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Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 

Part III Page 13

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E) Rape, Paedophilia and Cannibalism – Taking Mr. Sina’s own example of rape there are many who find raping and being raped a turn on. There are couples that are into swapping kids. We all witnessed the two consenting adults in Germany engaged in Cannibalism. These categories of people using the logic of Mr Sina’s “Golden Rule” may well argue that since they have no problem if others do to them all those things (Rape, Paedophilia and Cannibalism); they are entitled to do the same to others. Especially, because as the “Golden Rule” is silent on the matter of consent. Hence, Mr Sina’s “logical gun” is backfiring! 

Dear Mr. Zakaria. You are again confusing yourself. Rape, cannot be consensual. If it is consensual it is not rape.  Rape is the crime of forcing another person to submit to sex acts. For example when Muhammad raided innocent people and took women as captives and had sex with them; that was rape. But when two consenting adults have sex, that is not rape.  

Pedophilia is a crime and it is rape. Even when the child is allegedly consenting, the consensus of a child is not an alibi. When Muhammad had sex with under age children he was committing the crime or rape. In the West people have zero tolerance for pedophilia! Pedophiles are hunted and brought to justice even if the crime has happened decades ago. The westerners have a good handle over this problem. Pedophilia is a problem in Islamic world. Most Sheikhs are pedophiles. Most Mullahs are pedophiles. Your Prophet was a pedophile and pedophilia is promised as a heavenly reward to Muslim men.  

As for cannibalism, this was an act of insanity committed by two mentally sick men that shocked their countrymen. You must be really desperate to blame a society for the insanity of their mentally infirm. Cannibalism is not part of any culture. Idi Amin, a Muslim, used to gnaw on the hearts of his victims. In his sick mind he thought this gives him their courage. Can we blame Islam for that?    

The Golden Rule is not silent over these problems. But the Golden Rule guides only sane people. Insane people are insane. You can't expect them to act normal. Normal people do not have any pedophilic tendencies, they do not rape and they do not eat human flesh. These are psychological problems. No one follows the psychopaths in the West. These psychopaths are hospitalized. But you an a billion benighted people like you follow a psychopath. This is tragic that you blame the Westerners for their mentally infirm while you yourself worship a mentally sick man.   


Similarly, Mr Sina talks about murder in absolute terms but what about the animals? Why the animals can be slaughtered en masse for food and used in animal experimentation, violating their “Golden Rule” or is the animal kingdom outside the jurisdiction of Mr Sina’s “golden Rule”. The vegetarian community and the animal rights campaigner might well argue this point.

The Animal Rights is an on going and controversial issue. For six years I became a vegan just because I though it is unfair to slaughter animals for food when we can easily get the nutrients we need from vegetables. Then my mother came for a visit and she damn cooks so good that I gave in to my craving and started eating meat again. But you are right. My conscience is still guilty and I try to cut back and I may go back to vegetarianism again.  

However we humans have evolved by eating meat. Without meat, our brain could not have evolved the way it has. There is no simple answer to this question. I hope one day we find a substitute to meat and stop killing animals for food.  

But killing animals for food is legitimate. What is utterly inhumane is slaughtering them as sacrificial animals. This is truly a barbaric ritual, a relic of Paganism that Muhammad universalized by incorporating it in his cult. I can understand killing animals for food, but I can’t understand killing them as offering to a bloodthirsty deity? What kind of god is this Allah that enjoys seeing the blood of innocent animals spilt? This is truly sadistic. Unless Allah is Satan, I see no justification for this barbaric ritual. 

Furthermore how come you that are so concerned for the animal rights don't give a damn about the human rights of the victims of Islam? 


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