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The Left’s Folly 

By Ali Sina

Some left-wingers in the forum of FFI accused me of being ‘caught up in the American elections’, catching ‘the election fever’ and becoming ‘disoriented’ from the mission of Faith Freedom International, which is fighting Islam!  

Not so!  

I see this election as the core of our battle against Islamic Terrorism. If Kerry wins the presidency we all lose. Mankind will lose. It is as simple as that. I think I have made this point very clear. But leftism is an ideology, it is a belief system. Just as it is hard to reason with religionists, it is equally hard to reason with leftists. They keep whining about jobs and economy and have no understanding of the real danger that humanity is facing.  

Obviously those who say terrorism is not the only issue, simply do not get it. Imagine in the height of the Second World War, when all the efforts of the nation should have been devoted to fighting that war, someone say, but winning the war is not the only important issue and there are other equally important things that you should focus on. Imagine a running candidate in the time of war telling the voters, we should treat the war as a 'nuisance' and not let it become the focus of our lives. Wouldn’t you have been shocked and alarmed? Would you have let such man lead your country through those perilous years?   

Kerry still goes around saying the President is using scare tactics. In his views the threat of Islam is not to be taken too seriously. He equates Islamic Terrorism to organized crime and prostitution. How can he lead America and the world through a war that he does not even acknowledge exists?  

Yesterday, ex President Clinton showed up to offer his support to Sen. Kerry. He told the audience not to vote for a president that scares you. Instead elect one who gives you hope. Hope is good but nothing is more dangerous than a false hope. Chimerical hope is for the fool. You can hope as much as you like and hide your head in the sand as deep as you can. But when the enemy strikes all your hopes will be shattered and gone. 

It was under the watch of Bill Clinton that the terrorists found America weak, planned their demonic attacks and then hit her with all their strength. Now this playboy President has come back and is telling the Americans: Don't worry! Be happy! And he calls this  'the message of hope'. No Mr. President, it isn't hope! It's denial. It's self-deception. Hope that is built on illusions is only a prelude to delusions. 

The leftists/liberals/Democrats tell us the main issue here is economy and blame Bush for it.  

Talk is cheap and election year promises are dime a dozen. How Kerry would improve the economy when the first thing he would do is to increase taxes?  By increasing taxes you would actually shrink the economy and as the result the collectible taxes would decrease. In other words, the more tax you charge, the less you collect. So the illusion that Kerry can magically improve the economy is just that, an illusion. Under Kerry American economy will sink and recession is likely to ensue.  

Did America lose money during the Bush administration? Yes she did. But remember Bush inherited an America that was already in recession and he fought two wars that were necessary. America will have neither peace nor economy as long as the whole axis of evil is not eliminated. It is just naïve to think that after 9/11 you could burry the victims and life will continue as usual. Life will never be the same neither for Americans nor for Europeans or for anyone else. 9/11 was just the beginning of a major war that will last for many years and will probably end with a big bang. The animosity is building up, the hatred is brewing. America can do nothing to stop it. This hatred has nothing to do with America or anyone else. It stems from the Quran. The only way to win this war is to fight it. Fight its militancy, militarily and its ideology, ideologically. 

But how can you fight a war that you do not even acknowledge? Kerry thinks this war is only a nuisance. With Kerry this war will be lost by omission and Americans will die by millions. But not just Americans, everyone else will die and that includes also the French. The main problem with Kerry and the Dems is that they do not know we are being attacked or that we are in a war.

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