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Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 01:05:39 +0100
From: "Taher, Abul" <[email protected]>

Got yr message. I am finding it difficult to get the interest of our newsdesk on this story at this stage. But will try. You must tell me which part of Iran you are from, and how you ended up in the States. I am interested in your life story. 

Also, your age and family background would be good. What do you do for a living?  Are you an atheist at the moment, or have you converted to another faith?   


Dear Abul,  

These are personal information and I see no relevance for them. I am entitled to life. There are a lot of people who love to cut my throat so they can have unlimited sex in paradise. Here are a couple of those stupid paradise seekers.



I can tell you however, that I am a secular humanist and do not believe in any religion. I believe in the Golden Rule and I think that suffices as the inner compass for enlightened humans. Nonetheless I am not against religion. Religion is described as a crutch. I say, let those who need the crutch, have it. Why should I take it away from them? Of course some religions are more detrimental than others, but as long as they do not teach their followers to kill people so they can go to paradise, I donít give a damn about them.  

As for God, I do not believe in a seeing, thinking deity that interferes in human affairs, answers prayers and sends messengers. I find the whole notion silly and absurd. Nonetheless I believe in a Single Principle underlying the world of being. This principle is not a being; it is a non being which is the mother of all beings. You can say I believe in the same God that Spinoza, Einstein and Confucius believed. There is a law that governs this universe but there is no such thing as a lawmaker. Philosophically my thinking is akin to Daoism and even Buddhism. However, I am a prophet unto my own and follow no one but my own inner compass. 


In yr writing, I sense a hatred of Islam that some would say is deeply racist, and has its basis in some paranoia that Islam is going to take over. It's like the classic fear of foreigners taking over - why?  

You are absolutely right. I despise Islam for the same reason I despise Nazism, fascism, racism, bigotry, misogyny, dictatorship, discrimination, tyranny and other social ills. It is not wrong or racist to hate something abhorrent. In fact it is wrong to tolerate it. I consider Islam the most dangerous threat to peace. I foresee that if Muslims do not come to their senses and leave this insanity the apocalypses will unfold and billions of people will perish. How can you not hate such insanity? Of course my hatred of Islam is justifiable and very rational. You canít call it Islamophobia or paranoia because I know Islam and I invite any Muslim to refute what I say. Phobia and paranoia are based on ignorance and unreasonable fear. What part of what I say is unreasonable? When Nazism was on the rise, many wiser people sensed the danger and warned others while the foolhardy remained confident that nothing bad is going to happen and argued that Nazis are also humans. They accused these people of being paranoid. They were wrong. Nazis were not humans. They were monsters. 50 to 60 million people perished because these gullible "do-gooders" did not want to face the ugly truth. We are facing a worse enemy today. You can of course argue that I am wrong. If so prove it!  

I have a challenge for you. Organize a written debate between me and any Muslim scholar that you wish to invite or even a panel of them and publish the result. I will adhere to any format you suggest, short of undermining my safety. I bet this would be of much interest to your readers and perhaps will answer many of your own questions. If I am defeated, that would be the end of me and my site. Youíll get all the credit for clearing the air and shutting down a site that has created so much controversy worldwide.  If I win, then perhaps it is time that the world starts listening and does something to prevent the impending disaster.  


If a story was to go ahead, I would need to contact you by phone and chat to you. We would also need a picture of you, which we would get a photographer to take of you.  

You canít be serious!     

In the meantime, through yr extensive contacts in the Islamic world, are there any story-ideas you have that have a British angle? Let me know. Do you have anything new on the London bombers?  

Please be as succinct as possible in yr response. 

Best regards, 


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No dear Mr. Taher, I can't tell you anything about the London bombers. All I can tell you is why they did it, what motivates young Muslims to commit these dastardly acts and how to prevent these from happening. 

Kind regards 

Ali Sina 


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