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An interview with Abul Taher 
Reporter of Sunday Time. U.K. :  


Mr. Abul Taher, a reporter of Sunday Times U.K. wrote asking for an interview by phone. Since this was not radio I suggested we conduct this interview via email. He wrote another email and asked me a few questions. I was not sure whether these questions were part of the interview but treated them as such and responded accordingly. In a third email he said that he could publish the interview provided I give him my phone number and my photo. Of course I can't meet those conditions and therefore I believe he is not going to publish the interview. However, since I already spent some time writing it, I decided to publish it myself.  Here is our correspondence.  I still hope Mr. Taher would publish it. 

Ali Sina 

Abul Taher
Sunday Times
E-mail: [email protected]  

Hi Ali,

My name is Abul Taher and I am a journalist at the Sunday Times newspaper. I read with interest your claim that you may be sued because of the content of your website. First of all, I would like to know how far that has gone ahead, and secondly who is bringing this charge.  

Also, I would like to know if you are actually  Muslim or were one at any time. I think it might make a good story if you are a Muslim who is being persecuted by fellow Muslims. Please let me know how I can get in touch with you on the phone, etc.

Best regards,  

Abul Taher


Dear Abul Taher  

Thank you for your enquiry. Let me assure you no one is going to sue me. If Muslims had any way to sue me they would have done it by now. This was just a bluff. I published it to dare this person to make good her threat and never heard back from her. Muslims donít want to sue me. They know this will backfire and it could be devastating for Islam. Just as this threat picked your interest, others will find it interesting too and when the mainstream media start reporting the lawsuit, it will be the end of Islam. I will take advantage of the situation and will put Islam on trial. Muslims canít sue me for racism. I am Iranian. They canít sue me for inciting religious hate. I have always made it clear that this is not about people and even have defended Arabs publicly and privately. It is about Islam, the ideology. I look forward for the opportunity to prove Islam is evil and dangerous in a court of law.  The worst that can happen to me is that the court would order me not to tell the truth about Islam because Muslims will be offended. This is no victory for Islam. The truth is out anyway. The genie is out of the bottle. But the chances are that the court agree with me and recognize Islam is dangerous. That would literally change the course of history. Now, do you see why these threats of lawsuits are nothing but bluffs?

Yes I was born to Muslim parents. My mother, like any good Muslim, wished to have a boy. A Shiite superstition said that if she murmurs some verses in Arabic from Sura Yusuf, for forty days and blows at an apple without letting the apple touch the ground (it should be hanged from the ceiling) then eat that apple, the child in her womb will become a boy with the charm and wisdom of Joseph. This prayer was guaranteed to work 50% of the times and if answered the child should be called Ali or Muhammad or a combination of these names. My mother must have overdone a bit the ritual, because not only I was born a boy, my charm and wisdom exceeded everyone's expectation. Mashaallah! On the downside I was named after the short stocky butcher of Medina. Anyway I kept this name to show the world that not all those who have "Islamic names" are terrorists. Don't judge a book by its cover and don't judge a person by his name. Many Alis, Muhammads, Attas and Abuls are enlightened people and despite their name it is possible that they are not Muslims at all. 

If you want to write a story about me or our movement, I would be glad to answer your questions. However I sound much more intelligent in writing than in live interviews. ;)  So if you donít mind, we can have this interview via email.

I remain sincerely yours  

Ali Sina  


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