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Now that we are at it let us move to the other point in Robertís email.  

Robert, you wrote: ďI donít think that reformation could actually happen in any significant wayĒ and also added ďI donít see eradication as in the slightest practical or possibleĒ. So, do you know of a third option? If none of these are going to work what shall we do? Shall we gas the Muslims and get rid of them? Certainly we can't live with Islam. Or better said, Islam cannot live with us. What are you suggesting then? What is the mission of your site? If you believe neither in reformation nor in eradication what are you striving for? I wish you answer to this question, since in view of your statements, I canít understand the raison d'Ítre of your site. What you want to achieve? What is your stated goal?  

The stated goal of FFI is the eradication of Islam. I have been very upfront about it. I want the end of Islam and the freedom of Muslims from the shackles of this evil doctrine. This is our main theme. Our message is: Islam is wrong, leave it!  

Eradication can happen and is happening. Eradication means leaving Islam in such a huge numbers that it becomes irrelevant.  

Who talked about punishment? I am afraid there is a gulf of misunderstanding between us.  I am neither calling for imprisonment nor for any sort of punishments against the Muslims. You donít punish people for being mistaken. We donít have a law to punish people for what they believe. Those things happen in Islam not in civilized societies. I sometimes say let us deal with Muslims the way the Quran says deal with the dhimmis. This is just to grab their attention and make them see how unfair and discriminatory the Quran is. I am placing the mirror in front of them so they can see the ugliness of Islam and stop defending it. This is merely a psychological game. I am not really serious about that. We canít descend to the level of Muslims and lose our humanity. I am not suggesting to ďinstill terror in the hearts of the MuslimsĒ or ďslay them wherever ye find themĒ as the Quran says should be done to non-Muslims. But by exchanging the words Muslims and non-Muslims we can drive home the point and show how evil is the Quran. In fact this works very well to bring them to their senses.  

When I say Islam has to be eradicated and no bloodshed is needed I mean what I say. The statement is self explanatory. Islam is an ideology. You donít need to kill anyone to fight an ideology that is false. How do you eradicate a false ideology? With truth! Illiteracy and ignorance are eradicated with knowledge. Falsehood is eradicated with truth. Disease is eradicated with promotion of health. There is no need for violence. The idea is to eradicate a false doctrine of hate and win its victims as friends and allies. You canít eradicate a belief with violence and use of force. Communists tried to eradicate religions with force and they failed. False beliefs can only be eradicated through education. That is what we are doing. Many of my allies and comrades were one day stanch Muslims. Now we work together. We donít have to kill anyone in this fight. We certainly are not advocating violence and bloodshed against our own kit and kin. We want to save them from Islam and win them over as friends. This does not need bloodshed. It needs truth and it needs love. Light always wins over darkness. Truth is more powerful that all lies. And love is more potent than hate.  

Yes Islam can be eradicated. If one person can become enlightened and leave Islam a thousand can; if a thousand can, a million can and if a million can a billion can. The process is the same. We must not be intimidated by huge numbers. After all a billion people are a billion individuals. Each individual is endowed with a brain and can think on his own. Once it becomes clear to him that Muhammad was a liar and there is no paradise as a prize of blind faith to a charlatan con artist, why would anyone want to remain a Muslim?   

The faith in Islam is maintained through hypes. There is no truth to Islam. Islam is an inflated balloon. There is no substance to it. We have had debates with several Muslim scholars, who come roaring like lion and go out like wounded dog with their tails in between their legs. It takes them no time before the great scholars resort to personal attacks and end up the debate. Yes Islam is being eradicated. Donít be intimidated by the size of it. All it takes is a needle of truth to puncture this overly inflated balloon of lies and it explodes.  

You see Muslims cling to their false belief even more after you shed light on Islam and you conclude they will never leave Islam. That is only a momentary reaction. People tend to cover their eyes when they come out of total darkness and are suddenly exposed to light. This reaction is normal and quite understandable. But after they get over their anger and start thinking, they will want to find the answer and they find none. Irrespective of their reaction, we sow the seeds of doubt in them. Once they read a few articles from this site, they will never be the same. They will keep denying, until they can no more. The passage from faith to enlightenment is not an easy one. It is an arduous process.  

Almost everyday I receive personal confessions of Muslims who leave Islam. I publish some of them but canít publish others because they are too personal or just a line thanking me and other pundits of this site for opening their eyes. I have received declaration of apostasy from Imams, from directors of Islamic associations (equivalent to CAIR). How can I publish those testimonies and keep the identity of these people secret? University students from Bangladesh , Pakistan , Saudi Arabia and virtually every Islamic country write their short notes to say they saw the light.  

Yes Islam is being eradicated as we speak. This is just the beginning. The snowball is already in motion. As it goes down, it will only increase in size and magnitude until it breaks the snow bank and becomes an avalanche. Nothing can stop it now.  

Islam will be eradicated one person at a time. With each victory, we will win an ally and a comrade who will shoulder this task with us and will help others. We will grow exponentially. 2 will become 4, 4 will become 8, then 16, 32, 64 and so on. At first the growth does not seem significant. But eventually it becomes a huge movement that will swiftly engulf the entire Muslim world. This is the power of exponential growth.

In response to my question Robert sent me the following note:

Thanks, Ali. 

Very briefly, the answer is threefold: I operate the site to encourage resistance, containment, and education.

Resistance to jihadist activity. Containment of the Islamic threat at very least to within the Islamic world, accompanied by an awakening in the West that Islamic principles conflict with ours, and require a continued posture of strength vis-a-vis Islam. Education to alert people to the need for the first two. 


I fully support those goals. In addition FFI strives to rescue Muslims from Islam. I am confident we can reduce the threat of Islam by convincing a huge number of Muslims that Islam is false. 

Ali Sina  


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