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So as you see, there are no sane Muslims. Even the most wonderful and loving Muslim, when it comes to defending the interests of Islam, temporarily becomes a psychopath without even being aware of the transformation. His rationality is suddenly blocked and he willingly submits his intelligence to Muhammad who was a psychopath. He lies; he shuts his eyes to the evil perpetrated by his peers and especially his prophet. It is mind boggling that Muslims are not bothered by the fact that Muhammad was a pervert lecher who slept with any women he desired. It does not bother them to know that he raped women captured in war in the same night that he tortured and murdered their husbands. They are not even troubled by the fact that Muhammad had sex with a nine year old child and do everything to rationalize all these patently evil acts. What kind of normal people could possibly accept such a monster as a prophet? If this is not psychopathic, what is?    

A Muslim may condemns the terrorists only in front of non-Muslims to leave a good impression of Islam but nods in approval what they do and even justifies their crimes with all sorts of mental gymnastics and rationalizations. This is not just hypocrisy but psychopathic. The Muslim is genuinely unaware of his duplicity and double standard. The goal is to promote Islam and end justifies the means. Never a Muslim pauses for one minute in his entire life to question why he believes in what he believes. If he does that, he would leave Islam.  

Islam is a lie. The sad reality is that this lie is so widespread that calling it so is like crying out that the emperor is naked when everyone is vying against others to praise the beauty of his mantle. “Only a fool cannot see the beauty of Islam”, is what Muslims have been telling one another for 1400 years and those who have dared to tell the truth were either called lunatics, killed or both. How can you go against something so widely believed and so fiercely protected? No one can prove that Islam is a religion but since everyone believes in this lie you will be branded as the madman if you tell the truth. You will be the crazy lunatic if you say the obvious.  

My response to your question is that there is no distinction between “good Muslims” and bad Muslims. Muslims are Muslims and all of them agree with all the tenets of Islam and Jihad is one of them. Jihad is terrorism and every Muslim who says he is against terrorism is lying or he does not know Islam. (Fortunately the majority of them do not know Islam.)  He is saying this just to fool you. Muslims cannot be against Jihad or they are not Muslims. You have to see through the veneer of deception to see the reality of Islam.  

War is a game of deception” said the prophet of Islam. Deception and terror are the two arms of Islamic Jihad. Just as terrorism is waged in one camp, the game of deception must be played in another. This is the diplomacy of Islam. Every country has a military arm and a diplomatic arm. Islam is a political movement and it needs booth militancy and diplomacy. 

So we have one group of Muslims that tries to kill you and another that tries to deceive you. One pulls wool over your eyes so you trust them and believe Islam means peace and the other stabs you once you have lowered your guards. Which group is more dangerous is up to you to decide.  

As the militant arm of Islamic Jihad becomes more lethal, the deceptive arm becomes more conning. This is necessary because they must counter balance the negative effect left by Islamic terrorists to portray Islam as a religion of peace. The goal is to save Islam at all costs. The cooperation between the Jihadis and the deceivers may not be even conscience. In fact Muslims are extremely inimical to each other and reject each others as heretics. However they all work for the same goal and that is to promote Islam, each in his own way, understanding and capacity. 

A good example of this deceptive arm of Jihad is the site freemuslims.org  This site is so deceptive that even I was for a while wondering what they are up to. They have been very active seeking interviews with radios and televisions, denouncing terrorism and condemning the militant Islam. But this is what they have written:  

The Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism does not seek to change the tenets of the religion. However, the Coalition believes that the Koran only provides general principals of governance which leaves the faithful with substantial flexibility to modernize popular Muslim practices and beliefs.”

The first sentence of this paragraph says it all. If these Muslims do not seek to change the tenets of the religion then they can’t change the Jihad which is one of the fundamental tenets of Islam. Therefore their purported opposition to Islamic terrorism is nothing but a pretense.

The rest of this paragraph is nothing but lip service intended to con the gullible westerner, for whose consumption this site is actually devises. The truth is that the Quran does not leave the faithful with any flexibility to modernize. The Quran emphatically say:

“This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.” 5:3

Attempting to change the Quran or “modernizing” it is considered “bid’a” (innovation) and carries sever punishment and it is regarded as heresy.

They continue:

“The Coalition seeks to encourage discussion among Muslims about every aspect of their religion as it applies to modern times. The unwillingness of the Muslim religious establishment to consider modernizing the faith has relegated most Muslims to third world status and in many instances to a medieval existence."

Apart from the fact that this site does not have a discussion forum, it is not even catered to Muslims. It is a site in English and it solicits interviews from the western media. The objective is not to encourage any discussion among Muslims but to lull the westerners that Islam has a peaceful flange as well. The thought of discussing about modernizing Islam does not even occur to Muslims.    

The site goes on to say:

"Those who seek change are often afraid to speak out because of the aggressive and violent nature of those Muslims who reject change. The silence of peaceful Muslims has resulted in the hijacking of Islam by extremists and terrorists. This must change.”  

The deceptive underlying message in this line of reasoning is that Islam is essentially peaceful which is hijacked by the extremists and terrorists. This is blatant lie. The intent of this site is not to make Islam more peaceful. There is only one Islam and that is the Islam of the Quran. The reason the aggressive and violent Muslims reject change is because change is contrary to the Quran. Quran is the manual of terrorism. This can be demonstrated as easily as reading that book. Islam cannot be changed unless the Quran in its entirety is scrapped. Even then we are left with a manic and savage cult leader who committed more crimes than Hitler.

The site continues:

“The Coalition seeks to give a voice to these reformers and fearlessly challenges the extremists and those who justify terrorism.”

Islam cannot be reformed. How can you reform something that is believed to be perfect? The authors of freemuslims.org know that. They are not saying this to Muslims. Why their site is not in Urdu, Arabic or Indonesian? They know they do not have much clout among the Muslims.  These self-proclaimed "fearless reformers" are either deceivers or fools. That site is created to bamboozle the westerners. Courage is in facing the truth and not in masquerading a lie. 

Your search to see which percentage of Muslims supports terrorism and which percentage is peace-loving, is in vain. There is no line dividing the Muslims and if there is, that line is blurred. Muslims, when they think like normal humans, naturally abhor killing and violence. It is human to desire peace and the well being of your fellow human. But when these very Muslims think like Muslims, they can’t but to approve of terrorism and tacitly support it. For Muslims religion comes first and humanity comes next. Even their lives and the lives of their children are secondary; why should they give a tinker's cuss about your life and the lives of your kids? After all, they are the guided people and you are an infidel destined for hell. Why they should be kinder to you than Allah who has made you to be the fuel of the fire?

We have no option but to destroy Islam. Do not let the so called “peaceful Muslims” defraud you. Islam is the enemy and it must be destroyed. Islam wants to destroy you with hooks and crooks. You must be prepared and defend yourself. Be prepared, fight preemptively and raze it before it razes you. In the process, try to save the mislead Muslims and bring them back to the fold of humanity. Do not buy into that nonsense of reformation. That is another Islamic trick. Accept nothing but the total destruction of Islam. Remember, Islam does not tolerate you, you must not tolerate it.  

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