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On Interpreting the Quran  2006/04/19

Muslims and the imperceptibility of the West 2006/02/12

Fear of the Muslims grips the West 2005/10/10

Islam is not a religion of peace 2005/10/06

Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, was not a Muslim! 2005/05/12

Without Satan, Allahís Universal Plan would have failed 2005/04/27

How the Quran lied about Mary and Jesus Christís birth? 2005/04/18

Why Muslimas should not lead Muslim men in prayers? 2005/03/22

 Quran is Muhammad's Words  2005/0/29

Unearthing Some of the Muslim lies  2005/01/24

Hajj and Qurbani: Their impact on the economies of poor countries  2004/12/28

Islam: A Pack of White Lies  2004/12/26

Islam cannot be reformed! 2004/09/12

Democracy is an alien concept for Islam: Part-1 2004/09/04

Quran and the Muslim Fanaticism  2004/08/14

Jihad is an integral part of Islam  2004/03/16

Saddam and a Rat!! 2003/12/16

Dr. Mahathir's Speech: An Analysis  Oct. 26, 2003

Muslims Are Responsible For Their Plight  Aug, 23, 2003

Why Are So Many Women Converting To Islam? rebuts Diana August Aug, 16, 2003

Muhammad & Islam Stories not told before Jul, 9,m 2003

Quran is responsible for Iraq's destruction: May, 1, 2003





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