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Scholastics vs. Scouts

A response to Dr. Alireza Assar and Celine Leduc

by Ali Sina


Dear Mr. Sina;

I have recently seen your anti-Islamic propaganda on internet.  You claim that your life was threatend because you turned away from Islam. I just don't believe your claim; may be it is because you are doing all you can to fight against Islam that your life is threatened and not only because you are not a moslem anymore, for which I don't think anybody bothers to threaten you.


Dear Dr. Alireza Assar:  

Yes I know, many Muslims in the West leave Islam and as long a they do it silently no one is going to hurt them. However, as you can see, I am not very silent about it.  

I am the brother of Dr. Farhad Assar, and although I don't completely support his rather hard views, I must confess that I don't understand you at all!!!  Why any person should spend so much time and effort to fight a religion? 

Why not? Islam is the curse of humanity. Every day people are being blown up to pieces because of it. A billion people are caught in the grip of dictatorship, poverty, ignorance and perpetual wars and misery because of it. Half of humanity’s rights are trampled and because of their “wrong gender” they are abused. The whole world is in danger of destruction in a nuclear holocaust because of Islam. What is more important than saving mankind from certain destruction? What cause is nobler than this?

Do you claim to be a new prophet? 

Yes I do. I chose to become a prophet. I discovered my own prophethood when I understood the nobility of man and fathomed his potential. I am a prophet unto my own self and to nobody else. We humans are born noble and free. It is not dignified for us to follow another person, especially if the claims of this person are farfetched and his character villainous. We must find our own way, with reason and commonsense. We have the tools to do it. All of us, unless we are mentally handicapped, have an inner compass with which we can find our way. It is not becoming of us humans to follow someone else blindly. What if this person is a charlatan? What if this person is a psychopath narcissist like Muhammad, Hitler, or other dictators and cult leaders who seduced many and brought death and misery upon so many people? It is foolish to be a follower. There is a danger in being a follower. All the wars were caused because humans gave up their own rational thinking and followed blindly someone else. Of all the wars that have taken place in the history of mankind, none happened between two democratic nations. In all the wars, at least one side has been a dictatorship. In dictatorships people are not free - they are followers. The nobility of man is in his freedom. When you take away the freedom of someone you take away his nobility. The worst slavery is the slavery of mind. You can be in fetters but if you are the owner of your thoughts you are a free man. The word noble in Persian is azadeh, which literally means free. A noble man is a free man. Muhammad took that nobility away. He said humans are slaves. I want to restore that nobility and show that he lied; break those shackles of mind that he put on his benighted followers and set them free. Yes I am a prophet and my message is don’t believe, doubt everything, do not be a follower but a prophet unto your own.  

Are you proposing anything new worthy of listening to or you just want to be considered?

Those who come to this site and read my articles have decided that what I write is worthy of reading. Our message is the remedy for most ills of mankind. What is worthier than making humans discover their nobility and their freedom of thought? This is what sets us humans apart from animals. This is the strength we need to get rid of dictatorships and not to fall prey in the net of lies of charlatans and false prophets. This is a simple message but very profound. We can change the world, we can get rid of all dictatorships, all wars and all miseries if we discover our nobility, became prophets unto our own and not blind followers of impostors. In this simple message lies the key to human freedom, prosperity and happiness. What message is bigger than this? What cause is worthier than this? 

No, I do not do this just because I want to be considered, nor I do this because of my "childhood trauma" or any other silly excuses you Muslims have come up with to placate your conscience, avoid heeding to my message, and horror of horrors, THINK. These are ad hominems, attacks at the messenger and not logical responses. I want you to discover your own nobility and become free. Don't consider me, go and consider yourself. 

Because Muslims are not free, because they act motivated by faith and not by reason, and because they follow a psychopath, they have become zombies. They are a threat to others and to world peace. They are killing the rest of us and are threatening to blow up the world with atomic bombs. 

