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The myth of peaceful Muslims

By Ali Sina  

Having read scores of books and publications on Islam...history and fundamentalism since 9/11, there is a statistic that I cannot find, or even get an average consensus on.  The general paucity of the Muslim world wide community (especially the prominent Mullahs and Imams) in berating this terrorist action seems tantamount to an ad-hoc approval... notwithstanding the very few who were brave enough to publicly denounce that action.  

Is it not a fact that a multitude of Islamicists secretly nodded approval of this crime while at the same time uttered a vocal condemnation?  Question:  Is there a percentage quoted somewhere that would give a figure to this anomaly?   

My own research and reading leans believe to at least 50% of the above fact.  Any information will be appreciated. 





 Dear Jim,  

I don’t think there is such a statistic or that a statistic would even be realistic. The problem is that it is difficult to establish which Muslim condemns terrorism and who approves it. What we call terrorism to a Muslim is holy Jihad and Jihad is a pillar of Islam. No Muslim can be against Jihad. If you oppose Jihad you are no more a Muslim.  

Jihad means waging war against the infidels to make Islam dominant. This, according to the examples set by the Prophet of Islam is done through ambush, raids and killing unarmed civilians, looting them and even raping their wives and taking them as slaves. You and I call these terrorism, Muslims call them Jihad.  

But Muslims play with words. They condemn terrorism but can’t condemn Jihad. The same Muslims who deny Islam’s involvement in 9/11 and say it was the work of the CIA and the Jews and that “Muslims would never do such thing”, delight of the carnage and say America had it coming and that the Muslims have been oppressed and now they are rightfully retaliating. I had conversation with Muslims who expressed these diametrically opposing views, i.e. "Muslims won't do such thing" and "America deserved it"  in two consecutive sentences. Which category do they belong to?  

If you are content with my “guestimation”, I believe 90% of Muslims are happy that their terrorist brothers kill the infidels and the same 90% deny categorically that Islam has anything to do with it.  

What you and the rest of the world can’t understand is that the Muslim mind is deceptive. The Muslim does not just deceive you but he also deceives himself.  

Muslims follow a psychopath and as the result think like him.  Just as millions of Germans became psychopaths during the WWII and millions of Japanese became psychopaths at the same time, a billion people can become psychopaths collectively. Luckily there is a great percentage of them that do not know much about the real Islam and do not practice it.  

A good example of this collective psychopathology was observed in Iran during the revolution of 1979. Many of us who witnessed it were shocked to see the mass hysteria and savagery of an entire nation. Most of those who acted psychopathically, later came to their senses and regretted their folly. Even they agree that they acted psychopathically.     

Psychopaths are generally smart people who lack conscience. Muslims are conscientious people when religion is not a factor. They can be just as kind and loving as any other person. But they willingly submit their conscience to their faith and accept any crime if it is dictated by their religion. Say for example a women is accused of adultery and she is sentenced to be stoned to death. Muslims generally keep silence. They blame the adulterer and not the draconian law. These people could be caring and loving people, yet their conscience can never overcome their faith.  

When you follow a psychopath, when you give up your intelligence and surrender your conscience to a deranged loon, you act and think like him and become the extension of his psychopathic mind.  

900 seemingly sane people committed mass suicide because they believed in Jim Jones who was a psychopath. Since then several hundred others, mostly university graduated intelligent people, have done the same by believing in psychopath cult leaders. The followers of Shoko Asahara, the blind Japanese messiah, went on a killing spree in the subways of Japanese cities, killing and injuring hundreds of people to “set them free from their bad karma”.  According to Asahara's twisted doomsday teachings a "poa" killing releases victims from everyday life and the inevitable accumulation of bad karma. “One can only save their soul through killing”, he taught his followers. “Wise people would see that both the killer and the person killed would benefit from this”, said Asahara. Hundreds of his followers turned psychopathic murderers because they followed a psychopath.    

The Islamic ethos is no different. Muslims are encouraged to make Jihad against the infidels and kill them to advance their cult. 

Psychopathic behavior is contagious. Islam is a cult created by a psychopath. There is no other way to put it. We have to stop this nonsense talk about “Islamic theology”, “Islamic philosophy”, “Islamic art” or “Islam culture”. These are oxymoronic terms. They only give legitimacy to a cult of death and credence to a psychopath. We have to see Islam as a perilously overgrown dangerous cult and Muhammad as a crazed cult leader. This is the only correct angle for viewing Islam.  

Cult members are not normal people. Even if in every other way they are sane and some of them may even be geniuses, they think and behave psychopathically when it comes to their cultic belief. Maintaining the image of the cult is the primary objective of every cult member. They would not hesitate to lie or even take the blame on their own in order to keep the appearances and portray their cult in the best light. At the same time they do not dither to commit crime to advance their cause. 

Cultists have very defined but intricate minds. The cult to them is the absolute truth and the ultimate goal of existence. Morality and ethics become relative and they are dominated by the ideals of the cult. The cultists lose every notion of right and wrong. Evil acts condemned by the Golden Rule become legitimate if they serve their cause.  I had discussions with Muslims who blatantly have denounced the Golden Rule (ironically calling it a cult) and stated that right and wrong, good and bad should be measured by what Muhammad did and not by the standards of the Golden Rule because, as they argued, he sets the standard. By this definition lying, assassinating, stealing and even raping are beautiful and divine if they were practiced by Muhammad and if they advance his cause.  

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