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You say you have offered a reward of $50k but when your statements are debunked you simply sit on your time machine and spit out fabricated stories, to which no Muslim can answer because we donít have a time machine to go back and refute your fabricated statements.  

When my statements were debunked? What do you mean by "we donít have time machine"? I am quoting the Quran, the hadith and the Sira. Are you saying these are forged and not authentic? You base your faith on these books and even say not a word of the Quran is changed, but when I show how evil they are, you cast doubt on their authenticity? If you doubt the authenticity of these books why you believe in Islam? How do you know everything in Islam is not just hoax? Patricia Crone and Michael Cook certainly think so. They have gone as far as to say Muhammad never existed and Islam is just a hoax. Are you telling me you follow a religion whose accuracy you canít guarantee? Are you saying all these bigotry, savagery, terrorism and mayhem are based on something entirely dubious? That these jahadis who blow up their own bodies to kill people maybe for a big surprise and may find everything was just a lie?  


You cannot stop Islam and the only outcome of your speech and manner of speech will only cause hatred and resentment.  

You are very mistaken. We will stop Islam. The hatred is taught by Muhammad and is in the hearts of Muslims. Once the good people see the truth and leave Islam that hatred will be destroyed also. You have no idea how powerful is the truth. But hatred begets hatred. If you donít leave this madness and continue hating Mankind because your satanic prophet ordered you to, eventually others will respond in kind and you burn. You go to hell right in this world- a hot hell a million times worse than what you live in now in your Islamic cesspools. If enough good people come to their senses and leave this madness in time, this can be avoided. We are racing against time. I am bringing understanding and compassion to the non-Muslims. The resentment is brought by your terrorist brothers who kill innocent people and by your cheering, jubilation and justification of their crimes.


The only way you can stop Islam is to nuke every single Muslim country, kill each and every single adult Muslim, destroy every single copy of the Quran. Now are you willing to do that? For a second say that is done, what have you just done? You have just ethnically cleansed your earth of Islam? That would defiantly make your Christian cronies happy, but is that what you want?

Why? Are you saying that Muslims can't be reached with reason? That logics has no buyers among Muslims and the only language they understand is the language of force? Isn't it a tacit admission that Muslims are not humans and it makes no difference whether you reason with them or not but like animals they only understand force? Is this what you are saying?   Isn't this enough proof that Islam is satanic, that you Muslims are possessed and have lost your humanity? 

If I succeed to bring sense to Muslims and make them leave this cult of Devil, none of that will happen. But if I fail, this is exactly what awaits you. Not that people would give a damn that you are Muslims or not, but because your jihadi brothers will detonate atomic bombs, will kill millions of innocent people and their victims will have no choice but to incinerate your world. This is just survival. Only a fool fails to see what is in store for Muslims if they continue in this path of insanity. That doomsday you are talking about is not going to come because of what I write. It will come because of what YOU do. America did not attack Afghanistan and Iraq because of what I write, but because of what your Muslim brothers did. 


The Christian Fundamentalists attack Islamic aqeedah, practices, history, and civilizations; they distort everything Islamic and misrepresent it to their listeners and readers. These people use your forum, Christian TV and radio, publish books for common people, as well as brochures, tracks, and pamphlets. Furthermore, they have titles like "Dr." appear live in churches and deliver talks filled with bigotry against Islam and Muslims. While Muslims are ignorant of these activities and oblivious to whatever is going on around them, by the time they find the results, it will be too late to do anything about it. It will be Bosnia right here in America and all over Europe .

If what they say is a lie and distorted as you say why you donít come forth with the truth and prove them wrong? Where is your response to my accusations against Muhammad? Why the only way you know to defend Islam is through terrorism, killing and murder, which you call Jihad? Why no one wrote a rebuttal to what Ayan Hirshi Ali and Theo Van Gogh said about women in Islam and all Muslims could do is to assassinate the poor Theo? If the Christians distort the truth, if I distort the truth, present your rebuttal. Where is your proof? If their proof and my proof are nothing but rambling, present yours.

But when we ask for proof, you stick your nose in the air and snobbishly say "to you your religion, to me mine" and walk away. You have no proof. At the same time you want to force your cult on others. Did you read the message of your top terrorist brother Osama Bin Laden to America? He spelled out exactly what he wants. This is what he wrote: 

"(Q2) As for the second question that we want to answer: What are we calling you to, and what do we want from you?

(1) The first thing that we are calling you to is Islam."

This is in accordance with the Quran. I can quote many other Muslims who say the same thing in different languages. On one hand you have no proof, on the other hand you want everyone submit to your cult or die. And how do you expect the world to respond to this madness? 


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