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Crossfire War - TEHERAN WATCH: Eurasian Theatre; Teheran/Berlin - Genshagen - German Foreign Minister Warns Iran - 2 Day Special Meeting Planning a Response

Willard Payne 


Night Watch: BERLIN - GENSHAGEN - Attending a two day meeting in Genshagen, south of Berlin, the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier stated that Iran had “crossed a line” when it removed seals at its Natantz nuclear production plant 155 miles south of Teheran.

This should not be any shock. This site has stated constantly that the foreign policy of the Council of Guardians revolves around crises creation. The dialogue of events that Teheran assumes they and other Islamic capitals will be able to control in their attempt to replace the West as the world’s most significant power bloc, a continuation of one of the world’s oldest historical rivalries even before the Middle East became Islamic. That is why the West was always Iran and the Jihad’s main target.

Discussions and statements Teheran’s government makes, threatening Israel and Zionism, are just a highly publicized and staged diversion. Teheran is aware there is not much of a market for salt in the Dead Sea but there is for the oil in the Caspian and that those who are called to attempt to destroy Israel will be given their chance to experience the glories of celebrated martyrdom.

But Teheran knows that a lot of the West likes to hear it discussing-threatening Israel, exploiting the undercurrent of anti-Semitism still prominent within the psychology of the West’s higher circles and especially since it was the West who set the stage for this war by having the Ayatollah Khomeini in a Paris suburb, providing him with all the communication assistance he needed in order to overthrow the Shah in February 1979, not realizing Khomeini’s influence would extend into the Arab world. The Paris Club, of which Berlin is the most important member, only wanted war in Central Asia, to justify Moscow’s next invasion move south toward Iran - Turkey.

But in the meantime Teheran is preparing to silence Vienna, the headquarters of the UN atomic monitoring agency, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Teheran never welcomed the investigation and are only pretending to cooperate. I suspect the Natanz facility is not really important but just used to show a semblance of cooperation and a deceptive negotiation tactic.

The more important facilities probably mirror the ones constructed for Saudi Arabia during the 1980’s by the engineering firm headquarted in San Francisco. They called this site in early September 2005 to deny they had built facilities for Iran. As mentioned by this site repeatedly CNN showed their London branch office invited to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended 15 years ago. For the sake of massive short-term profit Dr. Henry Kissinger’s warning was ignored when he said on the air during the program This Week, as the Gulf War was ending, that he was worried about a deal that could cause a worse war a few years later.

Their corporate devotion to Iran and the Jihad’s war effort, or any other industrial service that has helped Iran, like the two European oil firms, Total and ENI who several years ago boasted about a huge oil deal with Iran, has placed them at extreme risk. Teheran does not want the industrial services in the West or Russia to support the Allied war effort.

Iran’s intelligence services may have been behind the killing of the European banker Edouard Stern, who the New York Times reported early last March, was found dead in his Geneva apartment that was located above a police station. The article mentioned that Stern headed the British engineering firm Delta. I suspect Delta took advantage of Britain having no economic embargo against Iran and that the Council of Guardians had no further use for him. The riots that hit Paris and France late last year is just a small indication. Also the attack, so-called accident, at Britain’s Bruncefield oil depot.

In the midst of all these schemes and intriques the West may have tried to have faith in the EU-3 negotiations with Iran in pursuit of trying to find some arrangement that would prevent Iran from continuing what is now a 20-year old nuclear program that has employed the Russian scientists that headed south with the end of the Cold War, along with technicians from China, specialists on weapons of mass destruction. Berlin may have kept the best count of how many, everyone knows the Jiahd pays well. Perhaps the EU really tried to believe that Iran did not yet have the bomb even though their negotiations did not begin until a few years ago. Of course Teheran already had the bomb and have simply been working feverishly on their delivery - missile systems.

There’s nothing like blind faith to misguide you. This is not any long-term threat anymore. It was long term in 1979. Berlin was about the only capital in the West that kept serious track of Iran’s foreign policy ever since the 1979 revolution, which caused them to withdraw from building Iran’s nuclear facility at Bushehr.


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