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Unfortunately what Reza has encountered is not an isolated case. This American woman is a Muslim and as the result has learned to hate people whom she has never met. Raised in America she must have been taught to accept all people equally irrespective of their faiths. This is what the constitution of America teaches. Yet as a Muslim she has become a hatemonger. I received many emails like this that testify to the fact that Islam instills hate in the hearts of its believers. Another American woman wrote and said she started dating a Muslim man in her office and without realizing; she began disliking the Jews and picking up his hatred of them. He would make comments like, “What can you expect, he (their boss, who according to her was a very good man) is a Jew, and you know how Jews are!”  She confessed that after a while, without ever being told what is wrong with being a Jew, only through subliminal messages of hate, she became suspicious of Jews and felt aversion towards them.  

This is the problem with Islam. Other religions also use fear to a variety of extents to impose their doctrines. However, the teachings of these religions are not generally evil. They often preach love, compassion, kindness and forgiveness. With the exception of Islam and other dangerous cults, and unless their teachings are distorted by a crooked priest, religions in general bring the best in their followers. Good people will always be good. Good people will never do evil even if they leave their religion. But good religions can also be good inspirations. They promote love and brotherhood of mankind. Mother Teresa would have become a good person even if she was born an atheist. Nonetheless, she was inspired by the teachings of love in Christianity. Her faith, did not hinder her to become the good person that she became. Instead she got that extra strength in her faith to dedicate her life for the betterment of the lives of others. Mother Teresa was a good woman and her religion brought the best out of her. What if Mother Teresa was born a Muslim? Aren’t there good people in Islam? Of course people are the same everywhere and good and bad are found among all nations. However, to become a Mother Teresa, a Muslim must disregard her religion and act against the teachings of Muhammad. She must regard non-Muslims as najis (impure, filthy, untouchable). She must not befriend non-Muslims. If she becomes a nurse, she cannot touch a man to help him. She must despise and hold in contempt Hindus, Jews, Christians and everyone else. She can't treat Muslims and non-Muslims equally. As a good Muslim she must give preference to Muslims first.  

I never said we do not need religion. I personally don’t need a religion. But religion provides comfort and guidance to countless souls. I don’t think all the religious people need the religion for guidance. I am sure they know already what is right and what is not. Many of them are beacons of light. For these people, religion is not a source of guidance but a source of comfort. Therefore religion is needed. It is needed as a source of guidance to some and as a source of comfort to others.

Islam is different. Islam is not a source of guidance. It is a doctrine of hate. It is a moral relativistic religion. Islam is not a religion at all. It is a cult. We need religions but what we don’t need are hateful doctrines. What we don’t need are wolves in sheep's clothing. Islam is fascism in the guise of religion. It is a tool of domination not a way of salvation. Islam is the machination of a psychopath, to manipulate the foolhardy and to make him do anything, including commit murder.

We would only understand Islam if we see Muhammad as a psychopath, no different from Jim Jones, David Koresh, Shoko Asahara and even Charles Manson. Only then you find answers to all your questions about Islam and all pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Don’t be fooled by the fact that a billion people are Muslims or that some great luminaries were Muslims. 

One of Shoko Asahara’s followers was Dr. Ikuo Hayashi, a renowned doctor. Following the orders of Asahara, he planted the toxic sarin gas in the subways of Tokyo causing the death of a dozen of people and life injuries to hundreds. How could a brilliant scientist of world fame become so fooled? He wept in his trial and strived to find an answer to that question himself. Yet at the moment, he thought he must do whatever his guru says, that it is not up to him to doubt and question the wisdom of God and his representative on Earth. Isn't this exactly how Muslims think? Dr. Hayashi is not an evil man. He had done discoveries in medicine. He and his wife, also a doctor, were genuinely good persons. They tried to find better ways to heal people and this was the reason they went after holistic medicine and meditation, which eventually led them to Asahara. These smart people fell prey to a con artist, surrendered their will and intelligence to him, lost their sense of right and wrong and committed murder. All Dr. Hayashi wanted to do was to help people. He ended killing people. 

Muslims are not born bad people, but under the influence of Islam they can become true monsters. Muhammad was an evil man. Charlatans like him mix good and bad together. If everything they say is bad, no one would follow them. They say a few good things that everyone agrees and once they have you under their spell, they make you do anything they want. You become so brainwashed that you even allow them to sleep with your little daughter and wife. You even volunteer to murder your own father to gain their pleasure. You become a real monster without ever noticing it yourself.  When you enquire about Islam, Muslims first tell you the good things, until you fall prey. And then, gradually they indoctrinate you with the real message of Islam that is sheer hate and violence. These Muslims themselves are victims, but they are victimizers too. They play the game of hypocrisy and deception to lure more victims to the net of Islam. 

