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A cynic may ask then what about creationism. Isn’t this an absurd belief? Why would a secularist vote for a president who is a creationist? The answer is: yes creationism is absurd. But that is not the only absurd or illogical belief. Everyone is guilty of believing in some absurdity. Is the belief in God logical? Or is the belief in atheism logical? In fact, neither of these beliefs is logical. In reality, the moment you believe you step into the realm of illogicality. All beliefs are illogical, by definition. Beliefs do not rest on logical proof or material evidence. That is why they are called beliefs. If they did, they would be called facts.   

The key here is tolerance. I do not have to agree with your beliefs nor should you agree with mine, but we must tolerate each other and even each other’s irrational beliefs. However, tolerance should not be confused with submission. You should not, indeed must not tolerate my belief if I believe it is my right to kill you or to impose my beliefs on you.    

The reason many secularists supported a religious candidate is precisely because of this. We felt that the liberals have lost the notion of right and wrong. That in their zest to "respect opinions of mankind”, they are not only ignoring their human rights and their needs but also endangering the peace of mankind.   

Wills names France , Britain , Germany , Italy and Spain as paragons of enlightenment and laments that America is not like them. What is so great about these countries? The common denominator of all of them is moral relativism. Wasn’t it high ranking French politicians who received $1.7 billion dollars in bribes from Sadaam out of Iraq ’s oil-for-food fund to peddle on his behalf in the UN? Didn't several members of the UN receive kickbacks from Saddam for the same reason and from the same fund when the Iraqi children were dying by thousands every day for the lack of food? With all that going on, the liberals had the chutzpa to blame America for the sanctions. Aren’t these “enlightened” European countries vying with each other to sign trade agreements with rogue regimes such as the Iranian Mullahs, disregarding completely the fact that these are thugs and not the legitimate rulers of the wretched people whom they have subdued and suppressed?  

“Respecting the opinion of mankind” is only a pretext of these European neo-colonists to continue pillaging the wealth of the poor nations and propping the dictators. Under this pretext they turn the blind eye to all the atrocities and human right abuses going on in the world and continue dealing with the most ruthless regimes.   

The reason Bush received the vote of many secularists is because we were fed up with the liberals' hypocrisy and their moral relativism. We found Bush to be a man of principles. He does what he believes to be right. We may disagree with him but we can trust him because we can see through him. Kerry on the other hand claimed to be a Catholic. He even quoted verses from the Bible. But his views were contrary to his professed faith. He came across as a moral relativist at best and a hypocrite at worst, who would say anything to get elected.    

Unlike what the liberals claim, it is not the strong stance of America that has enraged the Islamic terrorists. What fuels the Islamic fervor is precisely the decadence and moral relativism of the liberalists. Osama bin Laden expressed that very thing in his letter to America when he berated the Americans for tolerating Clinton ’s acts of lewdness in the Oval Office. He again made slight of the Americans for their sinfulness and profligacy in his latest video message. Interestingly, it is the wealthy liberals and those who control the movie industry in America that are the harbingers of this decadence and not the religious right.    

This election should not be considered as a triumph of religious fundamentalism. It is rather a triumph of principles. It is a rebellion against moral relativism. It is a rejection of political correctness. It is a victory of justice and truth.  

We, the secularists who supported Bush, did not support him for his religious views. We supported him because we found him to be a man of principles. Many of his views were not popular. But he stuck to his guns and did not say things contrary to his beliefs just to grab more votes. This is what we appreciated in him. We backed him for what he is made of and not for what he believes. 


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