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Prohphet Mohammed said.... The "Fitna" will rise... and those with faith will reject it....

Muhammad was a paranoid psychopath. This is exactly the kind of language narcissists use. They always think there are enemies out there that want to get them. FEAR, is the weapon of the psychopaths. Fear of hell, fear of God, fear of punishment, fear of enemies Ė this is all they can do- instill fear. If you read about other cults you can see the similarities between Muhammad's modus operandi and all these other dangerous cult leaders.  


Falsehood no matter how it is .... sweet and pleasant.... it is falsehood. It has to perish before the Truth... The truth will remain..... 

I could not have said it better! Are you paying any attention to what you say? Why can't you benefit from your own words? If only you followed this, you would become enlightened.   


If you DONT believe in Islam...Dont believe.... But why are you taking so much pain and putting so much energy in talking against it... If you donít want to, donít... Nobody is forcing you to accept Islam...   

First of all this is a lie that ďnobody is forcing me to believeĒ. Of course as long as I live in a non-Islamic country I am free, but if I go to an Islamic country, I will be put to death. The punishment of apostasy in Islam is death. Here is one fatwa against me. "Ali Sina should be killed according to Islamic law" [MENJ: the founder of bismikaallahuma.org] There are hundreds more.

I am safe now, but if I remain silent, Muslims will take over the world with lies and then I, my kids and billions of others will lose their freedom. Everyone will be forced to convert or become a dhimmi and pay tributes to their Muslim masters. I want to warn everyone about the danger of Islam so people wake up and slay this beast before it kills them.


If some believe that Osho is God... let them... That is no ones concern.... faith is faith..... 

That is right. And that is the reason I am not against any religion. I believe in freedom of thought and freedom of faith. But I do not believe in freedom to hate. I tolerate all religions, but I do not tolerate intolerance. 

Now since you are so ecumenical and universalistic in your thinking are you willing to condemn Muhammad who said: 

3:85, If anyone desires a religion other than Islam (submission to Allah), never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter He will be in the ranks of those who have lost (All spiritual good).  

8:39, And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere.

How can you reconcile what you said with these verses? Did you lie? Were you playing taqqyah? Were you trying to pull wool over people's eyes and misrepresent Islam as a tolerant religions? Or are you genuinely unaware of the inherent violence and intolerance of Islam?

Now, don't come with the trite excuse that this is about fighting oppression. I already discussed that in detail elsewhere. "Oppression" for Islam means not believing in Muhammad's gobbledygook. Sura 8 was written when Muslims were attacking the Quraish in Badr. So it is not about self defense. The name of the sura  (Booty, Spoils of war) says it all. According to Islam I am an oppressor. According to to the rest of the world, I am simply exercising my right to free speech. Let not the language deceive us. Muslims have a terminology of their own that others do not understand. Only ex-Muslims understand them.


If your mother says that your father is your father... and you believe it... it is your faith in your mother.... But you want others to believe that it is indeed your father... chances are 50-50 

If my father tells me: ďgo my son, kill our neighbors, loot them and bring their wives and daughters for me to rapeĒ, I would certainly try to find out if he is truly my father. I donít follow an evil man just because he claims to be my father. Did you check Muhammadís credentials? Who told you he is a prophet? In the case of your father, at least you have the words of your mother. Who beside Muhammad himself testified that he is a prophet? All you Muslims are following is a charlatan lair. Where is the proof that this criminal was a prophet? Show me the proof! All I am asking is ONE proof. One will do. There is not even a single proof that he was a prophet while there are hundreds that he was a monster. How much stupidity is enough? Can any one descend lower than this?


So if you cant believe in Allah.. Dont.... But you are not the authority to criticise (unless you are paid..) 

I speak with the authority of reason. I am not asking anyone to believe in my authority. But can you argue with reason? Facts are facts. Truth stands by itself and does not need anyone to warrantee it. If someone tells you a truth that can be proven by logic, you donít have to ask his credentials. Suppose a certified liar says 2+2=4. Does this becomes a false statement just because the person who says it is a known liar?  

It is mind boggling that you Muslims constantly cast doubt on my credibility when I made no claim to any divine authority or any hidden knowledge. My credibility is absolutely irrelevant when my statements can be proven on themselves. Suppose I am a paid agent to destroy Islam. In fact I am being paid because I have a donation button and a few people who are also worried about the danger of Islam kindly make some donations. I receive on average about  $150 dollars per month through donations. (Last month I received over $500 dollars) I canít live with this money in North America but the fact is that I am being paid to do this by people who believe in this cause. Now let us suppose I am so desperate that I spend up to 14 hours per day for this money. So according to you I have no credibility at all. With this in mind can you prove me wrong? Imagine how depressing it must be to believe in a religion that a cheap mercenary like me can destroy it only with his pen and a billion Muslims with trillions of dollars canít defeat him. All it takes to silence me is a good rebuttal and no one can do that. Only this should prove that Islam is false. How can a paid agent, with a salary of no more than $200 dollars, destroy the second biggest religion of the world? Doesn't this tell you that Islam is built on shaky foundations and that all it takes to demolish it is a blow of truth? This does not show I am so great. It shows Islam is just a house of cards. Anyone can destroy it. I am not the only one, we are thousands and growing. I am just the Webmaster. Do the right thing. Study the articles published in this site. Instead of being the follower of a narcissist psychopath follow the truth and join us in this holy battle of truth against falsehood.

Many of us used to think like you. But once we saw the light we could not resist it. Yes awakening was a painful experience but all of us can tell you, it is much happier to know the truth than living in perpetual darkness of lies. Wake up, join us and help others too. We are not your enemies. We have woken up from a long dream that lasted 1400 years and we see the house is on fire. All we want to do is to wake you up so you can save your lives. We don't mean harm, nor we want anything from you. We want to help you. Didn't you say " Falsehood no matter how sweet and pleasant is still falsehood"? Islam is falsehood. It is time to wake up, before the world catches fire.  


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