The test of the truth of a religion is not in how many good teachings it has, but in how many bad teachings it has. It is mind boggling that, very intelligent people are willing to look at a few so-called good parts of the Quran and overlook all its evil teachings. I have received many complaints from Muslims saying, “Why you only look at the bad teachings of the Quran?” How can a religion of God have even one bad teaching? Yet in Islam there are more bad teachings than good ones. Despite that the foolhardy Muslims don’t want to leave this psychopath charlatan. Why? It’s because they are afraid. They have been terrorized with tales of eternal burning and a dreadful and sadistic god. Instead of thinking rationally they give in to their fears, content themselves with few good teachings and close their eyes to all the bad ones.

You said, Islam helped you to become a better person. It is because you did not go to the depth of Islam. Your knowledge and understanding of Islam are superficial. Once you become a full-fledged Muslim, you can even become a terrorist. In fact you may be well in your way of dehumanization without even noticing it. Of course no one thinks he is bad. Have you started disliking the Jews? Are you automatically taking the side of the Muslims anywhere there is a conflict between them and others? Do you divide mankind in Muslim-unbeliever dichotomy and identify yourself with the former taking their side all the time? Do you think non-Muslims will go hell or are sinners? Do you think apostates deserve to be killed? Did you feel some satisfaction when you heard that thousands of Americans were killed in 9/11 or did you think that somehow they deserved to die? Most Muslims, (if not all of them) would answer yes to most or all of these questions. If that is the case, you have lost your humanity already. The fact that you started obeying your parents, became kind to your relatives, kept your promises and repaid your debts fade in comparison to the monster that you have become. Even hyenas are kind to their own pack. Even Pablo Escobar, the notorious Columbian gangster and the drug lord had done lots of charity works for his people and many in his city, Medellin, loved him. Even the White Supremacists, whose doctrine is based on hatred of Jews, blacks and all non-whites have teachings advocating kindness to their own kind. Article 7 of their 16 commandments says: “Show preferential treatment in business dealings with members of your own race”. The fact that they are good to their own does not make them good people. 

The point is that Muslims don’t even realize how evil Islam is and how much humanity they lose when they let themselves to be influenced by it. In fact they think what they do is good. They take pride in their newfound hatred and see themselves as superior. Even though they have become monsters, they can't see it. Usually criminals are aware of their evil deeds. Muslims are not. They have the confirmation from their religion to hate and to hurt. When they do evil to non-Muslims, they think they have done God's work. They praise Allah when they are about to take the life of an innocent non-Muslim. No criminal invokes the name of God when he is about to commit murder. This clearly shows that Muslims are not aware of the monster that they have become by simply believing in a monster.  

I am certain that most Muslims are essentially good people and the influence of Islam on them will pass once they are weaned from it, the way the influence of drug will pass when it is taken away from the addict. Once they learn the truth, most Muslims, those whose humanity is still alive, will leave Islam and come back to the fold of humanity.  Truth is tremendously powerful. Truth will eventually overcome falsehood. Most people don’t want to be fooled. Once it becomes evident that Islam is false, they will leave it. It is not easy, but it is a personal battle that each one of us has to make. You can win this battle. Many of us have fought this inner battle and have won. You can do it too. 

I have absolute assurance that the end of Islam is very near. Islam is already destroyed. The proof is in the articles published in this site. The challenge is how to get this glad tiding to the rest of Muslims. This is the easy part. Each Muslim who wakes up and learns the truth, will help others and exponentially we grow. When our number reaches a critical point, Islam will collapse at once and not just Muslims but mankind will be set free. We are now destroying its foundation. The edifice seems to be intact. Let not the appearances deceive you. The foundation is impaired already. This edifice is doomed to fall. Let not the huge number of Muslims intimidate you. The battle is won, one person at a time. All we have to do is to convince one person and repeat it a billion times. Each one will reach one and the battle will be over before you could imagine. 


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At times I too, wish I could silence my reason “delude it, blind it and destroy it” like Martin Luther prescribed and become “foolish” like Paul the apostate demanded (1 Cor.1:21) and just believe. It is comforting to believe. But alas I can’t. I have eaten from the tree of knowledge, my eyes have been opened, I saw my own nudity, in the depth of my ignorance and felt ashamed. As the result I have been kicked out of the paradise of ignorance forever. The gates are shut to my face. No longer I am allowed to partake from the succulent fruits of ignorance. Now I have to find my way, earn my intellectual food with the “sweat” of my own brain. Yes, it is comforting to believe, but not everyone can believe. That is the privilege resaved for the foolish. The wise is always in doubt.  





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