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Yamin Zakaria vs. Ali Sina 

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Mr Sina’s Logical Gun

Mr Sina casually used terms like “rape”, “paedophilia”, “murder”, “Hate” and other similar ideas in an abusive manner against the Prophet in his two previous responses and in his website. Yet, he is the one that cited his first rule demanding that none of us should make any assumptions without proof. So he has violated his own principle by using such terms without defining and proving it in the first place. The points below will show that he not argue consistently despite bragging about his “logical gun”. Also, he proclaimed himself as a “menacing” debater by email, I am sure our readers have already seen his level of ‘modesty’!

Mr Sina’s references to the actions of individuals do not help to support his case because individuals can act in line or against, divine principles. However, we judge democracies by their actions because there is no holy book of democracy or the “Golden Rule” book that elaborates on right and wrong. If Muslims were to engage in “rape”, “incest” etc as defined by Islam then that is precisely due to the non-adherence to Islam! We have to resort to the Islamic definitions as Mr Sina has not defined his terms and we have not agreed to accept his definitions as correct.

Dear Mr. Zakaria. In round II of our debate I asked you whether you are ready to hear the charges that I have brought against Muhammad and you said, you want to respond to my letter first. Looks like you forgot that already. I have not yet presented my charges. I will dedicate a full round to each charge. I will present my proofs for every accusation that I make against Muhammad or withdraw that accusation with an apology. But we are not there yet. I will present the charges with their respective evidences whenever you are ready.

So let us take some of Mr Sina’s examples. Paedophilia is considered to be sexual acts with a child but how is the line drawn between a child and an adult. He considers a nine year girl who has acquired mental capacity and puberty to be a child. But Mr Sina has no problem in accepting that a twelve year old girl in New Hampshire on the eve of her birthday is a child and next day magically transforms into an adult. This is clearly arbitrary. If Mr Sina is really opposed by pre-pubescent sex which was not the case with the Prophet’s marriage then why does he remain silent like a mule on the Rabbinic laws that do permit non-Penetrative sex with pre-pubescent children. Mr Sina is simply selective as he is a hypocrite.

Mr. Zakaria. A 9 year old child is a child. A 12 year old child is also a child. I do not think children should engage in sex before they reach the age of 18. Now why having sex with a 17 years 11 months 29 days old girl should be a crime and one day later it should be okay? This is sheer legality. But laws are to protect us. Why you should be fined to go through a red light when the there are no cars crossing the street? Because you have to follow the law! It is not stupid to follow the law. Technically one day makes no difference but legally it does. Now when we talk about Aisha we are not talking about one day or one week. We are talking about nine years. one day may not make that much difference but 9 years or 3240 days make a hell of a difference.  

You are engaging in a childish game. You ask me what one day difference can make. Then you go on to say what two days difference can make. Then three days and four days until you come to say if it is okay for an 18 years old girl to have sex it should be also okay for a 9 year old girl to have sex. If this is your logic them we could keep playing this silly game of yours and say it is okay to have sex with an infant girl as soon as she is born. Sir! A 9-year-old child is a child. If in New Hampshire a 12 year old girl was raped that is rape and whoever done it must be brought to justice. If she had sex with a 13 year old boy then both of them must be counseled. In that case no crime is committed except the crime of stupidity. You call me a mule for not speaking out against the rape of a 12 year old child in New Hampshire . Well, no body asked my opinion about that and there are others who must have spoken against it. My job is not to denounce thousands of crimes that happen on daily bases across the world. Every country has its own law and its own law enforcement officers. That is their job. My job is to unmask Muhammad. No one is worshipping the rapist of that 12 year old girl in New Hampshire but over a billion benighted people in this planet not only follow this psychopath but they kill for him. Now who is the mule?


Despite the disparity in age (which is a matter of taste) between two individuals engaged in a normal heterosexual relationship is some how abhorrent but Mr Sina has no problems with homosexual relationships and other forms of deviancies in this age of sexual liberalism where all taboos are broken! It can be further argued heterosexual relationship at least conforms to nature as one procreates. So how did Mr Sina employ his “logical gun” to come to such conclusions? If Mr. Sina investigates further, even a cursory Google Search he will find vast majority of the paedophilia websites, the people running it and the clients and they are NOT from the Islamic world. Does he not see those same types of people raiding the beaches in Thailand and South East Asia for kids that trying to survive in poverty? What about within the US , the various organisations like NAMBLA trying to legitimise Paedophilia?



Mr. Zakaria. I do not watch pedophilia pictures. This is one thing that extremely disturbs me. Two things I can’t watch. One is videos showing your jihadi brothers beheading people and the other is pictures of pedophilia. The picture I published in my previous posting showing a Mullah kissing a boy on his lips bothers me a lot and each time I look at it my blood starts boiling and I want to tear that monster apart with my bare hands.  

Some people have heart disease, some have liver disease and some have mental disease. Pedophilia is the most sickening mental disease. Nonetheless the law against pedophilia in civilized western countries is harsh and uncompromising. Yes there are sick people in the West too and some of them are pedophiles. But this is not a norm. The pedophiles are criminals and they are caught and punished. The difference is that pedophiles in the West are despised and if caught go to jail while you worship a pedophile and follow his examples. How dare you talk about pedophilia when your prophet was a pedophile? You don’t seem to be aware of how much fool of yourself you make when you blame the West for crimes of some of their sick individuals and forget the man whom you call a prophet was a pedophile.    

Having sex with a 9-year-old child at the age of 53 for someone who called himself the best of creation is not a “matter of taste”. It is disgusting. How can a 53 year old man have sexual feelings of a 9 year old child? Children at that age do not have femininity. The thought of that is just sickening. This is not the question of perversity. This is a question of insanity. Muhammad's lust for women is not insane. It's perversity. But having sexual feelings of a 9 year old child is insanity. That man was sick in the head. How can any sane person follow such a monster? Muslims must be ashamed for not seeing anything wrong in that and justifying it by nonsensical talks of moral relativism.



As for homosexuality yes I do have problem with it, but not in the same way that you have. I know some people have some complication with their sexuality. Some of us are born with circulatory complications, some are born with respiratory complication and some are born with sexual complications. Sometimes these complications are biological and visible and sometimes they are psychological and invisible. These people simply can’t have heterosexual relationship. There are women born in men’s body and vice versa. Their lives are not easy. They have their own pains and struggles. What is utterly inhumane is if the society also incriminates them for their sexual complications. In the past if someone was born deformed the ignorant people abused him and believed he was cursed by God. Your attitude towards the homosexuals is no different. I am not a political correct to say homosexuality is normal. Sexuality is a bodily function for procreation. So homosexuality is not natural, but it is not immoral. You and I can’t become homosexuals. We can become thieve or lechers. All we have to do is to become immoral to lust after the wife of our neighbor or steal from him. But we can’t become homosexuals. This should tell you that homosexuality is not due to immorality. It is a biological or psychological anomaly. The only immorality in this is if you and I abuse the homosexuals and mistreat them.  

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