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We canít get rid of religion. The common man needs to believe in supernatural. He needs to be assured that all is not going to end in this world and that he is going to be reunited with his loved ones again. The thought of disappearing into nothingness, is not a pleasing thought. Last year the remains of a man was discovered who was 10,000 years old. Next to him was buried his cat. This shows that not only these little furry friends were our loyal companions for a long time, but it also reveals that we humans believed in the afterlife since we became humans, capable of thinking and conceptualizing. The man must have ordered his poor cat be buried with him so he wouldnít feel lonely in the other world.     

I believe religions will stay for many more centuries or millennia. Perhaps they will undergo some change and adapt with time. But Islam is a different story. Islam is not a religion but a political movement in the guise of religion. Islam promises afterlife to rouse the foolhardy followers to wage war, kill and get killed cheerfully and advance the megalomaniac ambitions of grandeur of a psychopath. It is easy to defeat Islam. All we have to do is tell the truth. All we have to do is expose its foundation, remove those sands of lies from beneath it and it will fall on its own. Christianity and other religions are rooted in something good. The foundations of these religions are solid. But Islam does not have any foundation. It is based on sheer lies and unadulterated evil.  

Muslims know that Islam will fall if exposed. On a subconscious level Muslims know that Islam is a lie and that it cannot be defended logically. That is why when you criticize Islam they panic. You can criticize all other religions, but all you can do is destroy their superstitions and fallacies. The foundation of these religions remains intact. As a matter of fact these religions have benefited immensely from criticism and thanks to that they were forced to give up most of their absurd tenets. They have adapted to the changing world.  The evil practices of Sati in Hinduism, stoning in Judaism and inquisition in Christianity are things of the past.  

But you canít criticize Islam. If you tamper with the sands beneath it, the whole edifice will fall. Muslims know that. They know that Islam canít take criticism and that it is very fragile. That is why they are so protective of it. That is why they become hysteric when a few cartoons are drawn depicting Muhammad. That is why they killed Theo Van Gogh and threaten to kill anyone who attempts to remove those sands of lies on which Islam stands.  

Other religions are plastic. They are like living trees. You can prune them and shape them and they become better. Islam is dead. It is like a fossil. It canít change. If you touch it, it breaks. You can't remove a single thing from Islam without destroying it completely. It's a house of cards. Remove one lie and the whole thing will come down.  

You may ask: ďif Muslims know that Islam is a lie why they defend itĒ? That is a fair question. The answer is that this lie is all they have. They have to cling to and believe in it even though it is clear to them that Muhammad was an evil man and whatever he said were lies. This lie is their only straw.  

Muhammad was a psychopath. Psychopaths want to control others. The first thing they do is they destroy the selfhood of their victims. Thanks to Islam, Muslims have no pride, no self esteem, no dignity, no honor. Such a people are often very dangerous. Lack of self esteem is the cause of all evils.  

People who respect themselves and know of their own worth and dignity, do not commit crime. They do not hurt others. You can measure goodness in people by their self esteem. The higher is their self-esteem the better human beings, the more caring, the more helpful and the more reliable they become. The lower is the self-esteem, the more cunning, the more callous and the more selfish they become.  

This is what makes Muslims so evil. Itís their lack of self-esteem. They are ruthless and exploitative on the outside, but that is to cover their inner insecurity and fears. They are unhappy, fearful, walking scar tissues. 

Muslims are bullies. Some researchers have erroneously concluded that bullies suffer from unearned high self-esteem. But there is no such thing as high self-esteem. We have pomposity, hauteur, pretentiousness and vain glory. These are the flipside of low self-esteem. People who lack self-esteem wear these masks to hide their belittled and humiliated selves.  

Muhammad led his followers to deny their self worth. They are made to believe that without Islam they are nothing. They are even made to despise their own ancestral cultures and civilization. The narcissist has to destroy the selfhood of his victims in order to make them completely dependant.  

Muslims are not fools. They just try to fool themselves. They can see Islam is false. They realize it is against human intelligence and that it makes no sense, but they are so much trapped in it that they canít leave it. They force themselves to believe, because without it they are lost.  

One Muslim wrote to me ďApparently some of the verses may seem or sound bad or barbaric. But it is Satan who is making us see them this way.Ē This explains the Islamic pathology. Muslims see that Islam is foolish, but they canít let go. They canít let go because they have nothing else to cling on. Muhammad has robbed their identity and has destroyed their selfhood. They must cling to Islam, even though they can clearly see that it is false because Islam is the only thing they have. It is the only straw in an ocean of uncertainties.  

They need constant reassurance and repeat to themselves that "Islam is a beautiful religion" and that "Muhammad was the perfect human". They even seek these reassurances from others. They collect the the complimentary comments of non-Muslims (particularly Whites, because they think White people are superior) and even lobby politicians and political institutions to issue official statements recognizing Islam as a "great religion". Talk about insecurity.

And then there is the fear Ė the fear of Hell and the punishment in the grave that has been inculcated in their minds since childhood. This fear has paralyzed their thinking ability. They dismiss any doubt as soon as it comes to their minds.    

Miss Ruby is an educated Muslim. She is a solicitor. She considers herself a moderate Muslim because she lives in America, enjoys all the liberties and has no reason to become a terrorist.  

Miss Ruby joined the FFI forum in January. She wrote over 700 messages. After this much debating on May 12th she wrote:  


Hello friends and enemies, 

This is my last post, I have had fun here at FFI and have started to doubt my own religion.....THIS IS NOT GOOD.

I hereby testify that:
1) I believe that there is one Allah
2) I believe in the prophets
3) I believe in the four books sent from Allah..
4) I believe in the Angels
5) I believe in the day of judgement (Qayamat)
6) I believe in the resurrection after Qayamat

There is a purpose for my existence on this Earth and that is to serve only Allah....and his FINAL PROPHET is Muhammed (pbuh).

It was a mistake for me to join this forum and I will try to forget that I even doubted the words of my Allah.

Stay happy and donít hate.



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