Leaving Islam




A Glimpse into the Muslim Mind

By Ali Sina 


SM, a reader of FFI wrote to the Persian Jihadi Sean bin Satan the person who threatened to kill me and asked him to prove my charges against Muhammad wrong. He complained that Muslims often go in circles, talk about something else and avoid the main issues. Then he forwarded to me the response of this Muslim. Here is what Sean wrote: 



The main problem you have (aswell as Ali Sina) is you compair the holy books to logic and physics. You look at the Quran in a literal sense and take it so literally that you try to make sense of it the same way you would theorize about a certain scientifical facts.

 The fact of it is though, the Quran aswell as many other holy books are not literal and they are spiritual. Without having the spiritual part of the Quran, it looks like it looks to Ali Sina, and it is done so on purpous.  

In the Bible you donot actually believe in dieing and going to heaven to get gold do you? You dont believe in literally eating your young and the flesh off jesus's bones and drinking his blood do you? These are all anologies, just like the 72 virgins. No true Muslim believes that  he/she will go to heaven to have a massive orgy, the 72 virgin analogy basically means that it will be a "good place".  

All Ali Sina is doing is a good job of taking the Quran out of spiritual context and attempting to deface it infront of a scientifical community, the same can be done witht he Torah and the Bible since holy books are not literal and they are not practical or logical, they are spiritual. It is very unfair to compair the atrocities committed by a certain number of Muslims, to ALL Muslims. If I put a picture of David Koresh, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the witch burnings, the KKK, and the Christian snake worshipping tribes, you would think Christians to be evil.  

All Ali Sina does is single out certain acts that were comitted by certain Muslims and try to make it sound like it is a broad teaching of all Muslims, that is misinformation.  

As far as Muhammad being a pedophile? The chronological clock of the people living in his time were faster, also today we see this as Midde-Eastern genes mature faster at an earlier age. If Muhammads wife was indeed 9-14 at time of marriage, according to the chronological clock of their team, a 9 year old would be as mature was a 21 year old, intellectually, physically, and in every other way. However there was a catch since life expectancy was much shorter (30-40) hence people aged faster. If Muhammad was presented with a 9 year old in todays times, he would be appaled, because it would appear to be maybe a  6moths/1 year old in his time. Do you see where im going with this?  

Your picturing Muhammad with todays 9 year olds, that is wrong since the chronological genetic clocks were different. A 9 year old in his time would be much older and maturer than a 9 year old in our time. Years are not permanent when you are looking at life expectancy and genetic chronology. As far as the "radical" aspect of Islam, alot of the Quran was written during a time of war when Muslims were being persecuted and ran out of cities for their belief in one god. You cannot compair certain scriptures written under-fire to todays society as say living in a neighborhood. Most Muslims can discern teachings written in a time of war and teachings written in a time of peace, hence we Muslims can tell between the two.  

Islam is a religion of peace, and not all those who claim to be Muslim are perfect nor do all Muslims represent every Muslim, the same goes for all religions.  




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