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It is up to you. You must leave Islam. You canít have your cake and eat it too. Not all the brainwashed followers of Asahara committed terrorism. But all of them were ready to do whatever their guru told them. They considered it an honor to follow his orders. They thought he knows best and they are not in a position to question his wisdom. They all posed a potential danger to society. The same applies to Muslims. They all consider it to be an honor to follow Muhammadís orders. They think he knew best. Allah is a figment of Muhammadís imagination. Just as you may create a fictitious cyber name to come to your help and approve of you, Muhammad created this alias called Allah to come to his help and through him he fooled the gullible. Not all of the Muslims are terrorists but they all pose danger to society.  

I think we have to do everything possible to wean Muslims from Islam and reintegrate them in the fold of mankind. But if they resist, we must watch them carefully and treat them as potential terrorists, just as we treat the followers of Asahara as potential terrorists. The followers of Asahara are not in jail. They committed no crime. But they are under surveillance and must report to police their activities. This is necessary because of the risk that they pose. The same applies to non-Muslims who convert to Islam. Once they convert to Islam they become the fifth column in their own country and should be treated as traitors. They are too dangerous to live among us. They are too much of a risk to our lives.  Does Jose Padilla, John Walker and John Mohammed or Richard Reid ring a bell?  

A 16 year old Bangladeshi girl raised in America who had become so fanatical Muslim that did not want to go to school where boys also study, wore hijab and in anger left school for two days when two of her classmates discussed about their boyfriends in front of her, while at the same time she was insisting to get married to another Muslim man whom she hardly knew, was arrested by FBI suspected of plotting suicide bombing. Her classmates think she would never do such thing. But that is how the friends of other Muslim terrorists thoughts. If she is so engulfed in Islam, she is a time bomb. Police must know something and is doing the right thing. People like her are dangerous. This young woman, with that attitude is a prime candidate to become a suicide bomber.  

Muslim terrorists generally are not common criminals, although common criminals often are attracted to Islam. Muslim terrorists are average people who take their religion too seriously. We must be careful of them.  

You must make a real tough decision. Leave this madman called MuHamMad and his terrorist cult or donít expect us to treat you as a citizen in good standing. You are a potential danger and it would be foolish for us to overlook that fact.  

If you want help and have questions about Islam, most of us in this site are ex-Muslims and will be more than glad to help you. We will answer all your questions. We want you to leave Islam, be happy and be a good member of the family of mankind. But if you insist to be a bad apple then we canít do much but to watch you.  

The bottom line is that we love you but we canít have you as a Muslim. I would not allow my own father, brother or son to come to my house when he has a dangerous infectious disease. I want him to be quarantined until he recovers. You could be my own brother. But I want you to be quarantined until you leave Islam and you are fully recovered.  

The choice is yours.  

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