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Laugh at  MuHamMad

by Ali Sina 


The Muslims have targeted a small country like Denmark to “teach them a lesson”.  

Jyllands-Posten a Danish newspaper invited the cartoonists to draw the caricatures of Muhammad. A dozen responded. But when the newspaper published those cartoons on September 2005, the Muslim world went berserk.  

Muslims demanded that the government of Denmark break the law and punish the perpetrators. Muslim countries withdrew their ambassadors from Denmark , Danish embassies were threatened, the office of the E.U. in Gaza  was attacked, and at least two of the artists had to go in hiding because they were threatened. Muslims rioted and burned the Danish flag and the effigy of Rasmussen, its prime minister, and the entire Muslim world boycotted the Danish products.      

If these cartoons were published in a bigger country such as U.S.A., the Muslims would have vented their anger but would have thought twice before issuing the threat of boycotting its products. By doing so they would hurt themselves. Their world will come to a stand still. Where would they get the spare parts of all those goodies that they consume? 

Muslims are bullies and bullies threaten those who are weaker. In this case Denmark with a population of no more than 5.5 million was considered by the Muslims to be a soft target that can be crushed economically.  

This attack is not on Denmark but on the freedom of speech and on democracy. It is an attack on the free world. That is why everyone must come to the help of Denmark , buy Danish products and neutralize this boycott.  

It would be a huge loss to all of us if Denmark gets hurt or capitulates. The bully must never taste victory or he will become bolstered and demand more. If we fail to protect Denmark, we lose our freedom. Do not underestimate the destructive power of fanatics and stupid people.    

As the sage people have said, the best defence is an offence. What we are witnessing is a clash between, not two cultures, but between barbarity and civilization. However, in every crisis there is an opportunity. The Chinese sages said that too. The Chinese have a saying for just about anything and all of them are meaningful. This crisis has given us the opportunity to strike our biggest blow at the heart of Islam. We must hit Islam where it hurts most. Islam is a narcissistic cult and nothing hurts the narcissist more than ridicule.  

Muslims want to teach the world a lesson. The lesson is: “you must respect us or else”. They want to gain the upper hand and make the non-Muslims servile and submissive.  That is what the narcissist craves most. He wants dominance, respect and recognition even by instilling fear.     

In the words of Dr. Sam Vaknin, “The narcissist feeds off other people who hurl back at him an image that he projects to them. This is their sole function in his world: to reflect his False Self, to admire him, to applaud his actions, even to detest and fear him - in a word, to assure him that he exists by giving him constant attention.”  

We must not give them what they want but rather return the “favor” and teach THEM a lesson.  

Several newspapers across Europe have reprinted caricatures of Muhammad to show support for the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten. That is great, but not enough.  

This is a war. Muslims use their weapons of choice, which are riots, hooliganism, threats, violence and terror. They are waging this war with all their might. We will lose this war if we don’t fight back. This is an attack on all of us. Every person who believes in freedom and democracy, whether he is from the East or from the West, is under attack. This war is not between nations, countries or races but between ideologies.     

The Muslims, unanimously have risen to wage this war and destroy our freedom. On their side stand the useful idiots and the appeasers who act as the fifth column among us. They can be our ex-presidents, Ministers, MPs, mayors or princes. If they defend Islam, they are our enemy. They are traitors and fools. Foolish people are dangerous. We Persians have a proverb that says a wise enemy is better than a foolish friend. Lifts you up the wise enemy and makes you fall the foolish friend. Have no mercy on the fools who defend Islam. Ridicule them as well. They are even more dangerous than the Muslims because they are the enemy within. One traitor can do more harm than a troop of enemy.  

If you are not a Muslim, you are the target. Now is the time that all the people of the world unite, stand firm against the Islamic barbarity, fight back and destroy it.  

When a country is attacked all its citizens will rise to defend it. We are all soldiers now, whether we like it or not. This is a different kind of war. It transcends countries, and nationalities. This war has been launched on Mankind. It is the war of times. The past has stormed the future. In this war our freedom is under attack and the future of humanity is at risk. It is incumbent upon all the free people of the world to enlist in this army, put on our boots and defend our selves, the future of our children and our freedom. 

The sooner we enter into this war and fight back the more will be our chances of winning. The longer we wait, the fiercer will become the war ahead of us.    

The enemy has attacked us from two fronts. Its militancy must be destroyed militarily and its ideology, ideologically.    


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