Leaving Islam




Why do you hate me?


Mr. Sina but I am not evil  

I donít hate people. 
I donít want to hurt my friends.
I love my home and America and I pray for world peace.  

Why do you hate me? What did I ever do to you? I never hurt anyone. Why do you want to kill us? I mean you no harm. Please leave us in peace. I donít want to die. I want to live and go to college and be able to live in peace. Why do you want me and my friends to die? 


 Ali Sina

Nobody hates you and nobody wants you to die. You must start reading the Quran and see how much Muhammad hated others and wanted to kill them. Muslims who follow Muhammad are killing people every day. Are you not watching the news? 

Playing the role of the victim is part of the Islamic game of deceit and even at this young age, you play that subconsciously. This is psychopathology. In no place I ever said kill Muslims. So what is the ground of this desperate plea of "spare my life please"? This proves my point when I say Muhammad was a psychopath and his mental sickness is reflected in all his followers.   

Why you follow that monster? If you donít hate anyone and do not want to kill anyone just leave Islam. You canít be part of a terrorist organization and say hey I am a good person. If you are a good person what are you doing in this terrorist organization? Islam is a terrorist organization. This is very clear from the Quran. Many of us were Muslims and we left it when truth became manifest to us. You can too. If you donít then you are responsible. Still I am not saying anyone should kill you. But I am saying people should watch you because you are part of the same religion that Bin Laden is part of and any day you could become a terrorist bomber. All it takes is that you get hit by some crisis and seek your holy bookís solace. Then youíll see your fake deity is asking you to kill the non-Muslims and you might do it.

If you are not evil why you follow an evil man?  

Muhammad was evil and you follow him. You do whatever he told you to do because you think by doing that he will send you to heaven.  

Do you think the terrorists who behead innocent people and blow them up think they are evil? No, they think they are doing Godís work. They follow Muhammad and do evil.  

You believe in Muhammad too. So how can we trust you?  

It is very simple. You are either on the side of humanity and leave Islam or you are part of that terrorist organization and must be distrusted. This does not mean as a Muslim you automatically become a terrorist. It means you are potentially a terrorist.  

Let me make an example. Some of the followers of Shoko Asahara, the Japanese cult leader, went to the subways in Japan and released a very poisonous gas intending to kill thousands of people. 12 people died and hundred became sick and impaired for the rest of their lives. Those who perpetrated this heinous crime were not bad people. In fact they were very good people. One of them was a renowned doctor. He joined this cult because he believed to cure people, spirituality is also needed. But this brilliant man foolishly followed a very evil man. In his trial he cried and said he was duped. He wanted to help people and ended up killing them. It all happened step by step and he trusted this cult leader so much that even though he knew killing people is wrong he convinced himself that Asahara knows best. (Donít Muslims say Allah knows best?) He was given life in Jail. His accomplices were so convinced of what they were doing that they never had any compunction. They thought in this way they are helping their victims to become free from the cycle of sin and achieve Nirvana. So as you see, when good people follow evil doctrines they do evil things without realizing it.  

Islam is a very evil doctrine. The terrorists are not born evil. They become evil once they start following the teachings of Islam.  

You are a Muslim and this means that at one moment in your life you may decide to follow what Muhammad said. If you do that you become very dangerous. So now you are like a time bomb. You are of no danger to anyone and will hurt no one until you are ignited with faith. Then you become extremely dangerous. You canít control it. As long as you believe in Muhammad, and think this monster was a prophet of God you are in danger.  

We want to help you and remove you from Islam and save you. We are not your enemies. We are your friends. We have been there ourselves and know perfectly what you think and how you feel. I have a cousin who said during the war between Iran and Iraq; he used to lie in empty tombs prying to become martyr. (During the war hundreds of thousands of Iranian youth were killed. They used to bring them in huge numbers and bury them in the cemetery every day. So the tombs were dug beforehand and were made ready for them.) But we canít help you if you donít want to be helped. If you want to stick to your dangerous cult and act psychotically what else can we do but to watch you? How do we know when you are going to become a faithful Muslim and a suicide bomber? With this kind of paranoia and the feeling of victimization you are half way there. All the other terrorists were just like you. They were good people, good citizens and had good hearts. But suddenly we heard they blew themselves up killing innocent people. How do we know you wonít become one of them?  

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