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I suspect Berlin participated in the EU-3 talks only to keep abreast of some of the latest developments but in the meantime they are the ones who found Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in order to stablilize first Russia’s economy and of course to end the war on the deciding front the Caucasus-Central Asia. But because of the deterioration of Russian armed forces since the end of the Cold War it will probably take Russia most of the rest of this year before they can respond more effectively. In June 2004 the New York Times mentioned that not one Russian air unit was fully operational.

In the meantime Teheran knows that more of the world is on to them and that world is riveted, obsessed with confronting the very real prospect of being targeted-attacked with more than just the occasional terrorist operation. This is what the Council of Guardians and a lot of the Islamic world’s population lives to see. The day after the attacks on September 11, 2001 a journalist interviewed to young Egyptian teenage girls in Cairo. They laughed at the attack and thought is was great. They were by no means radical fundamentalist but hate the West more than they hate Israel.

The controlled panic of the West’s leadership is desperately, reluctantly resigning itself to the reality that all out war with Iran and other Islamic capitals is inevitable. Teheran’s announcement of resuming work on its nuclear program, which they never really suspended, is controlling the agenda of the West-Russia and will until the Jihad runs its course, this year and the next.

The Council of Guradians know that they do not have unlimited resources, which is why they had a non-cleric win the four year term Presidency last year. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will still be head of state after the war and a non-cleric will make it easier for Iran to make the transition from war to peace. Teheran’s leading foreign policy representative of the Jihad is former President Mohammad Khatami who became internationally known as posing as a moderate when he was first elected in August 1997.

In October 1998 the Financial Times quoted Moscow’s Ambassador to Teheran who said Khatami is no moderate. That was not surprising since I knew the Council of Guardians would never allow a genuine moderate to become head of state but they knew what the world wanted to hear so they found someone photogenic and who smiled a lot. They instructed Khatami to fool people as long as possible and eventually his true nature will be revealed along with Iran’s foreign-war policy.

After Iran’s Presidential election last year Mohammad Khatami was appointed to a new position, head of the Association of Combatant Clerics. Late last year he passed through Vienna as part of his deceptive “Dialogue Between Civilizations” tour, in which he advocated annihilation of weapons of mass destruction. If he had spoken more candidly he would have said instead annihilation of Vienna. He made a similar, veiled hint, when he attended the UN opening in New York in September 2000 when he stated, “2001 is the year of the dialogue.”

In the meantime Teheran’s timetable for war is not being arranged for the convenience of the European Union or of any other Allied society. Iran’s Defense Ministry wants to catch the world off guard as much as possible. Fortunately nothing works as well as advertised. Not all bombs and missiles will work, some will miss and others will be duds.

So this week German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier will be meeting, in Berlin, with his British - French counterparts discussing an appropriate response. Teheran is of course monitoring all this. A couple of years ago, during the speculation as to when the Pentagon may attack Iran’s nuclear program, Iran’s Defense Ministry stated they would not let the U. S. attack first.

Teheran will continue these deceptive negotiations while at the same time prepare crises that will provide them with their reasons to launch their first strikes. Resumption of fighting in the Balkans will be used to launch against Europe, the crisis in Kashmir will be used to attack India and in the Caucasus -Central Asia, Tajikistan-Azerbaijan, Russian-Allied action there will be used to attack Russia and whatever bases the Allies have in the area just north of Iran.

From now on the discussions Berlin is leading should be concentrated on military preparations and response to Iran. Industrial services helping Russian armed forces to be better prepared are absolutely crucial. During the fighting in Beslan, the attack against the Russian school in the Caucasus, the news should a Russian soldier who ran out of bullets








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