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Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, was not a Muslim!

By Mohammad Asghar

May 12, 2005

Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed, the Editor of Al-Wifaq Newspaper of Sudan is on trial, because he theorized that Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, was not fathered by Abdullah. The disclosure of this very important theory has incensed the entire Muslim population of Sudan and they have been demanding that Mr. Ahmed be put to death for committing blasphemy against Islam and its founder.  

The trial is going on, and at the end of it, Mr. Ahmed may be found guilty of the crime he has been charged with. He may even be beheaded, for this is the punishment Islam has prescribed for the blasphemers of Islam and its Prophet. For details, please visit here  

I am lucky in the sense that I am still walking after theorizing a number of years ago that the person Muslims believe was their Prophet was not the same person Amina had given birth to. Haleema, the foster mother of Aminaís son, switched him with her own son, Masroud and then planted him in the house of the Meccan Quraish. It was this Masroud, and not Aminaís son, who later became the Prophet of Islam.  

My theory escaped the attention of the diehard and zealot Muslims, as a result of which, I am still alive. I am also alive, because I am now living in an infidel country. Had I publicized my said theory while living among the Muslims of the country of my origin, my action would definitely have stirred my Muslim compatriots, including my friends, to seek my death. I thank my adoptive country for giving me the freedom that enables me to express what I believe are the truths about the religion my parents raised me with.  

Readers are cordially invited to read my theory on the Prophet of Islamís background on the following links: 1   2  

We are now living in an era that requires us to verify and cross-check every bit of information we come across in our lives before accepting it as a fact. Inquisitiveness, created in our minds by the quality of our modern education, leads us not only towards Science, it is also proving instrumental in gradually taking us to a level of enlightenment where induction, on one pretext or another, of humans into falsehoods, may one day become not only remote, but also an almost impossible task.  

Religions are important for most of their adherents for one reason or anther. No believer is ever willing to admit that his or her religion is harmful in any way, despite the fact that religions are responsible not only for dividing humans on the basis of their religious dichotomy, they are also responsible for putting hundreds of millions of them to violent death from the time religions became one of the hottest issues for mankind.  

As if their respective belief is not enough to keep the believers divided from each other, their religions preachers have taken upon themselves the responsibility to reinforce their existing belief by disseminating to them what are clearly falsehoods and inanities of their Religious Scriptures.  

Regrettably, almost all believers believe that what their preachers preach to them carries the seal of approval of their deities. This belief prevents them from challenging the merits as well as the real value of the preaching they receive from their Rabbis, Holy Fathers and Imams, fearing that such an act would either make them suffer inordinately in this world, or it would turn them, in their afterlife, into a fuel of hell. The fear of the fire is the most effective arsenal in the hands of the preachers, and this they have been using most effectively, from time immemorial, to advance, to achieve and to preserve their own causes and agendas.


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