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Threat from Satan's Hand 

Ali Sina 


From Sean Lastnamenotfound Tue Dec 27 12:00:18 2005




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You have made many enemies in Islam and around the world, pretty soon your fancy words will not get you out of the hole your digging for yourself.  

This goes beyond ideas and internet talk. Your identitiy is known and where you live.  

Stop the site.  

This is the last email you will recieve from me.  

May your enemies do what they wish with the information they are about to recieve.  

On behalf of Iran , we spit at you.  

Watch out.  

- God's Hand  



There is only one point that I disagree with you and that is you are not ďGodís handĒ. You are Satanís hand.  

God does not need henchmen. God has no need for killers and assassins. If Islam was true, someone would have come forward to prove me wrong with logic. If God is the maker of logic, logic must be on His side not against Him. God is not the god of stupidity and he does not prize ignorance. The fact that after more than five years of issuing the challenge no one has been able to meet it, i.e. prove Muhammadís claim to be true or refute any of my charges against him, is proof that Islam is not from God but a lie concocted by Satan.  

It is Satan that cannot stand the truth and wants to destroy it with violence and terror. God succeeds through love and understanding. It is Satan that has to cast terror in the hearts of people in order to succeed. 

Muhammad ordered his follower to cast terror in the hearts of innocent people 3.151  8.12 and he boasted that he became victorious with terror. What is the difference between that and a criminal gangster? How can such a terrorist be a messenger of God? Why Godís message is not logical enough to convince people and why his messenger should resort to violence to make his word prevail? If the repression is lifted today and freedom of thoughts and expression is established in Islamic countries, would Islam still survive? Of course not! What Islam fears most is freedom. With freedom truth will be revealed and with that Islam will perish. That is why you have banned satellites dishes in Iran, beat and jail those who possess them and have blocked this site. Like cockroaches you are afraid of light. You fear truth. You are afraid of words. Because you know only with words we will destroy you and your demonic world will come to an end. 

This fire that you feel now in your heart is the fire of hell. If God is he whom people believe he is, he is all powerful. He has the world in his hand. He can operate on his own and does not need helpers. If it was his wish to kill me, it would have been easy for him to do it without needing to hire assassins like you.  Itís Satan that is helpless. Itís he who needs foolish and ignorant people like you to do his malicious work. On his own, Satan is helpless. But through those whom he seduces he can wreak havoc. That is why he sent Muhammad to seduce the foolish among mankind and with their help kill those whom god created and destroy this beautiful world.

In the header of your email your name reads: "Sean Lastnamenotfound": So you don't know your father? Let me tell you who he is. It's Satan. You have Satan for father and you are Satanís hand not God's. Sean bin Satan is your name. God despises you and your evil deeds. God has prepared for you a hot place in the vicinity of your master Muhammad in Hell. 

For how long you want to remain in your ignorance and stupidity? For how long you want to suck the blood of my people like vampires? 

Everywhere Islam has entered, like bubonic disease it has brought death and misery. Iran was destroyed, Egypt was destroyed, Iraq was destroyed, Syria was destroyed, Arabia was destroyed. Arabs prior to Islam were a noble, free and tolerant people. Today they are the most bigoted creatures on Earth. 

We Iranians had dignity, now we are amongst the most wretched people of the world. Look at Pakistan and India. 57 years ago they got their independence and thanks to one man's ambition, the traitor Jinnah, they split. Today India is on its way to become a world power while Pakistan is marching backwards. It is the most ridiculous country of the world that produces nothing but stupid people, terrorists and zombies. 

During this 57 years there has been not a day of dictatorship in India while with the exception of perhaps a couple of years of failed democracy Pakistan has been always ruled by military dictators. (Which by the way is much better than democracy of the fools) Pakistanis and Indians are the same people. The only difference is Islam. In fact once the Pakistanis leave Islam you can see they are bright and intelligent people. 

The same is true about we Iranians. Those of us who have left Islam love mankind, consider ourselves brothers and sisters to the rest of humanity and the Iranians in America have the higher per capita academicians than any ethnic group. But those Iranians who still believe in the Islamic gobbledygook, think about wiping Israel off the map, think of assassinations and are just animals. (I apologize to animals for the insult. I am not talking about noble animals like donkey and dog. I am comparing you to snakes, scorpions and crocodiles)  

Show me one Islamic country that is prosperous and its people are free and happy or its jails are not filled with dissidents. During the past 105 years, 1.2 billion Muslims have produced eight Nobel Laureates with the joker Yasser Arafat and the stupid traitor Shirin Ebadi among them. That is one in every 150 million people. Less than twelve million Jews have produced 167 Nobel Laureates. That is one in every 72 thousand people. If youíre too lazy to do the math, itís 2084 times more likely that a Jew win the Nobel Prize than a slave of Allah. Don't you think Islam has something to do in keeping Muslims stupid?

Look at yourself! Where is your logical argument? I have offered to shut down this site should anyone prove it wrong. You canít do that and all you can do is issue a death threat. Suppose you succeed in killing me, like the other 400 Iranian dissidents that you assassinated outside Iran during these 27 years of your reign of terror. Do you think you can extinguish the light of the truth? Do you think this movement hinges on me, this site or any single person? If you really think so you are a fool. There are thousands upon thousands of people who have risen to slay this beast with logical arguments and proofs. Compared to many of them, I donít even count. I am a soldier in this army - a foot soldier. Do you think this army will stop if a solder falls? This movement is independent of me and this site. The sun of truth is rising. I am no more than a rooster announcing the break of the dawn. Do you think that by killing me you will prevent the rise of the sun? You must be a fool if you think so.

Nonetheless, this site will continue with or without me. Soon it will be administered by others whose identity will not be disclosed. Today there are about 5000 unique visitors visiting the main site every day (The counter is not installed in the forum and other sub domains. The actual number is bigger). In a matter of a few short years this number will reach 50,000 per day and this site will have chapters in many languages. It will grow and it will shed its light on all mankind. All that will be done without me. This long and dark night is over. The sun of truth has risen. Neither blowing at it nor threatening the roosters will delay its rise.   

We are the hands of God not an evil assassin like you. And remember the whole people of Iran spit at YOU. Loosen your noose from around their necks and you'll see. You know you lie or you would not be so fearful of them. 

Ali Sina 

This terrorist uses a service provider in Irvin California. With the exact time that email is sent he can easily be identified by his service provider. 







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