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Talking about the economy, one member of our forum wrote: “The question is not how bad the U.S. economy has been under Bush, the question is how bad it could have been otherwise. Greenspan was criticizing the 'irrational exuberance' of the stock market in December, 1996. The dot-com bubble occurred on Clinton 's watch. The corporate corruption that led to the accounting scandals and the collapse of many major companies, e.g., Enron, also long predated Bush's election. Al Qaida, not Bush, was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, which were trained for and planned long before he took office. Over 5.85 trillion dollars was lost in the stock market burst and the resulting accounting scandals, and the subsequent recession. 9/11 cost New York City 95 billion dollars alone. Bush's pro-business stance and deep tax cuts reassured business at a critical time, and gave confidence to investors. We may have record deficits now, but they would have been twice as bad had we gone into a deep recession or depression. Bush's invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq stimulated defense spending and boosted the defense-sector of the economy. The recession was a very shallow one thanks to Bush and Greenspan. Blaming Bush for "losing 2 million jobs" (or whatever the figure is) is ludicrous. It could have easily been 8 million.”  

My critics ask why I am so passionate about this election when I am not even American. There is nothing in it for me personally. In fact I alienate half of my readers and that is not a very politically correct thing to do. The answer however is obvious. On this election depends whether we will lose to Islamism or not. 

Sadly the leftists are blindfolded. Their hatred of capitalism and Americanism that this Texan President so characteristically embodies, has obscured their vision to the extent that they are willing to side with the Islamists, with the Iranian Mullahs and with Yasser Arafat just to get rid of him. The dislike of the leftists, the liberals, the Democrats, the socialists and the communists of Bush is so monumental that the British newspaper columnist Charlie Brooker, of The Guardian wrote: John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr - where are you now that we need you?  http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguide/columnists/story/0,,1333748,00.html

Those assassins, the beloved heroes of Charlie Brooker are dead, but Osama Bin Laden and millions of Muslim terrorists are alive and they are the hopes of Brookers and his ilk. 

With the above expressed wish, we can peer into the darkness of the wicked soul and the depravity of the crooked mind of the leftists and understand the mystery behind their adulterous love-affair with the Islamists. What they secretly covet is the destruction of capitalism and the ‘evil’ Judeo-Christianity and they are willing to sleep with anyone including the Islamists and the terrorists to achieve their goal. We saw his happen in Iran in 1979 and the deluded leftists are still banging their heads against the wall for their own stupidity. Maybe other leftists and liberals should learn from their Iranian counterparts that Muslims are not trustworthily bedfellows. 

This is not the kind of secularism that I stand for. In my book no one becomes a demon because of his religious or political affiliation. Evil is, who evil does, and not for what he believes.   

Politics, especially during elections are always contentious and they arouse raw emotions. But inciting people to assassinate a president is stepping out of the bounds. The leftists have lost their legitimacy. They are not only siding with the terrorists, but now they are inciting terrorism. This is not something civilized people should tolerate. The Guardian should be reprimanded and both the author and the editor of that article should be fired and charged with conspiracy to assassinate a President.  [Go here if you want to protest]

When it comes to honor killing and the atrocities committed by Muslims the leftists are silent. You never hear a squeak from them to protest against the abuse of women in Islamic countries. They condemn Israel for demolishing the houses of the terrorists but never they blame the terrorists for murdering Israeli children. Those of them who are in power in Europe and in Canada blissfully trade with the vilest and the most murderous regimes on Earth, like the Iranian Mullahs and Saddam (until he was deposed, which aggravated their grievance against America) and now their American co-ideologists want to follow the same misguided footsteps. As if all that were not enough, they are even calling for the assassination of the President.  

Someone wrote to me saying that one of his friends who is a hardcore leftist and a mortal enemy of all religions, has told him that America had no right to invade Afghanistan and to remove the Taliban who were, as she put it, ‘the legitimate government’. She even had the temerity to say that the Afghans were better off under Taliban than they are today. This is what ideologies do to human brain. This communist lady should remember the golden words of her pbuh Prophet Marx who said “religion is the opium of the masses”. What he did not say is that his own doctrine was also a religion.  

The leftists have sunk to a level that is beyond idiocy. A Persian maxim says: “A wise foe is better than a foolish friend”. The main reason why the leftists should not be allowed in the White House is because they are foolish.  

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