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If you talk of scientific means.... If you love someone ... that pleasure brings positive energy in your body... if you hate, dislike, that feeling brings negative energy.... and by putting your hard work in maligning Islam... you are only wasting your energy..... 

This is like telling a scientist that by spending his life in the laboratory trying to eradicate cancer he is only wasting his energy. 

Yes I love humanity, which comprises also Muslims, even though they have separated themselves from humanity, act beastly and hate mankind. That is why I have dedicated my life to this mission. I assure you I can make the money that I make now in a month only in an hour if I do what I am trained for. I am after all a qualified professional with highest degree in my field. I can make this much money in a day even as a pizza delivery man or as a cabby, putting these many hours.  The reason I do this is because I love humanity and I know Islam will eventually destroy it if it is not stopped in time. That is what gives me the energy to carry on, live off my savings, cut back on virtually all luxuries like dining out, dating and vacations and even new clothing. It is not that I don't like or need these things. But I see the cost of not stopping Islam too high for mankind. I see all that as little sacrifices. Frankly I don't miss any of that because my life has meaning and is worth living. I have never been happier. Now I feel fulfilled and accomplished. The satisfaction of helping one person is so great. But the satisfaction of helping mankind is indescribable. Muslims kill themselves to kill others and DESTROY mankind, I have just given up on little luxuries to SAVE  mankind. The principle is the same, the values are different.  

The reason Islam has won so far is because Muslims are zealots and focused while the rest are laid back, easy going and fun loving. There is an imbalance, and this the cause of our undoing. We need dedicated fighters in the cause of humanity as well or we lose. The universe is governed by natural laws. The one who has a goal, is focused and strives to achieve it wins. Universe does not recognize good or bad. Stronger forces overcome weaker forces. We need dedicated soldiers who are willing to sacrifice and to counter the lies with truth, but with the same determination and fervor that Muslims show towards their satanic cause. Islam is an evil force. If this force is not stopped with an equal or bigger force in opposite direction, it will keep advancing. All the people of the world who value freedom must unite, put aside their differences and create a common front to counter the evil force of Islam. Follow the natural law. Understanding how things work is simple. Just follow the natural law.         

Evil must be defeated. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. If I hated Muslims, then you had a very valid point. What I hate is something truly evil. I want to liberate the Muslims and the world from this curse called Submission. You did not submit to God, you submitted to Devil. God does not want our submission. He wants to set us free. That is why he gave us brain to think and be free. If he wanted us to be automatons and robots, he would have made us that way. If he created us in his semblance then we must not humble ourselves to anyone. He is free and so should we. I want to break your chains and set you free. This is the most wonderful thing anyone can do with his or her life. Islam is killing people, and has kept a billion of its foolhardy followers in slavery and mental fetters who are endangering the rest of mankind. I want to kill Islam and free Muslims. Can you think of anything nobler than this? This is what we at FFI do and this is what you can do too. This is an exciting time when ordinary people like you and I can do extraordinary things. This is an opportunity that no one ever had before in the history of mankind. You and I, and all those who live today have this opportunity. We can literally save mankind from destruction. We don’t have to be heroes, but we can do heroic things. This opportunity is open to all the people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Let it be this generation that saves mankind. You don't have to be superman and wonder woman. All you have to do is tell the truth. What can be simpler than that?


If you hate Islam... change your name then... why put an Islamic Name.. that must be against your theory... or you want to say what is in a name.

There are several reasons I do not change my name.

a-      Ali is an Arabic name. It is not an Islamic name. The only thing that Islam brought is death and terrorism. Every other thing you call "Islamic" has nothing to do with Islam. Abu Talib never converted to Islam. He chose this name for his degenerate son. So clearly the name has nothing to do with Islam. It’s an Arab name and I love Arabs, just as much as I love anyone else. Arabs are great people and you can’t help but liking them once you come to know their natural characteristic. It is Islam that has converted them into savages and terrorists. Once Islam is removed, their true nature will shine like a gem that is cleansed from the impurities that surrounds it.

b-     By keeping this name, I send a clear message to everyone that not all those who are called Ali, Muhammad or Atta are criminals and terrorists. I want to change people’s preconception of Arabs and Middle Easterners and remove the stereotyping. I want the world to see evil is not in our genes and that we, the Middle Easters, can be just as good as others. The problem is in our indoctrination. Even Americans and other westerners when convert to Islam lose their humanity at once and can become terrorists. So the evil is in Islam not in human nature. Help us eradicate Islam, save us from this disease and we will all be like brothers and sisters or at least we will cease to be enemies.

c-      I am already known by this name.

d-     Keeping this name makes Muslims furious and I love it.  


When Galileo said that the earth is round, he was not allowed in church as it what he said was against the church... No one believed him until he died..... But the truth remained..... 

Did Galileo say truth will be known after you die? He had proof of his claim. I have proof of what I say too. What proof Muhammad had for his claim? "Fire of hell awaits you if you don't believe in me" is not a proof. This is scare mongering. Only stupid people are convinced by this tactic that is used by psychopaths. I am the Galileo of today -not just me but all of us who speak the truth about Islam. This truth is spreading fast. However, unlike Galileo we are not the ones who discovered this truth. It is 1400 years that the thinking people are saying the same things. We are not saying anything that the rational people of the Quraish did not say when Muhammad first started his call to insanity. The difference is that today, we are armed with the Internet. We can say it and stay alive. All others who said this very truth were killed or silenced. So the credit should not go to us, but to the Internet and the guys who invented it. Boy, had they any idea what a revolution they are about to make in the human history? Viva America!    


Your site has only strengthened my belief in Islam...  

This is the symptom of narcissistic personality disorder of which Muslims collectively suffer. In another article I wrote: “When their faith is defied and the stupidity of their belief becomes manifest; Muslims display supercilious imperturbability and nonchalantly claim, “their faith is strengthened”. Although deeply hurt, they remain unimpressed and cold.  This is a typical narcissistic response. Narcissists try to hide their vulnerability and their anger by feigning insouciance, aloofness and remain disimpassioned when challenged and when an outburst of violence is not an option. I have received countless emails from Muslims who "thanked me for making their faith in Islam grow". 

Now please drop this stupidity, learn the truth and join this army of light. You won't go to paradise by being stupid. God will not be happy with you if you follow a psychopath charlatan blindly. It's time to wake up and save your soul and mankind. 

Since I publish this in Debates section, I will gladly publish your response if you decide to respond. But I hope you write back soon and say you came to see the truth and left Islam. Don't be part of evil . Don't give strength to this demonic force. Leave it and join the force of light. 

Your brother in humanity 

Ali Sina 


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