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Evil is real, just as darkness is real. Islamic fundamentalism is evil in every sense. We need a leader to stand against this evil with strength of character and determination. What was Kerry’s response to Islamic Terrorism? “We’ll reach out to Muslims” he said.  

This is not good enough! If someone is attacking you with the intent to kill you, you can’t reach out to him. You have to defend yourself. Kill him or you’ll be killed. Muslims can’t be reached. They are not listening. They are not open to dialogues. They burn books which are critical of Islam and kill their authors. They are like zombies programmed to kill. They are not coming to our Internet forums and ban us if we go to theirs. (See my failed attempt to reach out to Muslims. Try them and see if you have a better chance.) But they are determined to kill us. Their faith is unwavering. Their resolve is unshaken. We have no other choice but to fight back.  

If your enemy is focused with the intent to kill you, you must be focused to defend yourself and kill him first. If he takes a warring posture, you must take a warring posture. If he reaches for his gun you must reach for your gun. This does not equate you to your enemy. Mr. Wills and his liberal co-ideologists have lost the notion of right and wrong.  Their faith in political correctness has blinded them to reality. They have no understanding of the dangers that this world is facing. The world is being threatened to extinction and all that these politically correct spin doctors can prescribe are more appeasements.    

These are no doctors! They have no understanding of the gravity of the situation in which we live. Evil must be fought, terrorism must be quashed. Truth may vary from person to person but justice is the same to everyone. Oppression is wrong, whether it is in Iraq , Iran or in Europe . If you can't tolerate a despot, jailing people for their political views and executing them in Berlin or in London why would you tolerate them in Baghdad or in Tehran ? Isn't this hypocrisy? Isn't this moral relativism? How much duplicity and double standard is enough?  

If a president believes in creationism, it does not affect my freedom and my life. If the religionists can tolerate a secular president, why shouldn't secularists tolerate a religious president? Shouldn't the secularists be the first to defend the freedom of thoughts and beliefs?  

But if a president cannot distinguish right from wrong, if he cannot see Evil for what it is, if he does not understand that we are in war, if he is a pacifist in war, if he thinks terrorism is only a nuisance no worse than gambling and prostitution, if he thinks that he can stop Islamic Terrorism by “reaching out to Muslims”, he does not understand the dangers of the time. He is still a flower child, but not a statesman. By electing him I will be putting my life and the lives of millions in danger. Then his views on secularism become irrelevant.

Mr. Wills brings us the example of Europeans. But he forgets that thanks to their liberalism, moral relativism and political correctness the Europeans are now far worse than the Americans. They live in fear in their own countries. They are afraid to speak because they could be assassinated. It was only a couple of days ago that the Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh was butchered cycling in a park in the daylight by a Muslim who thought his documentary about Muslim women was blasphemy and he should be put to death. Is this the kind of paradise that the Liberals are envisioning for America ?  Thanks, but no thanks! I will stick with a president who prays to his God no matter how irrational it may be but can distinguish the right from wrong and is not squeamish to say it.    

Despite the losers' claim, this election was not about the gay rights, science vs. faith, economy or even the war. It was about principles. It was about values, about human decency and justice. It was a triumph of truth over political correctness and a victory of principles over moral relativism.

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