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Was Jinnah a Great Leader? 

 By Ali Sina

Dear Ali Sina,  

I appreciate your website. It is an alternative point of view, and god knows we need more of them in the Muslim world...  I might not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to freedom.  


Dear Yasser,  

Thank you very much for your noble thoughts and for understanding that even those whom you think are mistaken have the right to express their views freely.  

However do you know that by doing so you are going against Islam? In Islam freedom of belief is inexistent, let alone freedom of expressing those beliefs publicly. 


However I was perturbed to read the comments of one Asad Raza about Jinnah and Pakistan. Now I am not sure if you have read South Asian History, but Jinnah was a thoroughly secular leader, constitutionalist and law abiding. His very late political stance of Muslim separatism had more to do with economic and political rights of the Muslim community than religion.  He didn't go to jail because he never broke the law. 


Jinnah was a secularist in his mind but he was an opportunist man who dreamed to be remembered as the father of a new nation. However like all good Muslim politicians he used religion as a tool for his political ambitions. Islam was created as a tool of domination and allows itself to be uses as such by any unscrupulous power hungry corrupt man. The creation of Pakistan was not as bad for India as it was for Pakistanis. India, thanks to having less Muslims is now thriving and it is on her way to become a prosperous and modern nation. Meanwhile Pakistan has marched backwards since its creation. It has become an intolerant and poor country in which democracy can never thrive.  It is unproductive and will eventually implode in chaos. It produces terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists and atomic bombs. But welfare, education, equality, pluralism and good life are not on the agenda. Eventually when the Pakistanis realize the harm that Jinnah did to them, they will stop praising him and he will be remembered as a self-serving and self-glorifying ambitious man. He put Pakistan on the rout of destruction and perpetual wars.  

Similarly it is a well known fact that it was secular and westernized Muslims and not the religious ones who supported Pakistan.... the religious Muslims, just like orthodox jews in the case of Israel, were opposed to the creation of Pakistan... 

That could be the case. Muslim intellectuals are the most dishonest creatures on earth. It was the Muslim intellectual “secularists” in Iran who supported Khomeini and made the revolution happen. They use Islam as the pretext for their political ambitions. Often they end up being the losers. 

Asad Raza clearly has an agenda to defame the founding father of Pakistan... I strongly disagree with this portrayal of M.A. Jinnah on your website, as it serves to alienate millions of Pakistanis who might otherwise hold similar views as you... 

Asad Raza is telling the truth. Pakistanis never had an enemy bigger than Jinnah. Results speak for themselves. The Indian Muslims, although generally poorer than the Hindus, and that is not because of discrimination but because of their lazy ethos, are better off than the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims. What the Pakistanis have to thank Jinnah for? For giving them an Islamic identity? For putting them in a state of constant warfare with their own Indian brethren? For forcing them to enter in an arms race with India and spend billions of dollars on defense and atomic bombs?  Remember that it is not India that is threatening Pakistan. India has no territorial claims on Pakistan. It is Pakistan that has territorial claims and wants to annex Kashmir. So Indians have no choice in this arms race. It is Pakistan who is the aggressor and the guilty party. Everywhere there is a war the aggressors are always the Muslims. It's always the Muslims who initiate the wars and can't live with their neighbors.     

The Pakistanis get offended? Why should we care? I don't recall we at Faith Freedom International ever gave much weight to people's feelings Here we are concerned about the truth, not people's feelings. Yes as an Iranian it hurts me to know that my country is involved in major terrorist activities and is part of the axis of evil. But truth is truth.  Truth must be said and if that offends anyone that is his problem. I tell the truth about France being also an accessory to the alliance of evil. The French soldiers today are killing people in Ivory Coast because the French love chocolate. No one is reporting this atrocity because the victims are black. I tell the truth about the Brits supporting the evil regimes and enriching themselves with the miseries of others. It is a shame the the average Brit thinks what his government does abroad is not his responsibility and washes his hands with such clear conscience. We accuse the Europeans of cowardice. Do the citizens of these countries get offended? Let them be offended. We want to be the voice of the truth and not of political correctness. If we are mistaken just prove us wrong and let the truth prevail. Tell us where we are wrong and we will amend our errors. "Oh I am soooo offended" and "oh you hurt my sensitivity"  are not the kind of answers that have much value here. That is not our kind of stock. 

I read the history of Pakistan when I was just a boy and went to live in Pakistan. Instead of Urdu, I took Pakistani Culture and the Pakistani version of what happened was the only version that I read. Even at that age (mid teens), I was able to see through the propaganda, disliked Jinnah whose haughty picture hanged on top of the blackboards in every classroom and took a liking of Gandhi who was presented in the worse of lights. Jinnah came across as a fraud, as a haughty ambitious man who brought about the death of millions just to make a name for himself. Eventually the Pakistanis will abandon their romantic notion of the creation of Pakistan and will condemn Jinnah for all the damage that he did to them.  

Why Muslims had to separate? Wasn't it because of their Islamic identity? Isn't it because they believed to be the "pure" ones and the Hindus, the "dirty" ones? 

Jinnah offered Muslims "self-government". Why Muslims should have a different selfhood to begin with? The problem with Islamic world is this very Islamic identity. Muslims cannot integrate with others and cannot co-exist with anyone else. They always see themselves as different. It is always "us" the Muslims vs. "them" the Kafirs. The power hungry Muslim politicians know that and they take advantage of this weakness for their own gain. Hatred is always a unifying force. So they incite the hatred of the non-Muslims and rally the benighted Muslims like flies around rotten meat.

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