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We must hit our enemy where it hurts most. Nothing hurts the narcissist more than an attack on his inflated ego and his false self. Nothing destroys him more than ridicule. Why do you think a few cartoons have made a billion Muslims go so nuts? It is because this is their weak spot. They know that ridicule will wipe out Islam. Devil can’t stand ridicule.    

One Arab friend who entitled his email “Let the Show Being” wrote that in Arabic there is a proverb that says, “Strike iron while it’s hot”. He added, “And it is hot now”.  

His was just one of many emails that I received during these few days that asked me to start a campaign of caricaturing Muhammad. I believe that is an excellent idea.  

So FFI is launching a campaign to ridicule Islam and its pedophile prophet. Please draw cartoons of Muhammad and let this be an international contest.  In addition it would be nice also to make jokes about Muhammad.

I invite you to be tasteful and artistic. Take a look at the magnificent work of Dr. Aziz and let that be an inspiration. Be factual. Make sure your cartoon is a realistic depiction of Muhammad. You can find countless ridiculous tales in the Quran and the hadith to get your inspiration.  

Here is the Quran  and here are the hadiths:  
A collection of the ahadith in Sahih Bukhari
A collection of the ahadith in Sahih Muslim

A partial collection of the ahadith in Sunan Abu-Dawud

A collection of the ahadith in Malik's Muwatta

You can find many silly tales in these Islamic “holy” books to use as the subject for your drawing or joke.  Make sure to quote the verse or the hadith too.

Here is a sample of the absurdities of the Quran

Here are a few neat hadiths:

004.055.616, 004.055.619, 002.022.301, 002.022.303, 004.1032, 007.2982,  

But read these books and you’ll find many, many more. They are scattered all over.  These books are books of jokes.

Ridiculing Islam will help Muslims  

There are many intelligent people who think they are Muslims and no amount of reasoning will sway them. They are brainwashed and they can’t give up their belief. They will find any excuse to cling to it. These people will benefit a lot if Islam is ridiculed.  

I recall how I was ashamed of being an Iranian after the revolution of 1979. I can pass as a European, so I pretended to be Italian. As a young man I was embarrassed of what my countrymen where doing and the images coming from Iran were shaming me. I did not want to be counted among those hoodlums.   

I am glad to have finally realized that what the Iranians did or are doing has nothing to do with our nationality. We gave to the world its very first charter of human rights. (Unbelievable! Isn’t it? Iran is now the foremost country in violating the human rights.) Once upon a time we were a glorious people and one of the super powers of the world. This savagery has nothing to do with Iranianism. It's all about Islam. When this truth dawned on me, I was no more ashamed of my nationality, but was ashamed of Islam. You can’t imagine the relief that I felt. I could not change my nationality, but I could stop being part of this stupid cult of savages. Finally I was set free. Free of guilt and free of shame. Now I say  proudly that I am Iranian, but not a Muslim.  

There is nothing wrong in our nationality. Whether we are Arabs, Persians, Turks, Pakistanis or Bangladeshis, we are just as good as anyone else. This savagery is because of Islam. When Americans and Europeans convert to Islam they become just as mindless zombies and hatemongering terrorists as their Middle Easterner co-religionists.  It is this demonic faith, this disease of the mind that converts humans into beasts.  

This is not a joke. This is a serious matter. Islam must be ridiculed and Muhammad must be laughed at so much that the intelligent people feel ashamed calling themselves Muslim.  

So, draw your cartoon and also write a joke. I have started two threads in the forum. One is for jokes about Muhammad and his fictitious Allah and the other for cartoons about them. Post your art directly in the appropriate thread. Do not use your real name because rational thinking does not need martyrs. We believe in life. It is insane narcissists like Muhammad, Jim Jones and David Koresh who believed people must prove their devotion by giving up their lives.  I will choose the best of your arts and publish them in the main site. If you want your art make it to the main site, it must be tasteful. Obscenity is not tasteful.  

If you have a Website, you are most welcome to copy them and use them in your site or just make a link to them. The idea is to make Islam look so stupid that no sane person would want to be known by that name. So please don't just insult but state the Islamic facts with humor. People must feel embarrassed of this name. It is indeed an ugly name. Islam (submission) is for dogs and masochists not for free and emotionally healthy people. Only a sadist like MuHamMad could have come up with this denigrating name.  

As my Arab friend said, let the show begin.

The happy marriage of the 9 year old Aisha and the 54 years young MuHamMad. 

This man claimed to be the prophet of God, "the best example to follow", an "honorable person" and "the best of creation". In a Hadith Qudsi he makes his Allah say to him: “Were it not for you, I would not have created the universe.” Imagine the level of insanity! This man suffered from the severest form of narcissistic personality disorder. And 1.2 billion people follow him believing him to be all what he claimed about himself. Not a single one of them has any proof for that. They just choose to believe and don't want to question that belief. And if you do, they want to kill you. Isn't that insane? No wonder they are in such state of misery. 








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