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 How to Deal with Muslim Bullies

Ali Sina


French translation 


Hi Ali,

I am a great fan off yours. What you say is so deep and spiritual that I believe you are the voice of conscience (God) himself. But I feel that while your approach and articles will help the intellectuals like yourself in Muslim world to leave Islam, it will be ineffective to the masses. My guess is that intellectuals and free thinkers are only a fraction of any society. Besides Islam also does not encourage free thinkers. 

What I suggest is that you can go even deeper into Muslim psyche and think like ordinary Muslim and create probably a new site. The strategy could be to prove that Mohammed was an anti-Christ, false prophet or even embodiment of Satan. Which is actually true since God is conscience and Satan is anarchy and some entity which hurts conscience. But conmen folks need idols or simplified abstractions to understand this.

Why don’t you fight evil and deceit with deceit? After all diamond cuts diamond.I want you and goodness to win by all means. After all Dharma (righteousness) is more important than ego of self righteousness. This is what I learnt from Hindus.

Let me know what you think.





Dear “Apostate”:  

I am just an ordinary guy, trilled for the fact that I can speak my mind and provide a venue for likeminded people to do the same. You can think of me as a kid in a candy shop. I am not the voice of conscience or God as much as you are not an apostate. I am the voice of my own conscience and you are a Hindu posing as an apostate. I receive many “testimonies” from Hindus claiming to have left Islam after reading FFI. I wish they did not do that. They think they are helping but they are not. In fact they only make my work more difficult. Since I receive so many of these fake testimonies I am constantly on the alert and I may unjustly disregard genuine testimonies for the slightest suspicion.  These letters rob me from precious time, which otherwise I could dedicate to other more important emails. Incidentally, it is mostly Hindus that play this game of deception. I wish they didn't. I know you want to help but this is not the kind of help I need. If you want to help please promote the site. I have no pretense to be right all the time, but I can take pride in the fact that I have been truthful. 

I am not God's conscience but I have my own conscience which I follow "religiously". My conscience tells me that evil cannot be conquered with more evil. This is like trying to conquer darkness with more darkness. We say fighting fire with fire. But technically it is not the fire that fights the fire. In a forest fire, sometimes the firefighters burn the vegetation in the path of coming fire to deprive it from fuel. It is the water that extinguishes the fire. Two fires make a bigger fire. Two lies make a bigger lie. Two wrongs make a bigger wrong.  

Violence has to be stopped by an equivalent or a bigger force in opposite direction. I do not believe in turning the other cheek and pacifism. Those who promote these philosophies presume that all humans are sane and goodness will eventually win over evil. This is petitio principii, a false premise that leads to a fallacious conclusion. Nature does not recognize good or evil, but it recognizes force. Non violence works only with sane people. Gandhi used it against the British and won. It was because his opponents were sane people. For ahimsa (non-violence) to work your enemy does not have to be good and altruistic, but he must be sane. In the case of countries, they must be democratic. For example if Palestinians had adopted ahimsa vis-à-vis Israel they would have won long time ago. But they foolishly chose violence and lost. Since their new authority realizes that violence does not work and has opted negotiations they have started to win some grounds.  

However, ahimsa does not work at all times and in every situation. It would not have worked against Saddam Hussein or the Taliban and it will not work in Iran , Syria or in North Korea . Ahimsa does not work in dictatorships where your opponent is a narcissist with no conscience and with such a thirst for power that he has no qualm killing even millions of people. Actually non-violence and compromise is the worst strategy when dealing with narcissists and despots. Every situation is different. You must know your enemy in order to know his weaknesses. The weakness of the emotionally healthy people is their conscience, while the weakness of narcissists is their cowardice.  

Some people are narcissists. Narcissism is an emotional disorder that destroys its victims’ conscience. Narcissists can harm you with no compunction at all. Muhammad was a narcissist and so are his followers by extension and to the degree that they emulate him. Appeasing Muslims will not soften their hearts – it only fortifies them.  

The conscience of the narcissists is not evolved. In this sense you can compare them to children or even animals. Children and animals do not understand fairness. They understand power. They understand the domination-submission equation. Your dog will not obey you if you are gentle to him and try to be reasonable. To make your dog obey, you have to raise your voice and speak authoritatively. He will not listen if you gently request “will you please have a seat”. But he will understand if you forcefully order him “sit” and once he complies, encourage him by saying "good dog" and reward him with a treat. You must make him know you are the boss, the pack leader, or he will not listen. He will obey you if he sees you are more powerful than him. Dog trainers will tell you that to make your dog obey you must keep him on a short leash and make him walk either on your side or behind you but you should not let him run in front of you. In this way you establish your authority. When you walk your dog, you must walk with power and with your chin up. He must sense the strength in you through your posture and recognize you as the leader in order to respect you, obey you, and even love you. Nature hates weakness. Compassion is a human feeling, but it does not exist in nature and because animals do not understand it, they interpret it as weakness. Compassion is a spiritual quality, unique to humans of which lower life-forms are not aware. Even children do not understand compassion. This is a learned faculty that manifests itself in emotionally evolved humans. Narcissists are not emotionally evolved and hence they do not feel compassion. They may feel affinity and even love for their own kind, just like animals do, but they have no feelings for those outside their pack. 

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