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People who are in control of their selves and their actions, make sensible decisions, follow the natural laws and live happily. They know how to live right and do the right things. But those who are weak, canít control their cravings and easily give in to lust and temptation need the fear factor to act right. 

Islam is the brainchild of a psychopath and fear is the main tool of domination used by all psychopaths. Muhammad used fear to manipulate people and to make them do what he desired. Fear is the most powerful controlling force. If someone puts a gun to your head, you would do anything. It is fear that makes you do it. Islam is a fear-based doctrine. Itís not knowledge-based; itís fear-based. People with weaker personal characters, those who have least control over their rebellious selves, find Islam very effective. They want someone to put a big fear in them and Islam does it superbly. Allah is portrayed as a ferocious demon that can torture humans in the most sadistic ways for eternity. The worst thing a criminal with a gun can do is to kill you. Allah can barbeque you for years, centuries, millions and billions and trillions of years. Believe me, that's an overkill. You cannot reason with the criminal who holds the gun. Likewise you cannot reason with Allah. He does not tolerate questioning. He demands immediate submission and blind obedience. The fear of hell and punishment is the main theme of the Quran. In fact "Hell" is the most prevalent subject in the Quran.  This theme recurs 200 times. It is followed by the "Day of Judgment" that recurs 180 times. Third in rank is "Resurrection" that is repeated 118 times. Forth is Iblis or Satan. (see index) So clearly inducing fear is the ONLY message of the Quran. This fear has become the second nature of every Muslim. Their every thought is controlled by this fear. 

Now, you may ask if the result is good, and the person is reformed, what is wrong with fear? Certainly not everyone has the strength of character to do the right thing on his or her own and some people need to be motivated by fear. In a sense you are right. Fear works. It works, not on responsible healthy people who do the right thing because they understand, but on people who lack discernment, who are immature, who have weak will-powers and who need to be TOLD what to do. 

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not trying to put down or belittle the religious people or undermine the strength of their character. There are many religious people who are salt of the Earth and paragons of goodness and strength. My point is that these good people will be good even without religion. They are in total control of their actions and do the right thing because it feels right and not because it is part of their religious indoctrination. I quit my religion but my morality stayed the same, in fact it improved. Donít say this is because of my religious upbringing. I know many atheists with no religious upbringing, who are quintessence of goodness, pillars of strength and beacons of light. The point is that good people are good with or without religion. 

When I was religious, my actions were motivated by fear, after that by knowledge. Before, I never drank. I had not tasted any alcoholic beverage in my entire life. Once I saw the foolishness of blind following I based my actions on knowledge. Now I enjoy a glass of wine or a chilled beer and I am sorry for having deprived myself of these wonderful drinks for so many years. I also know why Muhammad prohibited alcohol. One day Ali went to the shop of a Jew and when he came out he saw his camelís hump was cut. He became furious and upon investigating he found out that his uncle Hamzah had got drunk and in that state had done this savagery. When Muhammad learned about this, he prohibited drinking. This is no reason for me to not enjoy a good glass of wine. I have never been drunk, because unlike Muhammadís uncle I am in full control of my self. There is nothing wrong in alcohol and a glass of wine per day could be even good for your heart. It is the abuse that is wrong. Anything can be abused. If you abuse food you get sick, yet no one prohibits eating food because some people may abuse it.  

What about weak people? What about those who canít do the right thing on their own and need a strong hand to guide them and someone to tell them what to do? Many of these people have confessed that prior to their conversion their lives were in shambles, they were completely lost and lived a wretched life of sinfulness and even crimes. Isnít better for these people to find a religion? Even if religion itself is powerless, the fear that it instills in these miserable individuals works and changes their lives. So canít religion be a positive thing? 

Yes religion can be a positive thing. Some people simply canít live without a religion. Of course most religious people donít need any religion. They are good and smart on their own and even if they leave their religions they will still be good people. However, some weaker individuals truly need that ďbig brotherĒ watching over them, telling them what to do and what not to do. They are weak and respond only to fear and greed. They often can't distinguish between right and wrong. It is not realistic to assume all humans can find their way on their own. Some people simply donít have the intelligence and the will power to do that. Religion can be a good thing for them. I have never said we should discard religions altogether. Religions have their place in our world and who knows, they may be around for thousands of more years. They certainly satisfy a need. Pacifier does not feed the baby, but it comforts him. Therefore it is not useless. It does not quench the thirst or satisfy the hunger, but it gives comfort. There are people who without a religion will be lost. They need a religion to feel good, to find a reason to do good and to refrain from doing evil. One Muslim wrote, if there is no religion what stops people from sleeping with their own mothers. Well, if you are this stupid, you certainly need a religion. The thought of a heavenly father watching over them is reassuring and acts as deterrent. The concept of spiritual growth is meaningless to them. But they understand hell and paradise. This is a simple concept that even fools understand. Even animals respond to the stick and carrot stimuli. 

Some people are like animals. They behave right only if they fear punishment. During the disaster in New Orleans, these goons came out of their holes and started stealing, raping and shooting innocent people because they realized that they could get away with their crimes. It is naÔf to think that all humans are endowed with conscience. Some people have no conscience at all. Hitler, Muhammad, Saddam and Stalin were not the exceptions. There are psychopaths all around us who do evil with clear conscience. They only respond to fear. Religion is necessary for these people. Although most of them don't give a hoot even to religion and often use it for their mischief. That is why Islam, is the religion of choice among criminals. Islam overwhelms its followers with fear and makes them comply with Muhammadís orders. 

The point is, what Muhammad ordered was not good. Yes he prohibited stealing, raping, lying, killing, etc. Nonetheless he allowed and even encouraged stealing from the non-Muslims, raping the non-Muslims, lying to non-Muslims and killing the non-Muslims. Those who convert to Islam can overcome their problems through fear but they can also be influenced negatively by the hateful teachings of Islam and become terrorists. Before, they used to steal cars and now they bomb buildings and kill thousands. Before, they were petty criminals, now they try to massacre thousands with dirty bombs. Their belief in Islam has made them overcome some of their weaknesses, like they have probably stopped fornicating, drinking or gambling but it has reduced them into mindless killing machines - monsters. 

A couple of days ago I received an email from a friend. I share it with you so you can see how Islam can be a negative influence on people. 

Hi Ali, 

I thought I'd share something interesting with you.  I was in an Arab chartroom one day and added this girl to my list.  She claims to have been raised in America, and her choice of life style is very un-Islamic too.  After a couple of conversations with her she asked me if I was Shiite and I told her yes (I donít openly say I'm not Muslim, it's still a touchy subject with me). After that she told me how she doesnít want to talk to me, that Shiites are 'dogs' or in Arabic 'kalb' and how they're not 'real' MuslimsÖ.  This hypocrite girl is defending a system, which is contrary to her life and daily practice. I finally became angry and told her I was born to Shiite parents but denounced my faith a while ago and have reached the borderline of atheism because of people like her.  What I realized is this girl dates boys, does haram things but still has the nerve to condemn me because I'm not a 'real' Muslim according to her interpretation of Islam. This wrath of hate is still in her.  Because of people like her Iraqis are dying and Pakistani Shiites are being massacred. A lot of Arabs are racists and prejudiced towards Persians, because of our Shiite background. Maybe this girl needs to go to Saudi Arabia and practice her western life style there.


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