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There are many Pakistanis, faithful to Jinnah's declaration of 11th August 1947, who stand for a secular democratic Pakistan.... but are perturbed by this frightful analysis by one of your articles.

Regards and best wishes...  

Yasser  (Full name deleted by Ali Sina)

That is very unfortunate. It is always difficult to get over our child brainwashing and indoctrination. As Pakistan will keep falling deeper and deeper in poverty, these faithful followers of Jinnah will eventually have to realize that the problem with Pakistan is precisely its Islamic identity and they will have no one to blame other than Jinnah. If it werenít for this manís dream of becoming the father of a new country using Islam as the pretext when he himself was not a real believer, why would Pakistan even exist? Doesn't the very fact that a man who claimed to be a secularist said Muslims can't live with Hindus prove that he was a hypocrite? If he was truly a secularist would he have played the religious card?  If Pakistan did not exist, neither the Pakistanis nor the Indians needed to expend so much on defense. Together, the great India (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) would have been much more stronger, much more prosperous and without Islam, much more civilized. The billions of dollars spent on bombs and wars would have gone to education, infrastructure, hospitals and to improve their lives. Your salvation will come only when you see yourself as an Indian and not as a Muslim. 

My advice to you is: divest yourself and your country of the Islamic identity and try to reunite with your Indian brothers. Reclaim your ancestral identity that Islam has vilified and taken it away from you. You are an Indian, just as I am a Persian. We are not Muslim brothers. We are Human brothers and part of the human family of Mankind. Be proud of who you are. Be proud of your ancestral heritage. Get rid of your Islamic slavery that has brought you nothing but hatred and miseries. Be a Human first -- a Human first

Let me remind you that one of the admirers of M.A. Jinnah is none other than the great Pakistani refusenik, Ibne-Warraq...

Well and I am an admirer of Ibn Warraq but I do not have to agree with him on everything.


It is because Jinnah represented all those values that many on this website want Muslims to adopt...

I doubt it.

We want to bring unity to mankind not division and hate. That is not what Jinnah ended up doing.

There are two particular statements I want to quote here which express the message of faithfreedom beautifully...

"No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you. We are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners." ( Barrister Jinnah 1944)

The new state would be a modern democratic state with sovereignty resting in the people and the members of the new nation having equal rights of citizenship regardless of their religion, caste or creed.
(Jinnah to Doon Campbell 21st May 1947)

These are lip services and the evidence of Jinnah's intellectual dishonesty. Muslims are not victims of evil customs. They are victims of Islam, the very think Jinnah enslaved the Pakistanis forever. If shutting up the women within the four walls of the house is a crime. Jinnah is the accomplice of that crime. If he really wanted to make Pakistan a modern state with sovereignty resting on people he should not have created a country under the Islamic pretext.  Jinnah should have known Islam is not for equality of women or democracy when he gave birth to a nation with that identity as its raison d'Ítre. You can't create an Islamic country that is not Islamic. This is cognitive dissonance. There is an inconsistency between the above aspiration and the Islamic identity that he imposed on Pakistan.   

Do you still think Jinnah was a great leader? I have no doubt that the future Pakistani historians will allocate him to his proper place. He will be remembered as an egotistic and opportunistic  man, who shattered millions of lives for one reason alone and that is to leave his mark as the founder of a nation. He gave them false promises of a promised land that he knew he could not deliver, especially with Islam as their identity. He told Muslims you can't live with Hinuds because of your Faith, then he promised them democracy and equality which are antithesis to Islam. In this regard he was either a fool or a con man. But one thing is certain and that is he was after his own interests, willing break up a great country just to leave a legacy of himself.  


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