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Contradiction of Islamic teachings and inconsistency of the Quran has created many sects. Muslims are divided in many groups with strong opposing views against each other. Sunni Muslims are the majority with 85% of total number and Shi’ites make up about 10%. Sunnis disapprove the ideology and the rituals of Shi’ite Muslims and hate them as much as they detest Jews. Some of the scholars,  belonged to Shi’ite section but modern Sunni Muslim intellectuals shamelessly take the credit for these great minds despite hating Shi’ite section.   

Scientific Quran is fairly a new concept, launched and marketed by Muslim intellectuals. They believe that ingredients of Viagra can be found in the Quran, NASA had to use Quran to build the shuttles and the ‘coronary artery bypass graft surgery’, a process of detouring blood vessel of the heart, came straight from the Quran, just because Quran said, “And We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart:” (69.46)  

Sadly, Muslim intellectuals do not understand that those golden eggs of the rotten Islam did not care for the Quran neither they discovered anything out of that book. Even though they had the chance of discovering from relatively fresh Quran but they followed the trend of Pythagoras (569-475 BC), Aristotle (384-322 BC), Euclid (325-265 BC), Archimedes (287-212 BC), Ptolemy (85-165 AD). Jabir Ibn Haiyan, born unknown and died in 803, probably saw the earliest Quran, served hot from the oven. Interestingly he called Socrates 'the father and mother of all philosophers' and considered him as the prototype of the real chemist instead of finding any chemical formula from the Quran. Pythagoras has often been mentioned in various works of those scholars but failed to discover the speed, velocity or acceleration of Mohammad’s unicorn, the mythical horse called Buraque. Bernard Lewis has rightly concluded in his book “What Went Wrong?- The Islamic Empire inherited "the knowledge and skills of the ancient Middle east, of Greece and of Persia, it added to them new and important innovations from outside, such as the manufacture of paper from China and decimal positional numbering from India."  

Liberal Abbasid Caliphates such as Harun-al-Rashid and Mamun sponsored those great scholars of the middle age. They were tolerant enough to allow Aristotelian logic, adopted as a framework upon which to build science and philosophy but contrary to Quranic teachings. Eventually, some Muslims understood the threat of real knowledge and how this movement was undermining Islam. At the end of 10th century, famous theologian and a perfect Muslim al-Ghazali brought back the madness of Islam, the real Islam that was practiced by the founder of the religion. In his book, “The destruction of philosophy” – al-Ghazali challenged the process of reasoning because it cannot prove the reality of Allah. Philosophical thoughts and scientific investigations were pushed aside and by the time of his death in 1111, the glorious days of medieval age became a story of the past.     

Most of the works of these great people have been destroyed. We can only see a glimpse of their enlightened mind through a few evidences. Scholars like Socrates, Plato, Ibn Sina, ar-Razi, Voltaire and Einstein do not belong to any religion. They live in a higher plane where no religious scripture can influence them. Actually these great scholars flourished not because of Islam but they thrived because they abandoned Islam. When Muslim intellectuals desperately try to brand those great people with Islamic marker, it becomes obvious that they are suffering from inferiority complex and abusing those scholars in the name of Islam.


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