. We are all interdependent and live symbiotically. The evolution is a harmonic symphony. Our species did not evolve through competition among ourselves. We evolved because we learned to cooperate. The survival of our species depends on our understanding of the fact that we are one people, the proverbial children of Adam and Eve and dependant on one another.  

Today nothing is threatening our species more than strife. Ideologies that divide mankind are dangerous. We have survived very dangerous ideologies such as fascism, Nazism and communism. Now we are facing an even bigger threat and that is Islam.  Mankind must unite and fight this ideology with all its might. If we fail to destroy Islam, our extinction is guaranteed.  

We should fight the ideologies that divide mankind in “us” vs. “them”. Islam is a divisive ideology. It is an ideology of hate. This ideology is insane. It is created by a psychopath to manipulate, to divide and to conquer. We simply can’t afford let Islam destroy mankind. 

We invite the Muslims to stop this madness and join the rest of mankind. But if they don’t, if all they think is to kill us and to dominate us, then it is incumbent that we fight back and stop them. If they do not want to listen, if they are so much inebriated in their insanity that will not stop until they kill us all. Then we have no option but to kill them first. We have to fight this insanity not only for our own survival but also for the survival of our species and our civilization. Islam must be stopped at any cost. The longer we wait the higher will be the price that we would have to pay.

The world is waking up and is sensing the danger. They are hearing what you say and they are taking you seriously. You have made your point that you would not stop until you annihilate the rest of mankind. Your insane prophet promised you that 20 of you can kill 200 of us and at the end you will be victorious.(8:65) As soon as the world see the futility of arguing with you, they will cast terror into your hearts (8:12), slay you (9:5) and smite your necks; at length when they meet you (47:4). We can't back off. Our back is against the wall. You must back off or face our wrath.  

After all when it comes to survival, we are all animals. Your madness knows no bound and all you can think of is how to destroy us and make your sadistic cult dominant. You’ll not be able to carry out your evil design. We will destroy you first. Mankind is us. You are followers of a psychopath. Mankind's weakness is in assuming that Muslims have the same conscience that humans have. But by deriding at the Golden Rule you made it clear that this is not so. You question the Golden Rule and mock logic. My words have no effect on you and other Muslims who read this site. Instead of coming to their senses and reasoning they feel offended, stop reading or become hardened in their hatred. The only language you speak and understand is the language of force and terror. The world is waking up rapidly. I am your best and last hope. If you don't heed to me, if I fail to wake you up with my words, others will start speaking to you in the language that you understand best and wake you up in a bad way. 

Why I am doing all this? Why I do not go back to my profession and don’t make money? Why I denounced the luxuries and the comfort that once I had and everyone takes for granted to write and to wake you up? It is because I see all this happening. I see cities burning in hot scorching smoke, I see scared children running naked with their skin falling apart. I see cadavers everywhere and no one to collect them and burry them. I see all these things, not like Nostradamus who prophesied and predicted things but like a meteorologist forecasting the weather. Big clouds are building up and a huge tempest is gaining momentum. 

The Armageddon is upon us. The only way to stop it is to stop the insanity of Islam. I am doing my share to educate the Muslims and let them see Islam is not a religion, but the madness of a psychopath. Islam is not going to take you to heaven in the next world but it will take all of us to hell in this world. I want to stop this tempest and avoid this disaster by waking up the Muslims and bringing them to their senses. If I fail, we all fail. Humanity will fail and millions if not billions will die. 

I am not addressing you Mr. Zakaria. You are a lost soul filled with hatred and blind faith. You kept asking me to "unmask" myself and tell you what is my belief. I knew why. It was because you can't defend Islam. All you can do is to attack your opponent's creed. But you goofed this time. You attacked the Golden Rule. You attacked the foundation of our humanity and what makes us humans, humans. How ridiculous of you Sir. I am talking to millions of good people who are born in this cult and think they are Muslims. I ask them to leave Islam today and announce their apostasy. Don't wait. Don't hesitate. There is an explosion building up. The only way to stop it is to deflate Islam by convincing huge numbers of Muslims that they must leave this cult. Only this will dishearten the terrorists and will end their madness. As long as you remain a Muslim they become hyped and will continue destroying this world. 

Let the world know you no more support this madness and you are not part of this network of terror and insanity. It is your adherence to Islam that encourages people like Mr. Zakaria and Osama Bin Laden to continue fomenting hate and destroying lives. They get energized by masses of Muslims such as you who read their hateful articles and either nod or remain silent. Your silence is lethal. Don’t wash your hands for the crimes of Bin Laden and your other terrorist brothers. You are guilty by complacence and when the disaster strikes, you, me and our children will not be spared. We will all burn in this hell that you are about to bring upon mankind through your ignorance and stupidity. Stop this insanity and leave Islam today. Only you can prevent this war. All you have to do is to leave Islam and curse the mad man who created it. Stop this damn like that Islam is against killing or it means peace. You know you are lying. Do not choose the path of hypocrisy and denial. Recognize that you were misled. Leave Islam and learn to become human again. You can't be a moderate Muslim. There is no such thing as moderate Muslim.


So, I have made my case based on Mr Sina’s definitions and his principles with clear examples proving that the “Golden Rule” is not universal, not self-evident, inadequate and not absolute. But also Mr Sina himself is muddled on the issue! It is flawed as a fundamental principle. At best it is just a moral advice to individuals to exercise self-restraint. Therefore, the allegations against the final Prophet (SAW) cannot be levied as MR. Sina himself does not know the meaning of his own rule, its scope and therefore it is from being in a position authority to judge others.


You are very much mistaken Mr. Zakaria. I perfectly know the meaning of the Golden Rule and I live by it. It is you who do not understand it, question its legitimacy and deny its universality.  Yes the Golden Rule is a moral advice to individuals. What else you expected? Isn't religion a moral advice? The Golden Rule is a good advice. Islam is a bad advice. This is the difference. At the end it is up to the individuals to follow these advices or not. But those who follow the Golden Rule do good and those who follow Islam do evil.   

The charges against Muhammad stand in full vigor. Muhammad broke the basic principles of the Golden Rule. Because of this he is disqualified as a human being let alone a prophet of God. He was a monster. If not an incarnation of Satan, he was indeed a very disturbed psychopath. He must be compared to Jim Jones, David Koresh or Hitler.


In the absence of proof it also implies Mr Sina like other anti-Islamic zealots has blind faith in the “Golden Rule”, “based on shaky grounds”. Yes, for once I do agree with Mr Sina let us call a spade a spade. Mr Sina is the muddled ‘Prophet’ of the so-called “Golden Rule” who cannot even articulate the basic idea of his rule and later examples will provide corroborative evidence of his muddled mindset.

Mr. Sina will probably feel very uncomfortable if he has managed to follow up to this point with sincerity. Hence, let him now prove his so-called “Golden Rule” by addressing the above points. Otherwise he is also hypocritically breaking his own rule when he said earlier that: “he must be able to prove that assumption or withdraw it”.


The reliance on the Golden Rule does not require any faith Mr. Zakaria. The Golden Rule is not a belief. It is a principle based on commonsense. It does not require any prophet. It is a compass that all sane people carry within. It is the most obvious principle. Do onto others as you would wish them do onto you. What could be clearer than that?

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