There are only few choices in front of us: 1) join them and become barbarous like them, which means constant wars and bloodshed, which means the end of civilization and culture and which means the world become like Iran, Saudi Arabia or other Islamic countries where hoodlums and thugs rule. 2) Do nothing and let them kill us or subdue us and become their slaves; or 3) kill them before they kill us. These are not very pleasing choices. There is a forth alternative and that is to set them free from the spell of  Muhammad, exorcize that demon from their hearts and minds and revive their humanness so we all can become friends and see one another as members of one human family. We, who bring the message of FaithFreedom to you, have chosen the latter path. But if we fail, option three is the default. 

Muslims must realize that their insanity is not going to bear fruit. The lies of Muhammad, like the lies of Hitler are just lies. They will not succeed but fail and they will die by millions. The Muslims' monomania is bringing the world to its destruction. Islam is insanity and produces nothing but insane people, who are filled with hate for no reason and think of nothing but death - murder of others and martyrdom for themselves. This is a macabre religion. When the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran says "Israel should be wiped out from the map" and he is pursuing his diabolic plans to get hold of nuclear bombs, only a fool cannot see the world is in great danger. Of course Israel and the free world will not wait until this mad man realize his demonic wish. But the oppressed people of Iran will pay for this madness and innocent people will die. This stupidity must end and this site plans to do just that.   

Dear fellow I find notying worthy in your writings against Islam.  I am a Physicist and a Mathematician for years; I have taught in many Universities and Institutes around the world Including my own country Iran during 1984-1990. I have my own scientific and philosophical thoughts about religions and faith. I believe you must study more and talk less, since I really believe that your arguments are not worthy at all to be considered by serious academicans.  

  Merry Christmas and happy new year;

  Dr.Alireza Assar

As a university professor and a person who has his own scientific and philosophical thoughts you said nothing factual here. All you said is that I don’t know anything. That is not a logical argument but an opinion informed by spite and not by reason. What do you mean by my writings against Islam not being worthy? Do you mean they are not logical? Am I not giving enough proofs? Are my proofs faulty? In that case you have the chance to prove me wrong and refute whatever you think is worthless. Are you up to this challenge? Can you show my errors? When I say Muhammad was a conman and a charlatan I give proofs. What are your proofs about my writings being wrong?  Worth is subjective. What to you seems worthless, to others may seem valuable. But facts are conclusive. Facts rule. I have proven factually that Muhammad was a liar. Can you prove factually that I am wrong?

You flaunt your academic titles and yet you fail to give one single logical argument to refute me. This is called argumentum ad verecundiam, which is one of many logical fallacies. You want us to take you for your word because you claim to be an authority. Truth must stand on its own not because someone authoritative says so. There are also other university professors with scientific and philosophical thoughts that do not believe in Islam. Shall we check the diplomas of the proponents and the opponents of Islam to see whether Islam is true or false? This is an absurd argument for a university professor. If a proposition is true, one must be able to prove it irrespective of who is in favor of it and who is against it.  

Thank you for your trite advice to “study more”. I study every day. Everyday I am learning something new. I question my understanding and challenge the conventional beliefs. I do not accept anything unless it is proven as fact. This does not mean I will reject anything that is not proven yet, but I simply doubt it until it is proven.  

What about you? What are the logical bases of your belief in Islam? Can you prove that Muhammad was a prophet of God and not a liar? I have proven that he was a psychopath narcissist. Can you prove me wrong? Your claim that my arguments against Islam are not worth refuting is another logical fallacy. A site that has so many readers is worth refuting. The fact that you dislike this site is not a valid argument to dismiss our charges against Islam. I despise Muhammad and yet I do not hesitate to show he was a liar. It is not for him that I do it. That fiend is dead, his fetid corpse has rotten and his soul is burning in Hell. I am doing it for those who are alive and are caught in his web of lies. If you have evidence that what I say is false, you have a moral duty to prove me wrong. Do it for millions of people who come to read what we say and may believe in our “lies”. No my friend, it is clear the reason you do not even attempt to refute our claim is that you know you can’t. So you find it easier to throw a stone and run than roll up your sleeves and come to the ring to fight man to man. Any argument, no matter how fallacious, merits to be refuted especially if it is believed to be true by many.  


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