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There are only two alternatives. Islam is either from God or it is not. If it is from God, prove it. If it is not, leave it. What you canít do is follow a doctrine that instructs its followers to hate Mankind and slay them wherever they find them and expect, not just equal, but even preferential treatment. This insanity will come to end one way or another. If it is not through reason, it will be through extermination. Which one you prefer? Muslims will die, not because of what I write but because of what you Muslims do. because of the Satanic teachings of the Quran that says wage Jihad on unbelievers, kill them and impose on them this cult. I am only warning you of the consequence of your action and try to make you reason like humans so you can dodge your own doom. It is up to you to stop this madness. Only you can end this insanity. Leave Islam or prove that is it from God. Do one or the other. It does not matter if other religions canít also prove that they are from God. As long as their holy books does not say slay the unbelievers, let them believe in whatever they like. This is the essence of freedom of faith and the message of Faith Freedom.  Since you have put the gun on our heads and want us to convert, you must prove that Islam is from God. Your satanic prophet has declared war on Mankind. You are asking us to submit or die. This is a war you started by the authority of your damn religion. Prove your religion or we have no choice but to fight back and kill you before you kill us. And when the time of your death comes it is not just the adults but your children will die too. Nuclear bombs do not distinguish between adult and children. Don't go that way. Don't do it. Stop this madness before it is too late. Islam must go not because it is false, but because it is murderous. Islam is the ultimate weapon of Satan to destroy Mankind. Leave it! Leave it NOW! Have mercy on your soul. Don't become and instrument in the hands of Satan. Leave this Satanic cult now. 


You talk as an enlightened human being, is that what you want?

As an enlightened human being I also foresee what is in store for Mankind if Islam is not eradicated in time. There were many enlightened people during the 1930s who warned the world of the danger of Nazism. The majority did not listen and 60 million people perished as the result. People don't want to think about war when they are comfortable. If the world does not listen to my warning and the warning of other enlightened people today, billions could perish this time. Those who warned mankind in 1930s did not bring that holocaust. Those who did not listen made it happen. Today, it is not we who are endangering the world with extinction. It is you Muslims and those "useful idiots" who defend you and your right to believe in this cult of death who endanger the world. . 

No I do not want the destruction of Mankind and that is why I am fighting this doctrine of hate, this Satanic cult of murder. What is it that keeps you in this hateful cult? Why are you so attached to a monster? Do you have any doubt that Muhammad was a pedophile, a rapist, a mass murderer, a lecher, a liar, a cheater, a thief, an assassin, a narcissist psychopath? If you have any doubt read my site and see the proof. If what I say is distorted, prove me wrong and I will remove this site. You canít do that. No one has been able to do that, because I tell the truth and back my claims with the Quran, Sira and Hadith. You follow a monster. Muslims have become evil by virtue of following an evil man. In this drama they are the bad guys. Why? Why damn it? Why you want to follow the Satan and bring the end of this world and cause the death of millions? Why? You will burn in your stupidity and you go to hell while bringing the death of countless other innocent people. Is this what you want? Prove me wrong if I am wrong. Donít say I distort the facts; show me where I distort them.  

All Muslims can say is ďAfter reading your site my faith in Islam grewĒ Isn't that sick? How can one's faith in Islam grow after coming to know that Muhammad was a wretched criminal? What kind of religion you follow that the news that your prophet was a rapist,  a pedophile or a mass murderer make your faith increase? Do you worship Evil? Only one who worship Evil could say such thing after learning his prophet was an evil man. How much stupidity is enough? How much?


Your forum - with fictional and twisted statements - has become a staging ground for racism. Is that what you want? If thatís what you want well then stop playing this enlightened human being and start showing who you really are. Even if a Muslim was to agree with a few of your points, your crude language just drives a wedge in the whole process. If Bosnia is what you are seeking, well continue with your discussion and eventually Bosnia you will have.  

You understand nothing. Your heart is dark like the black stone you worship. I speak with reason to no avail. I speak with compassion to no avail. I speak in anger to no avail. What should I do to wake you people up from your slumber? What should I do to bring sense to you? How should I speak so you wake up from your sleep and see the house is on fire? What language can make brain dead zombies reason like humans? How can I save you when you donít want to be saved and are so adamant to burn this world? Time is running out and you go deeper in your abyss.  I am not brining the holocaust of Muslims. It is you who bring it upon yourselves. How can you not see this simple fact? Keep your head in the sand and your ass in the air. Pray to your Satan in this way and plan the destruction of the world with atomic bombs. You will die in this hell that you are preparing for Mankind. You will be incinerated and go to hell where your psychopath prophet awaits you. Is this what you want? Isnít it time that you wonder whether this man you follow and who has been the cause of so many millions of deaths and so much misery was indeed a prophet and not a liar? 

What can I do to make you and other Muslims reason Mr. Siddiqui? Should killing be the only option? Is there no other way to make you see you are wrong and your way is Satanic and evil? 


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